Mainstream Bodybuilding Diets Exposed: Carbs Are Bad For You High carb diets are not the best for natural bodybuilders.

You will almost never meet a professional bodybuilder who does not eat large carb meals at least in the off-season. To the unaware, this may not look suspicious, but there is a secret reason behind this type of nutrition.

One of the reasons bodybuilders love carbs so much is that the latter form glycogen, which is the storage form of glucose. Each gram of glycogen is bound to 3-4 hefty grams of water. Thus, when you eat carbs you gain water weight and your muscles look fuller.

On the other hand, when you are eating under 100 grams of carbs, you will lose water rather fast and your muscles will appear flat and tired. As you know, bodybuilders hate that and consequently stay away from low carb diets.


When you introduce carbohydrates to your system, they are broken down into sugar, and the blood sugar levels rise. Thenceforth, the pancreas releases a very important hormone known as insulin.

Insulin (from the Latin, insula meaning island) regulates the metabolism of carbohydrates and fats by promoting the absorption of glucose from the blood to skeletal muscles and fat tissue and by causing fat to be stored rather than used for energy.

Insulin a.k.a. “slin” has a very special part in modern bodybuilding. Insulin injections are the reasons why modern bodybuilders are 30 – 50 lbs. bigger than the previous generation, which relied mainly on large amounts of anabolic steroids. Slin abuse is also one of the reasons today’s bodybuilders look like they are about to give birth to an alien.

Studies have shown that insulin does not directly stimulate muscle protein synthesis, but still promotes muscle growth by inhibition of muscle protein breakdown. It has anticatabolic effects, which increase the bodybuilder’s ability to build bigger muscles.  According to bodybuilding rumors, which seem to be accurate, former IFBB pro Milos Sarcev was the person who introduced insulin to bodybuilders. {more}

Insulin, when used externally, is a dangerous substance. In general, mainly people suffering from diabetes (inefficient and/or insufficient production of insulin) use insulin shots to regulate their blood sugar.

image by: skeeze;

image by: skeeze;

When bodybuilders use insulin, they always make sure to eat carbs in order to keep their blood sugar levels high.

When you take insulin, your blood sugar levels naturally drop. Thus, if you do not have carbs in your system your blood sugar level can reach extremely low levels causing hypoglycemia or in simple terms system shutdown. In case of extremely low blood sugar, your brain cannot work. You essentially become a mobile phone with no charge. There are many cases of bodybuilders rushing to drink 1 gallon of Coca-cola and eat 5-10 snickers bars after inappropriate insulin usage and blood sugar drop.

To a certain point, all modern bodybuilders seen on Olympia stage have the lifestyle of a diabetic person – they have to time their insulin shots with meals to avoid brain damage.

Keep in mind that carbohydrates may be the main insulin trigger, but protein also causes insulin levels to increase. However, what causes the largest increase of insulin release is a combination of carbs and protein.

This is the main reason why high carb high protein diets are part of professional bodybuilders’ nutritional protocols. This is what keeps the chicken breast, rice and broccoli cliché going on.

Why high-carb diets are not good for natural bodybuilders


Carbs are cheap and therefore everywhere. Wherever you look, you see carbs: candy bars, Coca-Cola, juice, bread, rice, pasta, fruits, milk, chocolate, protein bars, weight gainers…it is all carbs.

Since carb have incredible taste and give you a high, people love them. However, carbs are not the most sincere friend you can have. They will stab you in the back when you are not looking.

When you take large amount of carbs, your blood sugar automatically raises which requires the release of insulin. Insulin is not bad by definition, but it is still a fat storage hormone. When there is too much of it in your system, you can be sure it will deposit some of the energy in the bloodstream straight into your fat stores.

This is why people usually get fat when they follow a diet taken out of mainstream bodybuilding magazines, which are only useful if you read them as comic books. You can try and eat large portions of rice, oatmeal and what not, but if you are already 15% + BF, it will have a negative effect on your body.

This is also why the infamous GOMAD diet fails so hard. A gallon of milk contains about 200 carbs alone. What do you think happens when you ingest so much milk? You have a ton of excess calories, high blood sugar, high insulin levels and a recipe for becoming the guy who squats 300 lbs. at 225 lbs. bodyweight with a 40 inch gut and stage 2 man boobs to boot.

This is where low to moderate carb diets come into play. When your carbs are low the blood sugar levels are kept stable throughout the day and there are no unnecessary spikes. This keeps the insulin levels low too and promotes fat loss. I realize that there are people who can get shredded on a high carb diet, but I also know a low carb diet works for the majority of people much better.

When there are not enough carbs in your system the primary source of energy becomes fat. Thus, your body becomes more efficient at burning fat, which is what we want when we are trying to get to lower body fat levels.

Back in the day, before big corporations were here to tell you that M&Ms are your friend, people used to eat low carb diets. There were no chocolate bars, and rice and oatmeal were unavailable in most regions. All of those people were shredded. Yes, I decided that it is finally time for some broscience. My goal was to insert the image of a shredded caveman in your brain and I think I did it.

Anyway, another benefit of high fat high protein diets is that they protect your teeth. I can tell you that if people were to give up on carb consumption, the global income of dentists would drop to record lows. Back in the day, a dentist known as Weston Price was on a mission to find what causes cavities and tooth decay.

Briefly, he found out that many primitive people were having extremely healthy teeth because they were eating mainly quality animal food products, which are naturally high in protein and fat. At the same time, those who were subject to modern diets consisting of bread and other high carb foods were having severely damaged teeth at early age.

The main downside of low carb diets, for myself, is the moral issue. I am not a big meat eater. I no longer eat pork and I never wanted to eat beef, rabbits, horses, bears, rats, sheeps, cats, dogs, birds…etc.

I believe that when an animal is really close to a human being, it is immoral to eat it when you can avoid similar scenario. Thus, I mainly eat fish. It is the only type of meat I can allow myself to eat. After all, fish is also one of the very few animals tortured the least by humans. Before dying, a fish has enjoyed life more than cows or chickens which have to live in cubicles without seeing the Sun.

We all know what is happening is slaughterhouses – animals are literally crying while sons of bitches are cutting them without any anesthesia and respect. It is a disgusting atmosphere. However, there is no denying that humans were able to survive for so long thanks to hunting and animal eating. Vegetarianism and veganism are modern ideas that are only possible thanks to the so-called global market. I am not against people who want to be vegans at all, but saying that it is the only “natural” way is hypocritical.

Nonetheless, I agree that using animal products for shoes, clothes and almost anything else in modern days is cruel. There are people who are soulless enough to skin animals alive in order to make some type of cheap Chinese boots and sell them to the typical mall bitches who like discounts. I do not support this and this is why the clothes I wear are made out of cotton or polyester (one could argue that this is not good for the environment). I also wear rubber boots.

Anyway, even common sense should be enough to tell you that animal products are much more natural and contain more nutrients than candy bars, rice, oatmeal, potatoes or pasta. Carbs are nothing more than cheap energy.

In a nutshell

  • Bodybuilders eat high carb high protein diets because it suits their needs to look full and inject insulin in order to promote muscle growth. In addition, IFFB pros have many drugs in their system and this is why they can get away with so many carbs. The fact that they promote similar eating habits to teenage moron kids is simply hypocritical.
  • High carb diets cause pathologically high insulin levels and obesity.
  • You will get shredded much faster on a low carb diet. I would even say that some people might never get ripped on a high carb diet at all.
  • Low carb diets equal lower insulin levels and cause loss of excess fat.
  • Low carb diets are anabolic because testosterone is made from cholesterol.
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