Does Masturbation Hinder Muscle Gains?

Masturbation is an activity surrounded by legends. We’ve all heard the story of how you can go blind, if you were to play with yourself. Interestingly enough there is a belief that masturbation can actually hinder muscle gains and is somewhat counter productive when it comes to bodybuilding. Is this really the case or are they playing us one more time?

Does Masturbation Hinder Muscle Gains?

According to many regular and ‘bro’ scientist for the formation of sperm is used only the ‘best’ blood. So, if your ‘finest’ blood is lost during ejaculation, it should on paper hinder muscle gains and have negative impact on your bodybuilding journey. However, that statement seems to belong more to the ‘bro’ side rather is different from actually happens on the battlefield.

The most important thing for muscle construction is the male hormone testosterone which regulates those processes. There is no doubt that guys with high testosterone levels have higher potential when it comes to building muscle mass.

However, high levels of testosterone are also associated with high levels of sexual activity and one of the side effects bodybuilders experience when they are on steroids is strong sexual hunger. So, it turns out that the thing that makes you ejaculate more frequently is the same thing that it supposed to make you bigger. It makes no sense for both processes to be negated by each other. The body is not as fragile as we make it to be.

Whatever the studies say there is one thing that’s certain – we were not build to die after ejaculating. In fact, one must be stronger in order to protect his future children. That’s why it’s wiser to leave the bro-scientist alone until they actually come to the consensus that the effects on testosterone after ejaculation are minuscule when it comes to building muscle.

What could actually affect your muscle gains, however, is over masturbating which can cause potential wrist/elbow/shoulder tendonitis or other repetitive stress injuries. Believe it or not some people are addicts and masturbate 10+ times a day. That can injure your arm and as a result cause lost training time and muscle mass atrophy.


In brief, if you masturbate in moderation you are unlikely to hinder your muscle gains. However, if you go overboard the chances of hurting yourself mentally and physically are high.

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