Is Lex Griffin A Natural Bodybuilder Or A Steroid User?

Leg Griffin is a ‘natural’ bodybuilder, fitness model and proud supporter of the aesthetic lifestyle. He has thick and dry physique that makes the panties drop. Can you develop similar body without destroying your health and bank account because of the need to use steroids? Is Leg Griffin a natural bodybuilder or is he tripping balls like the rest of the aesthetic crew members?

Leg Griffin is a prime example of 3D Shoulders on steroids

Is Lex Griffin A Natural Bodybuilder Or Steroid User?

As you already know the first places that blow up when you go on a cycle are the traps and the shoulders due to the larger concentration of androgen receptors in those areas.

In the photo on the right you can see that Leg Griffin has super well developed shoulders and traps. The vascularity and the fullness of his 3D looking deltoids is hard to achieve naturally.

The shoulders of most naturals will shrink to nothingness once they cut to 5% or contest condition.

The delts will lose whatever 3D look they had. Lex Griffin seems to be immune to similar problems and maintains solid looks even when he’s shredded.

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Leg Griffin has the ‘typical Photosop’ look

Lex Griffin has the Photoshop look which is uncharacteristic for a natural bodybuilder. What’s the Photoshop look? Well, imagine that you see something in real life that looks photoshopped. In other words imagine a big bodybuilder with low body fat and full powerful muscles walking around. He looks ‘technological’, synthetic and produced in a digital editing program such as Photoshop.

Leg Griffin is part of the aesthetic crew


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Lex Griffin is proud member of the aesthetic crew which consists of fitness models with highly questionable natural status.

The most popular among them would be Matt Ogus, Alon Gabbay, Jeff Seid, Chris Lavado…etc.

Many of those guys have already been exposed as fake naturals by sites likes ours and people such as Jason Blaha.

Judging by the pictures Lex Griffin has absolutely no problem fitting in that circle. His physique is at similar level and you don’t get there by playing nice and simply measuring your meals.

Unfortunately, we were unable to find a reliable sources of Lex Griffin’s body stats and without that data we can’t compare him to former bodybuilders such as Frank Zane, Mike Mentzer…etc.

However, even judging by looks alone and the fact that Lex Griffin is holding his ground next to other known users of anabolic steroids, it’s safe to say that Griffin’s natural status is quite shaky.

The dryness, the mass and the overall look seems to be highly unexplored territory by true natural bodybuilders who always go into anorexia resembling state during a contest. That’s why we have seriously strong doubts and hard time accepting Lex Griffin as a natural bodybuilder.

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