Is Jonnie Candito From CanditoTrainingHQ Natural?

Jonnie Candito is a young 22 year old powerlifter with phenomenal physique and squatting strength. He has gained massive Internet fame thanks his YouTube fitness channel.

He gives advice to natural bodybuilders, but is he truly natural?

1.Jonnie Candito is a super strong squatter

Jonnie Candito has squatted 510 lbs – 231 kg at about 177 lbs – 80 kg with just a belt. This is a 2.88 bodyweight squat. For those of you who don’t know this is a world class number. Many people have struggled forever to reach similar level and Jonnie Candito is displaying insane strength at a very young age.

To give you a further perspective: The popular author of Starting Strength, Mark Rippetoe, has squatted 600 lbs x 3 with in a single-ply suit at the bodyweight of 220 lbs – 100 kg. This is a 2.7 bodyweight squat and was done with the help of powerlifting gear. He has also admitted to steroid use and is not a lifetime natural.

To make the matter even more obvious Arnold Schwarzenegger’s best squat was 470 lbs, although he was not a dedicated squatter nor a powerlifter.

Makes one wonder: what are today’s natural monsters doing to squat 2.88 bodyweight at the age of 21-22?



2.Jonnie Candito is a super strong bench presser.

Jonnie Candito has done a 314 lbs – 142 kg bench press at the bodyweight of 177 lbs – 80kg. This is a 1.77 bodyweight bench press. In general, two times bodyweight bench press is word class – especially at that age.

3.Jonnie Candito is a super strong deadlifter.

Jonnie Candito has deadlifted 606 lbs – 275 kg at 180 lbs – 81 kg bodyweight. This is a 3.36 bodyweight deadlift. This is world class strength and there are many steroid users who can’t come even close to that level.

4.Jonnie Candito is lean

The lifts of Jonnie Candito are obviously very impressive and for the most part could be achieved naturally but when you’re 177 lbs at 5’7″ and lean – you are a suspect to steroid usage. By the looks of it Jonnie Candito is no more than 9% BF. In comparison former Mr. Olympia Frank Zane was 5’9″ and competed at 185 lbs @ 5% body fat.

Conclusion: Jonnie Candito is a very gifted powerlifter with great understanding of the lifts and training. His advice on form and programming is detailed and useful. However, natural ****.

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