Is Miranda Oldroyd natural or on steroids?

Miranda Oldroyd is a female Crossfit competitor. She has crazy developed musculature and ripped abs. When you couple that with her strength and explosiveness you enter the so-called ‘beast mode’. Question is, can you enter ‘beast mode’ without using performance-enhancing drugs (PED) and steroids? Is Miranda Oldroyd a natural competitor?

How big is Miranda Oldroyd?

Miranda Oldroyd is quite big for a female, isn’t she? According to her profile on she is 5’5″ – 165 cm @ 143 lbs – 65 kg. That puts her 8 lbs ABOVE what our guide for natural bodybuilders has estimated for MALES of similar height. That’s quite the difference when you think about it.

Note: Males in general have much less body fat than females and we are not suggesting that Miranda Oldroyd has more muscle mass than a male weighting 135 lbs at 5% BF {the estimation of our guide for a person who is natural and 5’5″ tall}.

That’s why we have a very hard time accepting claims that suggest that a female can build similar physique naturally. There’s just no way, unless her genetics are one in 10 billion.

 How strong is Miranda Oldroyd?

According to Miranda Oldroyd’s stats on she can do 50 pull-ups, squat 290 lbs (2 times bodyweight), deadlift 335 lbs (2.3 times bodyweight), clean & jerk 205 lbs, snatch 170 lbs…

That’s pretty damn strong and when you couple it with her other achievements such as sprinting 400 m in 1:10 you know that Miran Oldroyd is not joking around.

What about the ‘steroid 3D delts’, the developed upper chest and the huge traps?

In many photos such as the one below Miranda Oldroyd presents spectacular trap and shoulder development. Also her upper chest is quite full – all characteristics of females using anabolic substances.

Is Miranda Oldroyd natural or on steroids?

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Females in general have really hard time developing big upper bodies, especially upper chest and shoulders. Just look around in the gym and tell me how many females with developed upper chest and 3D delts you see.

If we compare Miranda Oldroyd to a known steroid user such as Ariella Palumbo, it becomes obvious that Miranda Oldroyd actually looks bigger than Palumbo. For those of you who don’t know Ariella Palumbo she is a young physique competitor known for openly talking about the usage of anabolic steroids among female bodybuilders and models.

Ariella Palumbo and her boyfriend Bostin Loyd are one of the few people who have admitted to the usage of anabolic steroids and have presented inside information that people from the outside could never get through mainstream sources.

Ariella Palumb is about 5'3" @ 145 lbs

Ariella Palumbo is about 5’3″ @ 145 lbs and openly talks about her usage of anabolic steroids

Why would CrossFit athletes remain natural?

CrossFit is now an international affair and the top competitors get paid more than bodybuilders who compete at Mr. Olympia. In other words, the competition is really high and when that’s the case people are looking for that edge that’s going to put them in front of the crowd. That’s when PED come into play. You have to understand that nobody in this world acts by the rules, except maybe for those who finish last. The smile, the natural talk, the clichés are only dust thrown at the eyes of the public, and that’s the case with anything we have in this fake MATRIX world.

So, should Miranda Oldroyd change her name to OldRoid?

Is Miranda Oldroyd natural or on steroids?

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In our opinion, it’s not natural for a woman to be more muscular than a man. Truth be told 90% of the average men will have trouble fighting against Miranda Oldroyd.

In other words, we have really, really hard accepting the statement that a woman can achieve similar physical development without the usage of synthetic hormones. Mutation of that kind is not characteristic of females who rely solely on training and exercising, but to each their own.

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