Is Mike Rashid A Natural Bodybuilder?

Hello. Today, it’s time for another classic review by The lifter that I am going to analyze is Mike Rashid.

Mike Rashid is one of CT Fletcher’s hardcore training buddies. Naturally, he also claims to be a lifetime drug free pure natural bodybuilder like CT.

But Is this really the case? Can you acquire Mike Rashid’s physical development by training like him? To find out, we will have to anlyze the body stats of M. Rashid .

1.Mike Rashid looks like Superman.

Mike Rashid is thick, powerful and as big as they make them on the planet Krypton. He has the following body stats:

Is Mike Rashid A Natural Bodybuilder?

image source:



180 cm



100 kg

Body fat:


In comparison the popular bodybuilder from France, Serge Nubret had the following body stats during his prime:


image via: wikipedia

Off-season weight:

212 lbs                         96.6kg

Competition weight:

200lbs                          91kg


6′                                   182cm

Conclusion: Mike Rashid is bigger (20 lbs +) and shorter than Serge Nubret who was an IFBB pro and used steroids through out his career. How are natural bodybuilders from today surpassing the legends of the past? New ways to train and proper supplementation? Hell, no…

2.Mike Rashid has the Photoshop Look.

The physique of Mike Rashid looks out of this world. He is thick, very powerful, full, shredded, the skin is tight…

Similar physical development is classified as the Photoshop look and is never seen among true natural bodybuilders.

3.Mike Rashid constantly overtrains under the advisement of CT Fletcher.

There are many videos on the Internet where CT Fletcher and Mike Rashid are paying tribute to overtraining. They say it is a myth and people are just lazy and want to cut corners, but this is not true. Overtraining is real and as Louie Simmons from Westside Barbell said: “People on steroids train way harder than people that don’t take steroids.” Why do you think that is? It’s because steroids help you recover faster and increase your work capacity.

4.Mike Rashid is ignorant when it comes to programming.

In one of his chest training videos with CT Fletcher Mike Rashid actually advises people to ALWAYS work up to a 1-3 rep max set. In the video he also says that people should perform high reps warm-up sets as they are working up to that 1-3 rep max.

When powerlifters actually test their max strength, they try save as much energy as they can during the warm-up sets. You will never see a powerlifter who is about to test his max strength go all out on his warm-up sets. That’s completely counter productive and potentially dangerous. You want as much energy as you can for your heaviest set. The video were are talking about can be seen here.

What CT Fletcher and Mike Rashid are actually doing is creating drama and programming people to believe that overtraining is good and you can look like them, if you were to do it.

It’s all Hollywood blubber.

Conclusion: You make this one yourself.

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