In Defense Of Bodybuilders With Big Guts The system uses bodybuilders as pawns.

Criticizing the grotesque and distended guts of professional bodybuilders has become the norm. I did so myself in a couple of posts last year. I still believe that looking like you are about to give birth to an alien is by no means a pretty sight, especially when you are trying to be a visual example how the body looks in its ultimate muscular form.


However, blaming modern bodybuilders for everything is a little too convenient, don’t you think? The truth is that the competitors are partially victims of the system. Since the beginning many entrepreneurs from the muscle fiber valley have been leeching off bodybuilders’ ability to sell dreams to the naive crowd. In brief, professional bodybuilders have been killing their bodies while greedy Wall Street style pencil necks have been making cash without sacrificing health for muscles.

Without a doubt, there’s nothing healthy about professional bodybuilding because the doses and the combination of drugs required to compete at high level are way beyond sane levels. In addition, the amount of money bodybuilders get paid given their monthly expenses is ridiculously low. It’s insulting even.

In the beginning it was all magical. People were looking at bodybuilders from the so-called Golden Era and really admiring their Greek God like physiques. Things changed. Bodybuilders started using more and more drugs. Growth hormone and insulin were added to the get big quick formula. This strategy increased the professional bodybuilding standards by 40-70 lbs. Today, we have guys who are 5’9″, give or take, and yet they are heavier than taller old-school bodybuilders from the past.

The size game was working just fine, until the bodies of the pros started to revolt. You can’t expect to abuse your organism so much without side effects damaging your physique and internal organs. People may argue over the reasons why modern professional bodybuilders have distended guts, but the obvious fact is that before the era of insulin and growth hormone, there were no such disasters. Therefore, the cause is hidden somewhere in the high number of elixirs which were added during the 90s.

Today, we have people publicly fighting against this phenomenon. One of the groups that should take some of the blame are the judges and the brains who come up with the judging criteria. Those people have been rewarding the size game for far too long. If the mass monsters were getting sanctioned since the very beginning, we wouldn’t be talking about similar issues today.

While I believe bodybuilders should stand for themselves, I don’t think they are to blame entirely. At the end of the day, the system is using them as replaceable machines and is willing to throw them right away in case of a crash. There’s always somebody else willing to live the muscle dream after all.

Of course, this does not mean that professional bodybuilders are innocent either. They often join the parade with a smile, and very few people are actually talking against the trends. Most are order followers.

Bodybuilders are like soldiers. They go on the field, do all the hard work, but those truly benefiting are people who have never seen a real gun in person. That’s how war works, unfortunately.

Nevertheless, orders do not give you an excuse to kill people. It’s very common to justify your actions by saying that you are simply following orders. By the way, that’s what soldiers from popular movies say all the time: “I am just following orders.” This is all propaganda. The truth is that no matter the order, you have to choose your actions yourself. Blindly following orders is something dogs do. Last time I checked, people are more intelligent than dogs.

The same principle applies here. Bodybuilders should stand for themselves, but they are not the main nor the only people to blame for what’s happening. Soldiers don’t start wars. There are evil masterminds who stand behind similar events. They should carry some of the karmic consequences too.

Finally, it’s pretty much 50/50. On one hand we have the professional bodybuilders who obey and kill themselves for muscle growth while pursing some psycho pipe dream, while on the other side there are people in power who have been allowing all of this to continue for too long.

While nobody is obviously pushing more and more drugs in the mouths of  the pros directly, the size game has been receiving support from the system, and this is one of the main reasons the big gut trend was born. It’s merely a side effect revealing how the whole thing has been built on sinking sand.

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