Kipping Dips Do Not Develop Your Chest And Triceps

The kipping dips have been popularized by Doug Chapman and his CrossFit followers. This version of the exercise requires the lifter to use his entire body when performing dips on parallel bars. Since more muscles are involved in the movement, more reps can be done. But is this good?


Doug Chapman teaching kipping dips

Kipping dips are an inferior exercise for the following reasons:

– the stress is taken from the triceps and chest;
– the movement is ballistic and as a result there’s more stress on the joints;
– there’s less hypertrophy stimulation;
– there are better ways to exercise your whole body;

The reason why CrossFit promotes the execution of kipping dips is to throw dust at its supporters. There’s nothing superior about swinging your body when performing dips. The exercise was never meant to be used as an ego booster and attraction.

What are the benefits of doing kipping dips?

The benefits of doing kipping dips is that instead of sitting on the couch you’re are exercising. However, even that’s a little questionable since this shaky exercise makes it easy to injure a shoulder and spend even more time on the couch.

Joking aside kipping dips have no place in a bodybuilding routine, nor a routine of a non-crossfitter. You won’t gain any muscle from it and the endurance and pain tolerance that you develop from kipping dips can be achieved through safer forms of exercising: burpees, muscle-ups, explosive push-ups…etc.

Final words

Similar to kipping pull-ups the kipping dip is a gimmick. We want you to be aware of the Crossfit agenda. If you, however, desire to participate in Crossfit contests where it’s a must to do kipping dips, develop your strength gradually and become comfortable with large amount of regular dips before attempting the kipping version. Otherwise it would be very easy to injure yourself and spend time away from the gym.

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