Is Marc Fitt A Natural Bodybuilder?

Believe it or not we occasionally receive an e-mail or two in our contact box. A few days ago there was a request asking for a post on the bodybuilder/fitness model/personal trainer Marc Fitt.

People want to know whether he is natural or not. We get it. He has well developed body and low body fat levels. Can you achieve his muscular development naturally without using anabolic steroids?

Can you be as fit and as big as Marc Fitt without ever inserting the needle in your glutes?

Can you do it man? This is the question.

Is Marc Fitt A Natural Bodybuilder

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How big is Marc Fitt?

According to the information available online Marc Fitt is 5’10” – 178 cm @ 176 lbs – 80 kg @ 6% BF. This puts Marc Fitt 6 lbs – 2.7 kg above our guide for natural bodybuilders. While 6 lbs may seems like a minuscule difference it’s not. Once you are an advanced lifter it takes about 4-5 years to build 6 lbs of muscle.

Do 6 lbs still seem like nothing to you?

If we put that aside, we can accept that a natural bodybuilder with phenomenal genetics can actually build that amount of mass naturally without using anabolic steroids. However, the fact that Marc Fitt was able to reach his natural limit at 22-23 years of age while also spotting such low body fat levels is not to be taken lightly.

Does Marc Fitt look composed in Photoshop?

Marc Fitt looks composed in Photoshop and larger than life. That’s to be expected. He is a fitness model and their job is to attract people’s attention through phenomenal physical development.

Unfortunately, the Photoshop look is another factor that makes us believe that Marc Fitt could be receiving some help from the steroid demons out there. As we’ve said 100 times already – looking full, dry and overall 3D is not the sign of the natural bodybuilder.

The true natural bodybuilder looks good only with some serious pump and after carbing up. Otherwise most naturals look severely depleted and borderline anorexic to the general population.

Do you think Marc Fitt is losing sleep over similar issues?

The competition among the fitness models is insane

The competition among the fitness models is quite serious. You must be in top condition all the time in order to keep your chance to take part of a photo shoot. Nobody has time to wait for you to cut. Only professional IFBB bodybuilders and regular gym rats enjoy similar luxury. If you want to make money in this game, you have to be competitive.

And how do you stay competitive? How do you naturally beat guys like Lazar Angelov, Simeon Panda, Kali Muscle?


How do you beat all those guys?

As far as we know ferry dust is not anabolic.

That’s why it’s really hard to accept that natural bodybuilders and fitness models who make money from their bodies would be able to remain natural, even if they wanted to. The industry does not care what you want. The industry has to spin that dirty money somehow and you are just a pawn.

To summarize: The mass of Marc Fitt can be achieved naturally by some genetic freaks and we can’t be sure whether he is 100% natural or not.  No matter the case, there aren’t magical routines that will somehow transform you into Marc Fitt. It takes more time to develop a complete physique.

Special Note: On September 10, 2014 we were contacted by Marc Fitt. He sent us a letter denying the possibility of him not being a natural bodybuilder. We are posting the letter below unedited.


I’m Marc Fitt. I saw that you published an article about myself on your blog. I found it well written, and probably without any sort of negative implications behind it. However, I have to say it’s a little bit too hypothetical, and attacks my image without having any proof of steroid use.

I can guarantee I’m completely natural. It took me 19 years of playing hockey and functional training, and after 5 years of weightlifting, to achieve the physique I have now.

I’ve been doing everything that I do today to show young people that you can be natural and have a successful carrier in the fitness industry, and that you can reach something great without using anabolic steroids. I never took anything at all, and I found that your article was implying that I’ve taken these drugs.

I can pass any test, at any moment, of any kind; blood, urine, lie detector, anything.

I’m writing this email respectfully to ask you to take down your article, or modify it to preserve the image I’ve worked to build. Your site is well ranked and influences people who search about me.

I will never take any illegal steroid in my life. Personally, I don’t need it. My only competition is with myself.

Keep me posted about this matter.

Respectfully yours,

– Marc Fitt

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