Is Big J From Extreme Fitness Natural Or A Steroid User?

Big J’s Extreme Fitness is one of the most popular YouTube fitness channels of all time. It’s run by a former bodybuilding professional who gives advice related to sport. On the channel you can finds hundreds of videos presenting his progress as well as the develpment of other aspiring bodybuilders who train under his wings. Many wonder whether Big J is natural or not. Well, technically he has already answered this question for you:

In the video below Big J basically says that he’s used gear under the form of muscle enhancing substances in the past before. So, there is no doubt that he is not a lifetime natural bodybuilder and we don’t need to try and prove that he isn’t natty.

However, in the video he also states that he’s been drug free for the last 10 years and despite that he is able to maintain his solid physique drug free. He is about 260 lbs – 118 kg and has visible abs. So, is he truly drug free now? Below are a few points to consider before making your decision:

Is Big J From Extreme Fitness Natural Or A Steroid User?

1. Big J is not a young guy

Big J is well into middle age territory which means that his testosterone levels are naturally dropping. The lower your testosterone goes, the less muscle mass the body can maintain. Just look around – men are much stronger and more muscular than women. That’s because men have much more testosterone. Also, once a female starts taking testosterone she can become bigger than most men. This is how powerful this hormone is. There is nothing that can replace it’s effectiveness. A girl can lift all the weights in the world, but she will never be as big as drugged female bodybuilder.

2. Taking heavy doses of steroids has serious effects on your body

As a professional bodybuilder Big J has taken a lot of steroids and other drugs – only he knows what. When you take steroids the body naturally decreases it’s testosterone production. When this phenomenon occurs for prolonged period of time, the body loses it’s ability to produce testosterone. That’s why most, if not all, professional bodybuilders are on TRT (testosterone replacement therapy) for the rest of their lives, even after they stop competing. That’s strike two against Big J and another factor that leads us to believe that he just doesn’t have the necessary hormonal profile to naturally be 260 lbs with abs.

3. Big J resides in North America

In the corporation known as the United States Of America (note: the country is America, the U.S. is a corporation) the usage of steroids is prohibited by the law. Unless you have prescription, you can’t legally use the stuff. That’s why admitting to usage of anabolic steroids on YouTube can get you into trouble and offers almost no benefits except for being honest and it seems that similar characteristics are not valued quite well by modern man.

The good old saying: ‘If it does not make me money, I have no time for it.‘ holds true.

4.Many of the athletes trained by Big J have signs of steroid usage

In the video below you can see an athlete of Big J posing under his commands. The guy has clear gynecomastia and synthetic look. So, it’s not like steroids are a myth in Big J’s gym.

Conclusion: We are not going to make a definitive conclusion because we are tired of being attacked from all sides by angry naturals and their supporters. However, we want you to take into consideration the points that we’ve made and think clearly instead of being blind fan boys.

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