“How To Build Arm Muscle” – The NattyOrNot.com Way

The text that’s about to follow is going to cause a stream of hate. You will hate me so much that you may even consider breaking the computer monitor. Since I don’t really care about the future of your monitor I will continue to write.


Let’s get straight to the point. You want to have some nice looking muscular arms. You want strangers to look at them with more love than they look at your face. You want to cause nipple inflation every time you flex those powerful biceps. Your only problem is that you don’t know how to get them. The workouts you tried promised you a lot but delivered as much as banks do after a financial collapse. Well, it’s time for you to learn the real secret to building “arm muscle”.

The secret to “building arm muscle” is: there is no fucking secret.

As a natural you can’t have big arms. It’s impossible. Forget it. It’s never going to happen. Even if you do so many Scott curls that your elbows dig a hole in the bench, it’s still not going to happen.

Can I have 18 inches lean arms? No, you can’t.

{moment of silence}

“But a guy on T-Nation.com said I can have 18 inches shredded arms? Is it really true?”

You want the truth? Get ready.

Your Internet forum hero was probably referring to paper arms. In that case the only option is to agree with him. You can have 18 inches paper arms as a natural. It’s possible. You just have to find A4 paper, and somebody who can draw human bodies.

Other than that the guy on T-nation probably missed the epithet “lean”. But in that case the only option is to agree once again. You can have 18 inches fatceps. It’s possible. People do it everyday. Ask your grandmother how to achieve it. I heard that eating double chocolate sandwiches with Nutella in-between at midnight helps. This or Rippetoe’s GOMAD should do the trick. You can even reach the magic 20s this way.

In the real world natural bodybuilders cannot build arm muscles larger than 16 inches unless they are willing to make one, two or even three extra holes in their belts. I know that your are getting closer and closer to punching that monitor but please: hold on for one more minute.

A realistic arm size for an average natural bodybuilder who is at normal bodyfat levels (10-14%) is 15 inches. Now, punch that monitor extra fucking hard. Kill that motherfucker trying to shatter your arm construction dream. Who is he to talk to you like that? Chicken neck, keyboard warrior, dipshit.

{angry punch in the monitor…..there’s some damage but after a while the crystal box resumes output}

If you unlearn to measure your self-worth according to standards imposed by the media, you will actually be happier with your arm development as a natty. Yes, you read that correctly. 14-16 inches arm is plenty, especially when backed by nice performance and lean body fat levels.

How do you get there? It’s simple. You don’t do any isolation work and focus on compound exercises. For the vast majority of people that would be chin-ups and dips. There are many other options, but those two are classics and easy to program.

You get your dips to 3×20 and your chin-ups to 3×15. The three sets can be done with as much rest in-between as you want, as long as all the work is completed in a day. You can do a set in the morning, one at noon and one before going to bed. It doesn’t matter.

After you’ve accomplished that milestone add extra weight. You can start with 10 lbs. When you can do 3×20 dips and 3×15 chin-ups with the extra weight, add 10 more lbs. By the time you can do the numbers with 20 – 30 lbs extra, your arm muscles, and upper body as whole, will be a A LOT bigger and stronger. I don’t think there are many people that can do similar numbers and still complain about arm size. Of course, being brainwashed by moronic muscle magazines a.k.a. muscle catalogs can change your perception to the point where you no longer love any part of your body.

Remember: there will always be new “revolutionary” ways to “build big arm muscles”. The muscle media will continue to use the bodies of steroid users to sell hope and pig food. Muscle models are like Playboy bunnies. Every day there’s a new one willing to put on the thong for a few bucks. The only way to stop the madness is to make the right choices as a customer.

The only real protest in this world consists of our personal choices that we make everyday. Screaming on the street does nothing. Politicians see it as applause. They play it as background music while counting the cash and having sex with our daughters. Making conscious choices is the biggest threat and where it’s at. Without support even the biggest monsters fall down.

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