Jason Blaha Looks Like A Natural Bodybuilder

Jason Blaha is the owner of many fitness channels on the Internet and has become quite popular. His main YouTube channels have over 30 000 subscribers and counting.

What separates him from the rest of the fitness channels is that he openly talks about anabolic steroids and has exposed many fake natural bodybuilders on the Internet. He has admitted that even he isn’t a natural bodybuilder and uses performance-enhancing drugs (PED) on regular basis.

Jason Blaha Looks Like A Natural Bodybuilder

Classic Jason Blaha

At the same time Jason Blaha would have absolutely no problems passing for a natural bodybuilder even though he is a dedicated ‘gear’ user.

Most people won’t question his ‘natural’ status. That’s because we’ve been brainwashed to believe that even guys like Lazar Angelov and Kali Muscle are natural.

All those guys with shredded 8 pack abs and 18 inches arm that have taken over the Internet make it very hard to accept reality. That’s how powerful and effective marketing can be. Life is not a Hollywood movie where the good guy and the pretty girl live happily ever after.

Compared to guys like Kali Muscle and Lazar Angelov Jason Blaha looks like a regular chubby dude with some muscle who needs to lose some weight. At the same time, however, he is using serious amounts of anabolic steroids to maintain and develop his strength and size for powerlifting.

That’s why Jason Blaha deserves credit for his open opinion on the subject. If it wasn’t for guys like him, most people would continue to live in Fakeland while paying huge monthly bills for protein supplements and following stupid routines written by ghost writers hired to cover the stupidity of the average bodybuilding pro.

All of this goes to show you that you that reality is stranger than fiction. People, however, continue to live in PipeDreamLand.

A few times a week we receive the occasional e-mail coming from guys who are supposedly 5’9″, 210 lbs with shredded abs and 18 inches arm naturally. Of course, most of the time there are no pictures attached to the letters which makes it impossible to judge whether the person in question is actually telling truth and judging his body fat properly.

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