How Strong Can Steroids Make You?

The text that is about to follow has not been written by a delusional permabulker. Sorry.

Some lifters downplay the role of muscle drugs so much that ignorant people start wondering whether a baby Aspirin could produce steroids like results. As you may be able to guess, most of the time those lifters are nothing but delusional permabulkers who believe they can break the powerlifting records naturally as long as they eat ”enough calories to recover and grow”.

Simply put, those barbell nerds are trying to out-eat the effect of steroids.

Guess what the results are? Pancakes, XXXL clothes and ”My gut is not too big, right?” looks in the mirror.

Recently, I received an article explaining that the difference between drug free and steroid lifters is only about 10%. This technically means that if you train for 10 years and your best squat is 400 lbs / 180 kg, your squat on a decent anabolic cocktail would be 440 lbs / 200 kg. As it often happens with permabulking logic, this idea is complete nonsense.


Here’s how it happens in the real world, permabulkers and FAKE NATTIES! Take notes and write it down in your journal.

What is a world class raw (no cranes used) powerlifting squat?

At least 3-3.5 times your bodyweight.

A lifter who is 200 lbs / 90 kg would be considered a world class powerlifting squat monster when he has a 600 lbs / 272 kg squat or more.

If we apply the logic, or should I say wishful thinking, that steroids give you only 10% on top of your squat, this means that the same guy should be able to squat 540 lbs / 245 without the help of drugs. This is still an impressive squat, but unfortunately it doesn’t work like that.

There is a big difference between a 200 lbs lifter on steroids and a 200 lbs lifter built with mom’s cake. The first version has higher concentration of muscle mass – much higher. The second version is nothing but a lard collector. As anyone can see, muscle mass is more important for strength than fat.

Here’s how it will most likely happen in the real world: Mr. Mom’s Cake will not be able to reach a 540 lbs squat because he doesn’t have the muscle mass or strength to lift this weight. The only way for that to happen would be to get even fatter – 300 lbs / 136 kg sounds about right. However, when Mr. Mom’s Coke is 250 – 300 lbs, a 540 lbs squat is no longer world class. It’s about 2 times his bodyweight, which is pretty good and even amazing in this world of potatoes, but it’s not going to win you anything. Moreover you will not be considered strong in the world of powerlifting.

Baby, you better believe it – steroids give you a double boost. First, they manufacture a ton of mass for you. Second, they give you strength. Thanks to steroids the midget bodybuilders and powerlifters who would weigh about 135 lbs / 61 kg without drugs, can now be over 200 lbs / 90 kg without being fat. They are ripped and shredded. Bitches with fake tits want them.

Example: Imagine you have a powerlifter who is 5’6” / 168cm tall. This guy would have hard time breaking 150 lbs /68kg without being a notoriously big fatso. I will assume that at 150 lbs our guy is not ripped, but not an advanced lard transporter either. He will have to squat at least 450 lbs / 205kg to win a nice place in elite powerlifting dick measuring contests. I don’t know where you have been in the past, but I spent about 2 years in a powerlifting gym when I first started training. Sorry, bad news! Most powerlifters there were doping H-A-R-D with both – steroids and their mom’s spaghetti. I didn’t see a single natural there squatting 450 lbs, let alone someone who only weighs150 lbs. Nevertheless, I have to assume that I was in the wrong gym and somewhere this natural monster exists. After all, I want people to sleep well tonight instead of finding ways to kill me.

It’s now time to analyze what happens when the same lifter is on drugs. First, he has more muscle which increases his strength potential tremendously. Instead of being a 150 lbs boy who is not so fat, he is 150 lbs muscle master with 18 inch shredded arms.

At the end, it’s like comparing a sack of potatoes that weighs 150 lbs to a sack of stainless steel that weighs about as much. The scale may report identical weight, but there’s a difference – one is strong, the other one is a potato.

This hold true for all weight classes.

On the planet where I live (the Earth), an average guy who is 150 lbs, would have hard time squatting 400 lbs naturally in his lifetime. Furthermore, the raw record is about much higher – over 550 lbs. There is about 25% difference between 400 lbs and 550 lbs. Sorry. It ain’t happening even if you add olive oil to those pancakes.

People will keep on treating steroids like baby milk, but that want change reality. Muscle cocktails will forever exercise tremendous influence on muscle&strength sports.


Take growth hormone and steroids away and watch bodybuilders like Ronnie Coleman shrunk down to 180 lbs / 81 kg. The same will happen with the so-called lifting records. Hundreds of pounds will be be lost into the nothingness.


  1. alpha1

    The whole world and the idiots living on it appear to be be on some kind of illusion about “tested” athletic competitions.
    Olympics included.

  2. KB

    I do like this blog and site but i’ve known quite a few lifters that cycle, and honestly you make them out like they don’t train, they just inject and blow up. The guys i’ve known were the most disciplined gym guys ever. Meal planning, lifting, cardio, proper rest were all at 110%. Did they get bigger than a guy who was natty? Yeah of course. Because it improved their ability to retain, create, or maintain mass better than the other guy. The guys who are all natty will allow a doctor who’s getting vacations, and kickbacks to feed some painkillers, or mood altering drugs, to them from Phizer and it’s like “oh it’s a doctor so it’s cool”…. I get your stance and I respect it, but steroids just increases your “potential”. It doesn’t do shit if you’re not 100% dedicated to all the other bodybuilding facets.

    1. Truth Speaker

      Steroids are extremely powerful and are actually far more effective for gaining strength and muscle mass than any amount of training.

      You can theoretically do nothing and take steroids and still make great progress, compared to true lifetime naturals.

      Your perspective on this is completely backwards, you shouldn’t view steroids as just an assistance while training and diet do all the work. The reality is that proper diet is required for optimal results from steroids, and training just guides and enhances how well steroids work.

      1. Superman

        I agree Truth Speaker…well said. When you feed your body with steroids you are putting over 100 times the level of testosterone that the normal man’s body produces. I know from experience. In the past the times I elected to take steroids, I could work out a lot less and produce some unbelievable stellar results. With steroids you did not necessarily have to watch your diet, I was able to add insane amount of muscle while losing weight at the same time. It is one of the most effective drugs on the planet. I am not advocating the use of steroids…but for people to act like muscle gains when taking steroids are only made from working out hard is absurd. I have long since become a natural bodybuilder and now have to work hard just to keep my muscularly balanced physique. However I will never again be able to reach the incredible height again without the aid of steroids. I have long since become a natural bodybuilder, mainly work on symmetry since muscle size is capped. On a side note, my bodybuilding acquaintance who was once naturally muscular at 155 pounds for most of his young adult life is now a ripped 255 pounds (after steroids and PED’s) at age 40. That is a net gain of 100 pounds of muscle. This has led to him placing third numerous times at the Mr. Olympia. Incidentally he worked just as vigorous before steroids just with a lot less weights. People cannot downplay the effects of steroids whether you work hard or sit on your ass.

  3. Truth Speaker

    I’d say steroids give you about x2.5 strength.

    If you’ve been training your ass off your whole life and get to like a 250 natural bench press when lean, it’s safe to say you’d bench press 600+ and ripped af.

    Without hard work and roids I’d probably say you’d get to like a 350 bench press. Keep in mind this is 100 lbs over the natural who worked his ass off.

  4. Sam

    @ Truth Speaker,

    You say steroids increase strength about 2.5 times.

    But Hermann Goerner has deadlifted around 800 Lbs in 1920’s according to internet.

    I have seen his pictures and he was one of the strongest guys in the world in 1920’s and 1930’s and he look really big. Around 6 Ft 1″ 250 Lbs and not fat. His abs can be seen.

    Anabolic steroids were not available at the time, so how could this guy managed to deadlift around 800 Lb ?

    But, in some sources I’ve read that, natural testostorone levels are decreasing. 100 years ago males had around 4-5 times more testostorone in their blood according to some sources. ( They say the testostorone level was around 2000 Ng / Dl max )

    In this case, I think this is true. Today average young male has around 600-700 Ng / Dl, and some guys even has 300-400 Ng / Dl.

    In order to reach 2000 Ng / Dl levels, today a person has to cycle with 500 Mg or 750 Mg anabolic steroids.

    What do you think about this ? If this guy lived today and used 4000 Mg / Week anabolic steroids, he would be much stronger than Andy Bolton, or any other strong dude, and he can deadlift 1500 Lbs ?

    Or this 800 Lb claim is fake ?

    1. joesantus

      Regrettably, according to the article which is linked, no reliable sources nor reports of Goerner’s strength and lifting records, including of his purported 793-lb deadlift, have been found.

      PDF pages 8 and 9 (which contains what were pages 28 and 29 in the journal from which the PDF came) discusses Goerner’s deadlift claims in the section, “The Deadlift Records”. The best case that can be made is, “if he did deadlift that much, no official record of it exists.”

      But, for the sake of discussion, grant that Goerner did deadlift 793 lbs. Genetic rarities do exist. But the likelihood of such a rarity existing is so statistically small that it’s next to insanity for anyone to think, “It could be ME.” Rationality is thinking, “It’s NOT going to me.”

      Therefore, based upon statistics and rationality, it’s logical to conclude that it can only be by using significant amounts of steroids that a 200 lb man will be able to squat three times or more his bodyweight — and logical to assume that anyone who squats 600 lbs or more at 200 lb bodyweight is using steroids.

  5. Mike

    proper diet is not needed when using steroids = fact! Proper training is not even needed. A man using steroids has all the advantages – except his dick doesn’t work and he has no balls. Plus, weightlifters who use steroids are usually in abominable cardiac condition – not just poor “wind” – but headed fast & hard down heart-attack alley. Steroids increase the heart-attack & stroke risk by over 30x the non-user. Of course all the steroid junkies will dig up some short-term, finite, limited study on NCBI website saying that there is little risk, then clutch that study tight to their breasts. Steroids are absolutely deadly, even though the media has lied about how deadly, still, this does not alter the facts! Most steroid users are insecure, psychologically crushed fake tough-guys as well, who spend more time making sexy poses to themselves in their mirrors than supermodels. That entire “bodybuilding” thing is totally homo-erotica.

  6. joesantus
    I’ve linked to a 1996 scientific study titled, “The Effects of Supraphysiologic Doses of Testosterone on Muscle Size and Strength in Normal Men.”

    In that study, for the ten weeks, the men were divided into four groups. One group did zero training and received zero testosterone dose. A second group trained but received zero testosterone. A third group did zero training but received 600 mg of testosterone enanthate each week. A fourth group trained and received 600 mg of test each week.

    At the end of the ten weeks, the men who received no testosterone but trained had increased their strength in the squat about 20% and in the bench press about 10% — but, the men who’d received 600 mg of testosterone per week yet done zero training had ALSO increased their squat and their bench by approximately the same percentages. That’s correct: the men dosed with 600 mg of T gained as much strength merely sitting on their couches as the men busting ass for ten weeks in the gym did.

    And, the fourth group which trained AND were dosed with 600 mg of T per week ? That group increased their squat by 38% and their bench by 20% — meaning, they gained DOUBLE the strength of the group that trained without dosing with T.

    By the way…as far as gains in muscle mass? here’s the real eye-opener: the guys dosed with 600 mg of T who did zero training actually gained slightly MORE muscle in those ten weeks than the guys who trained but received no dose of T. In otherwords, the guys taking T gained more muscle just sitting on their asses than did the guys not given T who were busting their asses in the gym. (And, the group that dosed with T and trained gained about twice the muscle of the other groups.)

    I’m 60 years old, been lifelong PED-free since I began at age 16 in 1972. I’m not at all anti-steroid — if an adult chooses to gear, I believe that should be an adult’s right to do. But, I am against the dishonesty used to peddle supplements to uninformed people, especially to kids; and against the naivety that steroids merely enable a “small difference”. In the doses typically run by powerlifters and bodybuilders — doses higher than even that 600 mg per week used in that 1996 study — the difference steroids make is far from “small”.

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