Hollywood Physique – The Truth!

People, especially the ignorant version, are constantly looking for ways to look like the celebrities they worship. They want to look like ‘Brad Pitt in Fight Club’, ‘Gerard Butler in 300’, ‘Christian Bale In Batman’, ‘Sylvester Stallone in Rocky’…

Hollywood Physique - The Truth!

The truth is that there’s nothing special about the Hollywood physique – it’s just a combination of some muscle mass and low body fat levels. There are no secret routines that will help you get there, nor there are magical nutritional plans and supplements regardless of what the commercials say.

There are thousands of web-pages dedicated to revealing you the ‘secret’ about the Hollywood physique. There are magic elixirs being promoted as the next best thing that is supposed to turn you into a God but reality is much different and behind the propaganda and the hype there’s not much essence.

Every day there’s a new Hollywood routine brought to the public. They can call it whatever they want – it’s the same old material just recycled and re-branded. It’s another man doing the push-ups, the sit-ups and the pull-ups. The secret is they just want you to spend your money on an over-hyper product. You pay for things you don’t need. You can found all the information you would ever need about training for free. There are sites and forums that offer much more than paid subscriptions.

So, how do you get that Hollywood physique?

{my ears hurt every time I hear ‘hollywood physique’, but i’all tell ya}

The most important thing you need to do in order to get the Hollywood physique is lose body fat through diet and exercise. That will give you muscle definition and you will look bigger than you actually are. Most of the guys used as a model of the Hollywood physique are no more than 150 lbs which is actually not that bad when your body fat is low and you are not taller than 5’9″. You will look good by Hollywood standards.

Of course, you also have to build some strength and muscle and the best way to do that is through combination of bodyweight exercises and weightlifting. Technically, you can skip the weightlifting but unless you’re a sprint runner chances are your lower body will suck. However, if you think about it, that’s part of the Hollywood physique, isn’t it?

Conclusion: All workouts on the Internet that want you to pay any kind of money in order to get the Hollywood physique are scams and your are paying for over-hyped products. Don’t be a victim to propaganda and quit the celebrity worshiping club already.


  1. InsiderJoe

    There is a secret to the Hollywood A-lister’s physique: it’s called having bottomless pockets and a lot of time to workout with personal trainers, and nutritionists.

    Have you ever heard an actor in an interview bemoan that their latest acting gig was so physically and mentally demanding and how they had to endure 14 hour days? Hog wash!

    I’m an insider so I know.

    The truth is that stars rarely physically work on a set continuously for extended periods of time like the factory blue collar, or micromanaged cubicle schmucks, like you and me. It is often the crew – camera ops, DoP, assistant directors, grips – who spend long, laborious hours setting up different “shots” (camera angles) and scenes throughout the day.

    The actor is probably “on set” to shoot a scene 1/3rd to 1/4 of the amount it takes for the director and crew to actually set it up. During that time the actors can often go back to their trailers. They may not even be needed for all the scenes being shot that day.

    This is not to say they do not spend long hours on location. It’s just that it is a bit misleading when they say how grueling and laborious their work is when in fact they are in their private climate controlled trailer complete with wi-fi, TV, and other luxuries throughout the day. They might spend that time memorizing their lines, going over what scene they are going to do, or working out with their personal trainer.

    But the fact is they have the luxury of having a lot of time during the day to work out with a personal trainer for the role to get in shape or to acquire skills. It’s all usually paid by production too since getting in good shape might be required for their role. Can you imagine if your employees gave you a personal trainer and time in the day, paid for, to workout? You would look like Christian Bale in Batman, or Ryan Reynolds in Dead Pool too!

    Also keep in mind that A-list celebrities don’t constantly have to work throughout the year like you and me. They can take time off in between different projects and have a lot of time to stay in shape. They have the money and resources to hire personal trainers, and nutritionists and get to write it off as a business expense too!

    But it is part of their job to stay looking beautiful so don’t resent them.

    1. Mike

      Love this comment. I also came to the conclusion that staying so fit requires a lot of resources (that need both money and time). Sadly most ordinary people either have good money and little time, or lots of time and little money… until they retire at 60 or 65 and then it’s too late!

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