Is Daniel Vadnal From FitnessFAQs Natural Or Not?

Daniel Vadnal is one of the famous people in the online world of bodyweight training thanks to his muscular physique, tutorials, skills and strength. For many acquiring similar to his physique would be more important than winning the lottery.

Question is, can you have a body like that naturally (without steroids) and by just training with your own bodyweight?

How big is Daniel Vadnal?



A Facebook photo uploaded on Vadnal’s official page revealed that his body stats in November, 2014 were as follows:

Height: 6′ (183 cm);
Weight: 187 lbs (85 kg);
Bodyfat: 6.3%;

This fits into my guide for natural bodybuilders according to which a man who is 6′ tall can max out at 185 lbs in competition conditions (5%-7% body fat). This means that in theory Daniel Vadnal is not over the stats for a true natural with exceptional genetics.

At 187 lbs and about 6% body fat, Daniel Vadnal is pretty much the epitome of what can be achieved naturally at that height. However, those stats are not for everybody, and just because on paper you can have them does not mean that it will happen, nor does it mean that Daniel Vadnal is 100% natural by default. It just means that there are people with elite genetics that can touch those numbers.

Let’s not forget that people like Serge Nubret were “only” 200 lbs (his heaviest was 212-217 lbs actually, but he claimed to be 200 lbs most of his career) at the same height as Daniel Vadnal. {source} Being only 15 pounds away from one of the greats, who competed next to Arnold, is certainly not an easy task.

Are advanced bodyweight exercises like planches, front levers..etc. the key to Daniel Vadnal’s body?

Not really. While those movements take a lot of effort and dedication to achieve, they are certainly not magical when it comes to muscle growth. Advanced bodyweight exercises are fine, especially for the upper body, but there is no evidence that they will cause more muscular growth than basic bodybuilding. The main advantage of bodyweight training is convenience. There are no mysterious growth processes that only planches and front levers can give you.

So, is Daniel Vadnal natural or not?

You can never know whether somebody is 100% natural, even if the data suggest so. After all, there are everyday gym rats who take steroids and don’t look super impressive. Therefore, we can never conclude with certainty that someone we don’t truly know is natural. Sometimes even family members of the person in question could be part of the uninformed group. What’s certain is that those are the limits for natural bodybuilders who have good potential to develop their muscles  to high limits and grow. You also have to keep in mind that those numbers are reserved for lifters actively seeking hypertrophy – not just “training for skill”. Average people will never get to that level naturally.

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