Did Mike Mentzer Use Steroids?

The legendary American bodybuilder Mike Mentzer has for a long time been subject of controversy due to his strong believes and refusal to submit to the accepted dogma in bodybuilding. He popularized the so-called HEAVY DUTY training and was not afraid to defend his positions even though at the time many were rejecting his ideas and labeling them as crazy.

Mike Mentzer often presented his methods as the way all natural bodybuilders should train, and the long rest periods between training sessions promoted by him were considered needed for true muscle recovery, when no anabolic steroids are used to speed up the process. For that reason, Mike’s methods became appealing to many uninformed beginner-level natural bodybuilders, who falsely assume that they can build a physique similar to Mike’s without the use of anabolic drugs. It cannot happen because it’s physically impossible, the very same way it’s physically impossible to run faster than car or win a fist fight against a 500 pounds male lion.

Like all bodybuilders part of the Golden Era of the sport Mike Mentzer most certainly relied on anabolic substances and growth hormone (at that time from cadavers) to get ready for competitions and guest posing. During Mike Mentzer’s prime steroids were actually legal and regularly prescribed by doctors for “simple” reasons. It was not uncommon for medical professionals to prescribe steroids to young adults who “just wanted to get bigger for the football team.” Another popular reason to prescribe steroids was anemia (decrease in number of red blood cells). Of course, people still needed a medical prescription, but possessing anabolic steroids without one was not considered a felony. Even if someone did not have a prescription, most of the gyms had dealers who were basically able to supply the whole facility with steroids like Dianabol, which was quite popular drug at that time (Arnold Schwarzenegger’s favorite).

Did Mike Mentzer use steroids?

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There is a common misconception that the bodybuilders from the Golden Era, including Mike Mentzer, did not use high doses of steroids. While it’s true that modern day bodybuilders abuse the hell out of anabolic steroids, insulin and growth hormone, the bodybuilders from the past were not angels either and the doses of muscle elixirs back in the day were higher than presented to the mislead general public.

According to another legendary bodybuilder – Casey Viator, who was close with Mike Mentzer and his brother Ray Mentzer, Mike used to take about 4 grams of Deca a week, along with other drugs such as Primobolin, Dianabol and later on even amphetamines.

You have to understand that in order to build a physique that rivals the best in the world the bodybuilders have no choice but to use anabolic steroids and growth hormone. This was happening since the very early stages of bodybuilding and will continue forever. If all the drugs are discontinued the muscle industry will collapse, because suddenly people will realize that their idols don’t look nearly as impressive naturally, and logically less products will be bought. This will lead to the bankruptcy of many companies. Not to mention the fact that lots of supplement promoters are also involved in drug dealing, and many are making real money by participating in illegal distribution of anabolic substances such as growth hormone.

Whether you like it or not, the truth is always the truth and Mike Mentzer, just like all IFBB pros, used anabolic steroids to excel in the sport of bodybuilding. Everybody can speculate all they want and choose to believe that his superior muscle development and thickness was due to his intelligent training plans, but truth be told – it wan’t. Mike Mentzer was what his was thanks to his superior bodybuilding genetics, volume training (he trained with volume to build his physique) and large cocktails of anabolic steroids and growth hormone. Those are the facts, whether you choose to see it or not is your personal right. {you decide}

What many IFBB pro bodybuilders and fake natural bodybuilders are not telling you is that the good physiques they show have higher price. Steroid addiction, depression, money losses, health issues are not myths.

Disclaimer: NattyOrNot.com does NOT support the usage of illegal substances. The content above is solely for informational purposes and is NOT written by a medical professional. The website is not responsible for any kind damages that may be caused by the uploaded articles – the very same way a knife seller is not responsible for the actions of his clients. Be wise – love yourself and your body.


  1. coach kal

    Unbelievably true! Steroids has and always will have its place in professional sports of sorts.in reality there is no supplement that compares with hormones or peptides. Its sad that we have been misled or maybe we want to be misled.the truth be told ,if you gonna us e performance enhancing drugs ,you can’t eat anything or everything,for these drugs do affect your cholesterol negatively,wich inturn affects your health.so,if u gonna use it ,make sure you eat clean year round (no red meat)and train your ass off,and sleep on time!goodluck!

  2. Paul D

    Since Decca Durabolin at the time when Mentzer was competing came in concentrations of 100mg per ml (genuine pharmacutical) 4,000mg per week would have meant he’d been injecting 40ml per week, I find that hard to believe

  3. TheVolleyballGod

    Mike was just another steroid eating fraud hiding behind a curtain of deceit with a phony sign on it labeled natural bodybuilder. His brother Ray was another steroid eating maniac. Both cheaters paid the ultimate price by pushing thier bodies into bad fatal health. One can easily imagine the junk they injected into their bodies during the week of their deaths. If they never juiced you would never have heard about them and they would both be alive today healthy. The fact that Mentzer did not believe God existed shows us what an idiot this bone head really was.

  4. Gladiator

    Hey VolleyballGod,

    Why bring the Dog…oops, God in the picture. If Mike was an idiot to not believe in that shit called
    Dog…err, God, what does that make you? VolleyballDog?

  5. JOHN

    Gladiator the matrix has you. Your insecure that your an atheist otherwise why even comment? Believe or not, but why so insecure?

    1. joesantus

      “…Your insecure that your an atheist otherwise why even comment?…”

      But, doesn’t that cut in all directions? Since you commented on Gladiator’s comment, does that then mean that you’re insecure in whatever you believe or don’t believe, John?

  6. jeffrey rollings

    Firstly there is no go and the bible was made up from fairy stories for people who were scared to die. I believe in science. Dying is part of living. You didn’t know anything before you were born and I am convinced you wont know anything when your dead.

  7. Nvine

    Oh no, reading this article after finishing Mentzer’s book. Should have read earlier… Mentzer died early, most probably due to drug abuse, the book says he died due to genetic condition…media PR.

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