Lee Priest Was Natural Until 19 Years Of Age?

In the video below you can hear one of the most popular bodybuilders, Lee Priest, claim that he was completely natural until 19 years of age when he won Mr. Australia which is national level show.

In case you are wondering this is how Lee Priest looked at 19 years of age:

Lee Priest Was Natural?

image via: bodybuilding.com

We have really hard time accepting that a human being from this planet can actually achieve similar muscular development at the age of 19 naturally. Truth be told, we have a very hard time accepting that a human being from this planet can achieve similar muscular development naturally at any age. The combination of such extreme Photoshop like conditioning and the mass seem to be a little too much to accept.

Supposedly after winning Mr. Australia Lee Priest has already earned his pro card as a bodybuilder but due to his young age he had to wait one more year and compete in another show. So, it turns out that Lee Priest somehow almost reached pro level at 19 years of age? Are there frogs raining outside? The world is going crazy.

Why are bodybuilders always downplaying the effectiveness of steroids?

It’s simple – they don’t want you to think that they’ve accomplished their looks solely thanks to all the anabolics they’ve taken. While it’s true that some take whey more than others, it’s also true that every bodybuilders lies about how much he is using. It’s not uncommon to claim one thing and to actually take five time the dose. It happens more often than not.

What about hard work and training?

Please, shut up with that hard work and training already. This is not Hollywood and the movie is not Rocky Balboa 7. You can do all the hard work in the world, but you are never going to beat your genetics. No matter how hard your train you can’t achieve a steroid look without steroids. It’s impossible. Professional bodybuilders take a few grams of testosterone a week or about 20-30 times more than the human body produces naturally. Please, inform us when your hard work and dedication match that. We have a lot of time and even if it takes you 20 years, we will be happy to post your progress.


Just like Ronnie Coleman, Tom Platz and virtually every other professional bodybuilder Lee Priest really wants to make it appear that drugs are just the finishing touch as they say. Well, do you really think this is the case? Do you think that politicians have your best interest in mind?


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