Is LittleBeastM Natural Or Not? Can you have LittleBeastM's physique without taking steroids?

Calisthenics” training has won the hearts of many. The infection is spreading faster than ever. The local monkey bars are always crowded, and the girls passing by are always looking.

It’s hard not to be part of the game, especially when everybody is telling that you can get as big as the legends of the sports.

There are bodyweight monsters like Adam Raw, LittleBeastM, HannibalForKing and many more who weigh at least 200 lbs and hold a ton of lean, dry muscle. It’s all nice and sweet, but as always NattyOrNot is here to play the role of the hater asking the uncomfortable questions.

So, can you be as big as the legendary bodyweight king LittleBeastM without taking steroids or other PED?

HOW BIG IS LittleBeastM?


A few online sources suggest that LittleBeastM has the following body stats:

Weight: 227 lbs / 103 kg; {source}
Height: 5’11” / 180 cm;
Bodyfat: unknown – visible lower abs; decent muscular definition;

How much would LittleBeastM weigh at 5% BF?

To calculate how much LittleBeastM will weigh at 5% BF, I will once again use the formula developed by Lyle McDonald. You can read more about it here.

the formula

Goal Weight = Current Lean Body Mass / (1-Goal Body Fat percentage as a decimal)

In order to calculate how much lean body mass LittleBeastM carries, I will assume that his body fat is 12%, which seems about right given the fact that he is pretty lean, but definitely not competition lean. He could very well be 10% too.

At 12% hypothetical body fat LittleBeastM carries 27 lbs (225 lbs x 0.12) of fat and 198 lbs ( 225 – 27 lbs) of lean body mass. When we apply the data, we get the following result:

Weight = 198 / 1-0.05 = 208 lbs

This means that at 5% LittleBeastM could very well weigh 208 lbs. To put things in perspective consider the following:

LittleBeastM has about as much lean muscle mass as Serge Nubret in his prime while being 1 inch shorter.

LittleBeastM is just two inches taller and yet 20 lbs heavier than Mr. Olympia Frank Zane.

All of the above was accomplished at a very young age for the muscle game – 20.

In addition, LittleBeastM is 31 lbs over what my guide for natural bodybuilders suggests. At 5’11” you will have a really hard time reaching weight over 177 lbs in competition condition.

All of this leaves with two possible conclusions:

  1. LittleBeastM is a mutant.
  2. LittleBeastM is on anabolic steroids.

You can choose which one you want to believe yourself.

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