Lower Abs Training: All Myths Revealed

Most people start training because they want to have a visible set of six pack abs. Since the hardest of all to ‘develop’ are the lower abs, there are thousands of programs revealing ‘the secret’ of achieving ripped and rock solid lower abs.

Of course, a good example would be the mainstream routine P90X based on muscle confusion.

Mainstream sources always make everything either too complicated or purposely hide useful information and mislead you into purchasing some unnecessary gimmick.

Here are some of the biggest myths surrounding lower abs training.

1.Spot reduction


Regardless of what method you use, there’s no way to naturally remove fat cells from a specific area. It’s only possible with surgery and liposuction. You can do all the exercises in the world for your abs – that won’t change the way the body operates.

There are natural laws that are beyond ‘genetics’ and effort. If you don’t respect them, you are basically trying to break the wall with your head.

2.Feeling a burn in your lower abs equals progress.

It does not matter what kind of burn you feel in your lower abs. If you are eating 10 cakes a day plus 5 ice creams, there is no burn in the world that will help you reveal those abs. A Ferrari covered with garbage may still be a Ferrari but changing the engine won’t make it cleaner.

3.You need to exercises your lower abs more because they are weak.

The abdominal region works as one unit. Trying to separate small portions of it is a ridiculous idea that only brainwashed fans of man in underwear can categorize as rational. The rectus abdominis is essentially one large muscle group. Treating it as five separate entities is anti-nature. 

The reason most people feel their lower abs are the weakest is because unless you have really low body fat you will most certainly have fat in that area and they won’t be visible.

It’s one of the first places where the body stores the excess energy received from food. The body is smart and knows where to place it. Do you want it on your face? I don’t think so.

4.Crunches are a good exercise for your lower abs.

Crunches suck plain and simple. They are a gimmick exercise popularized through Hollywood propaganda and moronic commercials counting on human ignorance. The best exercises for your abs are based around isometric stabilization – planks, L-sits, planches…etc.

Of course, dynamic work also has it’s place but definitely not under the form of crunches. We see no point in doing crunches unless you don’t have a vacuum cleaner and need to clean the floor in a hurry. Watch out for lower back pain and neck strains.

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