Hugh Jackman – Captain Upper Body

In the movie THE Wolverine (2013) the actor Hugh Jackman displayed some serious upper body development. He showed great vascularity and all the muscles from chest to back were full and meaty.

However, Hugh Jackman’s leg development was/is nowhere near his chest and upper arms. Why?

Because Jackman is a typical  ‘Captain Upper body’.


As you can see in the photo the lower body size of Hugh Jackman is seriously lacking. His quadriceps and calves are average at best compared to the rest of him.

The reason for that uneven development is of course the Hollywood illusion. Since the times of Arnold Schwarzenegger people have been linking upper body size to power and strength.

Legs seem to be hard to market – especially among men. Developed legs are considered to be more of a female trait. Shallow concepts seem to sell better. Nobody has time to think when there’s picture to be uploaded on Instagram.

What’s wrong with a little vanity?

There’s nothing wrong with training your upper body more than your lower body. After all – you are the owner of your body and you can do whatever you want with it. If you want to put some salt on your W-Fi router and eat, so be it. You have the right to do so.

The problem with vanity or ‘captain upper body training’ is that it reveals superficial understanding of the training process. You shouldn’t train for the approval of others. Even if you get it, it means absolutely nothing. Ignoring everything else just because you are obsessed with arm training to impress the girls seems a little childish.

Do what works to make the buck…

It’s obvious that Hugh Jackman’s character would look more appealing with overdeveloped upper body rather than overdeveloped legs. First, the weapons are in his hands and second – when was the last time you saw a superhero with weak upper body?

If Hugh Jackman was to be bottom heavy, his appearance would not fit the movie. The public wants to see the muscular man with veins around his arms. Since that’s what sells – that’s what they offer. The biceps + chest fetish seems to have higher value per share.

Big legs take away from your body…

Remember Tom Platz? He had huge legs which were overpowering his upper body. On the other hand when you have small legs and you’re top heavy like Hugh Jackman your upper body looks even bigger. It’s an optical illusion that plays tricks on your mind.

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