The Main Rules Of Natural Bodybuilding

Natural bodybuilding represents a mythical conception.

Today, there is no such thing as natural bodybuilding and unfortunately the same stays true for pretty much the whole history of the beauty contest that goes under the name of ‘bodybuilding’. Since Arnold’s times bodybuilders have been relying mainly on drugs to break the new barriers and get bigger and bigger. While that may be good enough for the judges, there are thousands of people who are left in the pit. Those guys are usually the average natural bodybuilders that have regular jobs and just workout to look good with no intention to compete. Of course, there are also real natural bodybuilders that compete but they are an extremely small minority. In order to shed some light on true natural bodybuilding we are presenting you the main rules of bodybuilding that we find true for naturals time after time.


1. Forget about looking like you lift with your clothes on

There is no way for a natural bodybuilder at LOW body fat to look impressive in clothes. True natural bodybuilders look unimpressive and slim when covered in clothing. Those who look big and bulky are usually at least 20% body fat, even though they believe they are ‘shredded’ because the first two abs are showing when flexed. Fat rolls are no abs.

A natural bodybuilder can look impressive naked due to the low body factor which makes people appear larger than they are. Having a pump also helps. At the same time the higher body fat natty builders just look fat without clothing.

2. Forget about doing many exercises

In general, exercise variety sucks. It’s better to focus on a few things that make sense rather than trying too much at once. The bodybuilding routines that include 10 exercises per body part are nothing short of stupid and make it extremely hard to track progress because your strength and effort is spread thin. Leave the 3×10 side delt raises to the noobs.

3. Forget about finding a secret supplement that produces steroids like results

Bodybuilders are willing to do whatever it takes to build large muscles. Some are known even to eat bull testicles just to get some extra testosterone naturally. There is also a large group of natty builders that relies heavily on supplements to achieve magnificence. Those guys believe everything written on the labels and really enjoy the images of muscled men.

Sorry, besides the fact that you are paying 4 times the actual value when you buy protein fart powder, you are also not getting steroids like results from some dry milk.

Note: Even if Arnold is on the label of the supplement in question – you are still not getting that steroid muscle.

4. Forget about dirty bulking

Natural bodybuilders have no business dirty bulking. Gaining weight for the sake of making the scale move up is about as useful as jumping on a frozen river just to see how strong the ice is. Natural bodybuilders don’t have the stacks of fat burning drugs on which un-natty builders rely to negate the effects of dirty bulking. That’s why eating like a pig will only make you look like one. If your goal is to look good as a true natural bodybuilder, it makes no sense get fat, does it?

6. Forget about gaining muscle and losing fat at the same time

Whatever they say, unless you are a beginner you can’t gain muscle and lose fat at the same time, certainly not an appreciable amount of either. The reason is quite simple – you can’t drive a Ferrari when your tank is leaking. When you are losing fat the body is a state of self degradation so to speak. It makes absolutely no sense to gain any appreciable amount of muscle mass at the same time because more mass equals higher energy requirements. What stimulus does the body have to build muscle when it already does not have enough energy to support its current composition as it is? Sorry, but the body only wants to survive – biceps size comes second. There are many programs out there promising you to build ‘sexy’ muscle while losing fat and getting ultra shredded, but all of them are nothing short of failure and soulless marketing.

7. Forget about being full while at low body fat

When TRUE naturals get to 5% body fat which is extremely but required by bodybuilding standards, they look borderline skinny, malnourished and depleted. As a natural, keeping your muscles full while cutting deep into the single digits is a hard task, especially when you add in the factor that the fastest, and probably the most efficient, way to lose fat is the low carb diet which leaves you flat due to the lack of carbs. As a natural you may still be able to ‘get full’ for a show after a pump and some carbing up, but most of the time you will in fact look ‘flat’.

8. Forget about ‘getting too big’

As a TRUE natural bodybuilder you can never get too big. Sorry. People at the subway won’t look at you like you come from another dimension. You may impress them given the fact that the majority of the population consists of potatoes, but they won’t look at you and say: ‘Damn. This guy is the Hulk.’ With that being said some true naturals make them jaws drop, especially during the summer season when the benefits of having a low body fat are working at full speeds.

To summarize: a maxed out natural will look impressive, but not Hulk like terrifying. However, wasn’t  ‘looking impressive and attractive’ why we all started pumping them muscles?

9. Forget about competing in ‘steroid free competitions’

There is no such thing as drug free competitions. There is a big difference between ‘drug tested’ events and actual drug free events. Quite often the most prominent natural bodybuilders are not natural at all and pin them glutes like there is no tomorrow. As the old saying goes: God created Ronnie Coleman and ‘insert your favorite ‘natural bodybuilder’ here‘ to show you the difference between having good and bad response to drugs.

10. Forget about getting shredded while eating bad food

Do you know who popularized the IIFYM {if it fits your macros} diet? Guys on steroids did it. There is no way you are going to get shredded while eating Chinese for breakfast, McDonald’s for lunch, ice cream as afternoon snack and pizza for dinner. If you are a natural, eating bad, has immediate effects on your looks. With that being said there is also no need to only eat ‘clean food’. Some cheating is perfectly fine unless going mad is your thing. If only a small percentage of the food you eat is ‘junk’, the negative effects will be minimal while your mental health will be preserved, at least to some point.


  1. Peter

    Very good and honest info. I am natural at 55 . I may not be huge , but I am symmetrical ,cut and asthetic. 99 percent of ex pro body builders my age or older are bloated and old looking now.I look better now than 10 years ago. How? Cleaner diet and smarter training.

  2. Jim

    yep….i like lifting heavy weights. I like the difference it has made to my physique. I love being healthy and getting attention for the right reasons.

    Never would i want to take or look like a steroid user.

  3. scott

    im 56, go to the gym 5 days a week. i never competed but have many people say i would win easily. My doctor put me on 200 ML of test a week because it was dangerously low. My test level is only 600 which is about what it is for a normal avg 35 yr old according to my doc. i was wondering if naturals take test?

  4. Jasper

    I don’t agree with all the points. I am myself a champion natural competitor for the FNBB. I have seen the opposite of many of these so called limitations as described above. I hope that when people read this they dont get discouraged. Because you can look impressive with clothes on, compete at clean natural shows and look full while being shredded. You just need the knowledge and the work ethic. Just look at the champions the FNBB provide. And they all get tested by WADA, also during the year with surprise controle.

  5. Spicey

    Jasper, so none of those guys are utilizing any PED? not even the short half life enhancers like SARMS or insulin? Come on, all “natural” body builiding is just about good timing…

  6. Nathan

    Narcissism, vanity, homophobia, misogyny, aggression = insecurity.

    That mainly defines bodybuilding today. No one in his right mind would want to emulate such horrible personality traits.

  7. Jeremy

    I just looked at a bunch of extremely juiced up drug tested FNBB competitors after seeing Jasper’s post. Jasper why are you on here lying? Anyone who knows about tested shows knows the drug tests are a complete joke and so easy to beat. An 8 year old could figure out how to beat a bodybuilding drug test. But seriously one of the guys in FNBB is on anabolic minds which is a bodybuilding forum having guys critique his cycle where he’s using over a gram of test. Again you’re either really fucking dumb or lying. I’m going to assume you’re lying. Every single thing in this article is spot on. Quit coming here trying to perpetuate lies. Maybe you competed and won in the lightest class but even then guys are still using peptides, clenbuteral, ephedrine , anavar, etc to keep a full look. Not natural. There are 130 pound guys who are shredded and use steroids but they look natural because they’re so small. Only difference is they have fuller muscles

  8. Jeremy

    Oh and let’s not forget prohormones. You can not use even 1 DHEA or ostarine and claim to be natural. Will you look natural using those compounds? Yes! You’ll definitely look good but people won’t question if you’re natural or not. But if you use those super mild compounds are you natural? No! The answer is no! Even if you use transdermal DHEA you can not call yourself natural. Whenever I talk to competitors they say they take no supplements not even a multivitamin. That’s when you really know they’re full of crap!

  9. Bob

    Some of these rules are pretty silly and it sounds like the author is trying to make excuses for himself. Work out less often, work out way harder, and eat more. Those are the rules for natural bodybuilding.

  10. Orlando Gonzalez

    Just everyone keep in mind that 99% of all those guys out there that say that they are natural are not. Either they ARE on or WERE on gear. They all lie. Its a dirty little secret, just like 99% of men that lie about hand relieving themselves daily.

  11. Kc

    This article is right on. If they aren’t on roids then they are at least injecting testosterone, even at the “natural” shows, and even the women. My friend got her pro card at 20 and also personal trains, it’s her little secret they don’t tell, but tells everyone they are “natural.”

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