Is Michael Lockett A Natural Bodybuilder?

Michael Lockett used to compete as a natural bodybuilder. He got really famous and popular for his super thick and lean physique.

Of course, what got people’s attention the most is the fact that he claims to be a completely natural bodybuilder who does not take steroids or other banned performance-enhancing drugs.

However, can you really develop similar body naturally?

We don’t think so.

1.Michael Lockett looks ridiculously thick and dry.


Michael Lockett looks composed in Photoshop. He has muscles on top of muscles. What makes his physique even more ridiculous is how hard and thick his musculature is.

Most people have most likely never seen anything like that before. Naturals do not show similar thickness and dry musculature.

Michael Lockett’s physical development is on professional level and surpasses what other supposedly natural bodybuilders such as Lazar Angelov and Simeon Panda have showed us.

If you could look like Michael Lockett naturally, why would anybody ever take steroids for recreational purposes?

Makes no sense.

2.Michael Lockett is bigger than former MR. Olympias.

At 5’9″ – 175 cm @ 244 lbs – 100 kg @ 4% BF Micahel Lockett is bigger than many former Mr. Olympias and steroid users. For example, three times Mr. Olympia Frank Zane  is also 5’9″ tall and during his competitive days his bodyweight in contest condition was 185 lbs – 84 kg. He won Mr. Olympia three times and without a doubt used anabolic steroids. After all he competed with Arnold Schwarzenegger and Mike Mentzer on stage.

Million dollar question: How are naturals today getting 59 lbs bigger than former Mr. Olympias and steroid users?

3.Michael Lockett is notorious for having very poor dietary habits.



According to the information available online Michael Lockett has very poor dietary habits.

He claims to mainly eat junk food, candies and some chicken.

Despite having such atrocious diet he is bigger than former pros from the 90s? Naturally?

Natural bodybuilders are super affected by their dietary habits.

In fact, the diet has higher impact on your body composition than training when you are a natural.

True drug free bodybuilders have very solid diets and usually don’t allow themselves to eat garbage.

How is Michaell Lockett getting away with all of that?

Once again – eating candies all day and being ‘shredded‘ the whole year? What the hell?

Conclusion: We refuse to believe that anybody can get bigger than Arnold Schwarzenegger, Frank Zane, Mike Mentzer, Dave Draper…etc. by eating candies.

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