How To Know If A Bodybuilding Supplement Is Effective All bodybuilding supplements promise results but rarely deliver.

The market has been heavily saturated with bodybuilding supplements promising exceptional results from healthy joints to 20 inch arms and six pack abs. Question is, do those magic powders and pills really work as advertised?

The answer is a h-a-r-d-c-o-r-e “NO!”.

Often the bottle and the graphics on the label cost more painted paper a.k.a. money than the actual active ingredients contained in the product. Of course, even more painted paper is required to fill the greedy mouths of the marketing team as well as the CEOs of the supplement companies.

With that being said sometimes supplementation is not that bad and there’s some actual value in the content. However, one should avoid getting caught into the trap and only use effective supplements.

If it’s not working, why are you taking it?

In general supplements are just that – supplements. Miracles should not be expected, although through careful manipulation, which has been going for decades, the average people are encouraged to believe that a little bit of protein powder will turn them into muscular monsters.

The best way to determine whether a certain supplement is working for you is to perform a trial period. A good example would be creatine which is a supplement supposed to increase your strength and endurance, just a little bit. The common saying is that one gains at least a few reps thanks to creatine.

A long time ago I bought a bottle of quality creatine, hoping that it would make me complete a training program. You see, at that point I was yet to learn that I have average recovery abilities and that’s why I always need extra rest days. {more}

I consumed that bottle of creatine according to the instructions and I got one big N-O-T-H-I-N-G out of it. My usage of creatine was discontinued. After all, if you don’t see the expect result what is the point of taking supplements in the first place? This was not what I signed for.

Don’t be afraid to break the addiction!

A lot of muscle worshipers have hard time finding peace without covering their supplement needs for the day. I know people who couldn’t sleep without taking a bedtime protein shake. They literally feel guilty.

In my opinion, if you’re not seeing significant or any regress from discontinuing a certain supplement, it makes no sense to take it in the first place. Actually, this is how I stopped taking fish oil.

Back in the day I was taking heavy dosages of fish oil. Everybody was talking positively about this miraculous supplement. Every month I was buying one big bottle of relatively expensive fish oil imported from the USA. However, at one point I stopped. The negative effects on me were zero, at least to the extent that I could determine. I haven’t taken fish oil seriously for over 10 years. It had zero impact on the way I train, perform and look.

Of course, you could have a different story and a solid reason why you love your fish oil fetish, but the whole point of this flashback was to illustrate that one could consider something a priority when it isn’t.

If it’s too good to be true and it’s a well marketed product, it probably blows.

Surprisingly or not, my supplement odyssey does not end here. In the past, before I actually truly started training, I suffered from knee pain caused by skateboarding, poor food and being alive.

This is when I learned about a joint support supplement containing Glucosamine. I started buying the product, hoping that my pains will go away.

Back in the day this was an expensive pleasure, but I found a way to continue my usage for a few months until one day, when I was buying my next dose, the pharmacist asked me: “Is this working?” I remember this pharmacist very well to this day. She was pretty, but the kind of pretty that comes with creepy. Anyway, my answer was: “I hope so.”

Later that day it hit me: I’ve been taking this elixir for months and I can’t even say firmly that it works? WTH? Consequently, I stopped taking it, forever. Maybe this product works for some, but not in my personal case.

Don’t miss the big picture!

People smoke, eat garbage, don’t train and expect that a magical powder or a pill that contains very little active ingredients will reverse all sins. It’s not going to happen. Eating at least 85% healthy food and exercising intelligently will outperform any supplement. Those are the big elements that make the car move forward. You can make a car very pretty, but without the engine and the steering wheel, you ain’t going anywhere. Take care of the big picture and then think about supplements. This is when you will realize how minuscule they are.

To summarize:

– Bodybuilding supplements do very little for healthy people with good diets.

– Protein powder is good when your jaw is injured and you can’t consume solid food.

– If a certain supplement does nothing for you, it’s time to discontinue its usage.

– Training smart and eating healthy eliminates the need to take supplements to a significant extent.

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