Why Do IFFB Pro Bodybuilders Deny Steroid Usage

Fact: bodybuilders deny steroid usage and addiction. Most of the IFBB professionals will never under any kind of circumstances reveal what anabolic drugs they use in order to get muscular and strong. Even the King Of Bodybuilding and eight times Mr.Olympia Ronnie Coleman has denied using muscle enhancing drugs and claims natural status in many of his interviews. Why?

Obviously, all IFBB professionals use banned substances in order to achieve the physiques they bring on Mr. Olympia stage. However, bodybuilding’s capital country is the USA where using steroids is strongly prohibited by the law and anybody who possess such drugs, without having a medical reasons to do so, fears prison sentence. That’s why going on TV and admitting steroid use is like publicly stating that you have robbed a store or a bank – not a very wise move. Many IFBB pro bodybuilders don’t make as much money as you may think and have to work regular jobs in order to have the needed income to support their families and buy the large amounts of food and drugs they need. Former Mr. Olympia Ronnie Coleman was also a full time police officers during a larger portion of his career and therefore he had even more reasons to hide his affection for muscle elixirs despite the fact that steroids are used by many police officers and military organizations – saying it in public, however, would be considered as an act of sending the wrong message to the general population.

Another problem that may occur after a confession is the possible loss of sponsorship. Companies producing bodybuilding supplements are the main source of income for many bodybuilders because the award prizes are quite low. If an athlete openly says that he is on steroids, supplements companies will withdraw because they cannot use the physique of an enhanced bodybuilder as an advertisement of their products targeting the general population, which resents drugs and the side effects associated with them. When you keep all that in mind, it becomes painfully obvious that for guys like Ronnie Coleman and other famous IFBB professionals there are close to zero benefits for publicly declaring their steroids usage and addiction. As far as the material world is concerned, there could be only losses as a results from similar act.

The first thing that happens when an athlete comes clean about his steroid use is the immediate rejection coming from the general public. When Lance Armstrong presented himself as a good Samaritan and confessed everything while Oprah was holding his hand, the initial reaction of the unaware general population was to diminish his accomplishments and titles. He was looked at as a cheater who does not deserve his medals. Of course, this is not correct since virtually all of the main contenders for the titles were most certainly using the same substances as Lance Armstrong. In other words, fear of losing fame and glory is another stepping stone and many of the narcissistic sports leaders out there are not willing to give it away. They want to be worshiped and know that the minute they confess the ignorant population will crucify them. They love themselves way too much to do such a thing. This also explains why even IFBB bodybuilders who live in countries such as the United Kingdom, where steroids usage is regulated in a more liberal way, refuse to say the truth. They want to be remembered as the best, not as cheaters.

The society today is cruel and puts enormous emphasis on personal success. As they say: Second place is nothing more than the first loser. People are being programmed to behave like ruthless social animals in the fight for glory, money and whatever else classifies as socially accepted trophy. Similar behavior separates people from one another and becomes the fuel for the large amount of hypocrisy and hatred we seen everywhere around us. Individuals are afraid to be open because that makes you vulnerable and the wrong people may get advantage. Obviously, bodybuilders also want to protect their personal happiness and therefore continue the lie.

Don’t let the mainstream media full you – all of the people with eye catching physiques you see in magazines are on steroids – from fitness models like the Bulgarian superstar Lazar Angelov to the “muscle freak” of all times Ronnie Coleman. Unfortunately, we live in a world where those who tell the truth are labeled as stupid and those who lie prosper. Being honest is considered worse than being crazy. The problem has gotten so big that true improvements will not be seen in this lifetime. It’s all one big lie which we all fortify with our actions. In society, where everything is supposed to be politically correct true values like honesty are nowhere to be seen.

Most IFBB bodybuilders don’t tell the truth even after their retirement because at that point they usually start supplements companies, which are supposed to feed their families. For example, Mr. Olympia Ronnie Coleman has started his signatures series short after he ended his career. Do you think it would do him any good if he starts talking about steroids in bodybuilding? No, it will only hurt the sales of supplements and his bank account. The same holds true for the rest of the retired IFBB pros such as Dorian Yates, Lee Labrada, Rich Gaspari…etc. The less you know about anabolic steroids and their place in bodybuilding, the more money they make, and this is the ultimate goal.

Obviously, the reasons stated above are plenty for the IFBB professionals and fake natural bodybuilders to keep on denying they are using steroids but this also raises a moral question – is it fine to lie to your fans who are also your biggest supporters? Is it moral to sell shady products who most of the time don’t work as supposed to?

{you decide!}

Note: Steroid addiction, depression, money losses, health issues are not just myths. They are real side effects.

Disclaimer: NattyOrNot.com does NOT support the usage of illegal substances. The content above is solely for informational purposes and is NOT written by a medical professional. The website is not responsible for any kind damages that may be caused by the uploaded articles – the very same way a knife seller is not responsible for the actions of his clients. Be wise – love yourself and your body.

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