Is Scott Herman Natural Or On Steroids?

Scott Herman is very popular figure in the Internet fitness community thanks to his YouTube channel which has crazy amount of subscribers and fans. Of course, what’s keeping people interested is Scott Herman’s physique – lean and muscular. On a daily basis he presents different training ideas and workouts that are meant to help you get there. Is this really his secret and can you build similar physique without anabolic steroids?

How big is Scott Herman?

Scott Herman’s official stats are as follows:

Is Scott Herman Natural Or On Steroids?

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Height: 5′ 10″ – 178 cm;
Weight: 170 lbs – 77 kg;
Body fat: 5 %;

This means that Scott Herman is exactly as big as our estimation for a male natural bodybuilder who is 5’10” at %5. In other words, if you have really good genetics, you can achieve Scott Herman’s mass naturally without steroids. However, this does not mean that just about anybody can look like that. 5’10” @ 170 lbs at 5% BF water depleted seems to be the ultimate limit for a natural and most lifters will have really hard time getting there.

Scott Herman does not look as impressive without a pump

One typical trend among all natural bodybuilders is that without a pump they don’t look very impressive. In many of his photos Scott Herman seems looks ‘normal’ and his muscles do not have so much ‘pop’.

Does Scott Herman have the Photoshop look?

In some photos Scott Herman looks ‘technological’ but in most of his videos and other pictures he looks less impressive and average. That leads us to believe that  he does not enjoy the full Photoshop look as guys like Jaco De Bruyn do.

Does Scott Herman have the 3D steroid delts?

Not really. In some photos Scott Herman has decent looking shoulders but for the most part they don’t seem to be his best body part nor 3D.

Can you ever be certain that someone is natural?

You can never be certain whether someone is natural. Scott Herman is a good example. His mass is achievable naturally by some people but that does not mean that he has never taken anabolic steroids or other performance-enhancing drugs.

That’s a question that only he can answer with certainty and still it’s really hard to know/believe. Even if you are very close to someone, similar secrets can be kept hidden. Bodybuilders and muscle building enthusiasts are notorious for keeping their muscle elixirs private. It’s not uncommon for a bodybuilding wife/husband to remain completely clueless whether her husband/wife is taking steroids or not. Yes, it goes that deep.

To summarize: Nobody can tell for sure whether Scott Herman is a lifetime natural fitness model/bodybuilder/lifter. However, the physique presented by him can be achieved naturally, if you have favorable genetics as well as the required dedication. This is the highest level a natural bodybuilder can hope for.

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  1. Visto

    I’d say in the PIC on the article he appears natty. But look at him now with his cheat and recover he is clearly on steroids. The same weird tricks pushed by fitness gurus to make us believe its the secret they exceeding natural limits

    1. Goat

      Wow, you’re funny! ‘Natty’ – he is a natural light beer? STFU.
      Anyway – yes, update. Scott recently did a lot of research into steroids (Clen, Tren, whatever) and made a vid or two about PEDs. Now (2017) he’s made some vids to explain why he’s suddenly got much bigger and still lean, and why his traps have grown. Apparently, we can disregard all his old vids now, because he’s saying he’d been training wrong till recently (last 2 months). LOL – obviously his roid research was a bad move. Shame – he was the only clean one out there on YouTube- “Unsubscribed!”

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