Does Lifting Weights Make You A Real Man?

A lot of people equate lifting weights and being a ‘strong motherfucker’ to being a real man but is this really true? Does pumping iron really makes you a real man?

Hmm….how about no?


The reason why people believe that lifting weights turns you into a real man is because they associate muscle mass with manhood.

Obviously, men in general have more muscle than the female population and since the beginning of time there is an understanding that being large and muscular is part of the real man criteria. This can also be found through history and mythology where men such as Hercules and Samson have been presented as the epitome of real man and heroism.

However, there’s more to the story.

To be a real man you don’t need to be huge. Courage is not proportionate to the muscle mass you carry and the biggest guys are far from being the bravest. The true ‘real men’ are those who are willing to fight for justice and human rights. Their cause is pure and they are not affected by material possessions and fake money.

Do you need big muscle to do that? In most cases muscle don’t even matter.

A real man is consisted of principles, not big muscles. It does not matter how strong or big you are when your actions are dictated by fear from the oppressors of human rights. If we measure manhood solely on how large you are, what happens when you are into a situation when you have no option but to lose your muscle mass? What happens if you get sick and all of that ‘real man’ muscle disappears? Does that transform you into an alien? No. If you fight against the problems despite fear and intimidation, you are still a real man.

We know very well that quite often those with the biggest muscles are the biggest sissies. They’ve built all that muscle mass just to cover one huge weakness and to compensate for the lack of manliness. Not all of the big guys are that way but many are. That’s why they fear losing their precious muscles so much – without the big biceps they don’t seem themselves as men anymore.

Most of the men who have pushed humanity forward were not bodybuilders. There are many examples and everybody knows a skinny man who despite his physique was able to earn the respect of others.

At 6’2″ and 142 lbs the great inventor Nikola Tesla would be considered a pigeon and yet he is the man responsible for many modern inventions we take for granted today. To see and feel how important Tesla’s work is to your life, just imagine living without light bulbs and electricity. How do you like that?

However, the fact that Tesla was really good scientist does not technically make him a real man. There are plenty of evil and crazy professors who have mad skills and yet lack bravery. According to the information we have on Tesla he wasn’t one of those guys. Obviously, if he wanted to be the richest man in the world, he could’ve achieved it. Instead, he stayed true to his principles and dedicated his life to science. That makes him a real man.

In the end of the day being big or being small is not the deciding factor. Sure, having some muscle mass and strength will make it easier to hold your ground, and we encourage everybody to train and improve their health through natural bodybuilding, but don’t expect to become a real man by adding a couple of inches to your arms.

It’s not that easy.

The real men are those who refuse to close their eyes against injustice. You don’t even need to be a man to act that way. You can be a woman and behave like a real man because you earn that definition through your actions, not by birth.

The skinny doctor saving lives, the firefighter, the ordinary man who is not afraid to fight the system and die for it (Martin Luther King) are the real men of our society and no amount of muscle mass will change that ever.

P.S. In the video you see a dog without much muscle mass act like a real man.


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