Should Lance Armstrong Lose His Medals Because Of Steroids?

A while ago Lance Armstrong admitted to steroid and other performance-enhancing drugs (PED) usage in front of Oprah and everybody started going crazy over how he is the biggest cheater ever. Nice, except that you are not aware of the whole picture.

Should Lance Armstrong Lose His Medals Because Of Steroids?

Everybody involved in professional sports knows that all competitors are actually using steroids because otherwise there is no way to stay competitive.

We all know very well how big is the difference between bodybuilders on steroids and bodybuilders who don’t use anabolic steroids. No matter how much of a natural talent you are, you can’t compete with the big boys, if you are natural.

The same, to some point, holds true for many other sports where different kinds of PED can give you a large edge.

So, if everybody is using steroids isn’t it logical to assume that Lance Armstrong deserves to keep his stupid medals? As they say: is it cheating if everybody is doing it? The way we see it, you either let it go or punish all competitors. However, similar idea doesn’t seem to be politically correct and would make all of the drug committees look incompetent and really bad at their job in general. Well, we all know very well that this is the case anyway.

In case you don’t know, the medals in the Olympics for the most part are spread among the big countries. For example, if a sport offers 10 gold medals to win, most of them are shared among the larger countries well before the competition has even started. The countries pay so that their athletes are skipped during drug tests or the test is just a formal procedure. Shocking, isn’t it?

For most people this may seem like a big surprise but if you can connect two and two together, this is kindergarden stuff. Do you really think that professional sports are not built upon corruption and lies like the rest of the human world? Sorry to break your reality once again. Remember – whenever there’s a lot of money involved, there’s always hidden truths.

The small countries are usually those who suffer the most because they don’t have strong political influence outside of sports in order to protect their representatives in big events. As always: some are more equal than others.

That’s why we don’t think Lance Armstrong should lose his medals and we aren’t even fans of him. The idea, however, of taking the medals of one guy for doing what everybody else did too is laughable and yet perfectly suits the sick and twisted world we’ve been living in since the dawn of time.

You can never expect that the mainstream authorities will do the right thing because they’ve been proving day after day that they don’t want to do the right thing. Actually, the whole concept of authority itself is built upon lies. How on earth did some people gain the right to rule over others for centuries?

They do it because they can get away with it and there’s nobody to stop them. After all, we are all too busy looking killer discounts in the mall.

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