Marc Lobliner – Is He On Steroids?

Marc Lobliner is owner of the widely popular YouTube fitness channel TigerFitness. Due to the boom of the YouTube fitness channels he was able to gain quite a bit of online popularity. He has a lot of followers and 1000+ vlog type of videos. Many beginners follow his advice and training ideas because of the muscular development he presents.

However, is Marc Lobliner a natural bodybuilder? Can you look like him without taking steroids.

The answer of is “No!“….with a resonance. The reasons for this statement are as follows:

1.Marc Lobliner has visible gynecomastia (growth of female breasts) in many photos.

#Having gynecomastia after puberty is often (not always) a sign of steroid usage.





2.Insane body transformations

In many before and after photos Marc Lobliner presents FAST and almost unreal body transformations. Natural bodybuilders have really hard time gaining muscle mass. The process is not fast at all. According to many researches an individual can gain about 20lbs / 10 kg of muscle during his first year of training. That number holds true only for beginners. Marc Lobliner is not a beginner and often gains much more than 20 lbs during his transformations.

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3.Marc Lobliner weights more than former Mr. Olympia competitors

According to Marc Lobliner’s profile on he has the following body stats:

Height: 5’6″ (167 cm); Weight: 217 lbs (98 kg ); Body fat: 5%

In comparison, former three times Mr. Olympia Frank Zane had the following stats in his prime:

Height: 5’9″ (175 cm); Weight: 185 lbs (84 kg ); Body fat: 5%

Conclusion: Marc Lobliner is three inches SHORTER than Frank Zane and has 30+ lbs more muscle.

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Let’s compare Lobliner to another well known steroid user and former IFBB professional  – Mike Mentzer.

Height: 5’8″ (173 cm); Weight: 225 lbs (100 kg ); Body fat: 5%

Conclusion: Marc Lobliner is two inches shorter than Mike Mentzer and has 7 lbs less muscle mass.

How come modern natural bodybuilders are as big as former bodybuilding legends? What’s their secret? Could it be that they are just pathological liars?

visited on April 20, 2014
Note: Steroid usage in the U.S. is illegal. If people like Marc Lobliner, CT Fletcher, Jeff Seid, Kali Muscle, Matt Ogus, Mike O’Hearn were to admit usage of nabolic steroids there will be serious consequences and they even risk some prison time. Don’t expect them to admit anything ever.


  1. Donovan

    Marc doesn’t claim natty. Calling him a liar is pathetic. He’s an honest and hard working man who doesn’t go out of his way to shit on other people like vegan gains or some other channels do. He makes it very obvious on purpose that he uses steroids (not explicitly) and in no way tries to claim natty.

    1. fakawat

      Do your homework before u talk . he does claim natural and backs up all other fake nattys..And yes i have taken steriods so i have much experience spotting others

  2. NotNatty

    Actually he doesn’t claim natty, he admits to using medical prescribed steroids because some stuff in his body are at low levels.

    1. Derik

      Sorry to break it to you; but when your using hormones (prescribed or not) you become not natty. You’re altering the level of testosterone your body is naturally producing. Did he claim that he has a legitimate medical issue? Something wrong with his pituitary function? Tumor? You can go to any of these “anti-aging clinics” and get prescribed to testosterone. I along with many friends have done it. It’s just an excuse to pump your testosterone up to the higher end of the “physiological” spectrum. Def on a higher than therapeutic dose during these periods he puts on twenty pounds of lean mass. He is also def on growth. If he says otherwise, he is a liar. I’ve been around for a while, used plenty of anabolics and I can spot a BS artist.

  3. Stefan

    He doesn’t claim natty and he makes it clear that he isn’t without saying it.

    He’s not saying it for legal reasons, which is understandable.

  4. InTheKnow

    Marc is not natural….not by a long shot. While he does have a script for HRT, it’s just an excuse to not claim natty. He cruises at 500mg/week and will blast to 750 or higher. He’s routinely cycled Tren and uses cutting agents in addition to his strict diet to maintain his condition w/o sacrificing muscle mass. He’s also on at least 2IU of HGH/day. All that and he’s still mediocre. Just goes to show you the genetic limitations of a true natural.

  5. Dan

    Funny thing is, he weighs the same and has same or more muscle mass but dont look nearly as good as Frank Zane and Mike Mentzer. They both look twice the size as him with much biggar chests and arms.

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