Are Hollywood Actors Taking Steroids To Secure Roles?

Making in it in Hollywood is what most people consider the heaven on Earth. Everybody wants to be rich and famous. Everybody wants to be that star – the special & chosen one. That’s how the society has been conditioned since birth. For that reason people seem to be willing to do whatever it takes to be successful in the materialistic world of Hollywood.

Are Hollywood Actors Taking Steroids To Secure Roles?

Rambo – obvious steroid addict

Many of the male Hollywood actors have to play ‘macho’ action roles. It started with Rambo and is continuing ever since – action actors are required to be big and shredded. This is where arises the question that concerns us a little more – are the Hollywood’s male and even female actors willing to take steroids in order to secure roles?

The answer would be: ‘Yes!

In case you don’t know it already nothing is what it seems. Every single thing has a different face once you get deeper into it. Hollywood does not make an exception and is a cover up for one of the most evil forces on Earth.

Actors are willing to do whatever it takes to become a rich celebrity sensation and things like steroid cycles seem like a walk in the park.

Hollywood actors are known for ‘selling their souls’ and having sodomite lifestyles. There are constantly stories about actors overdosing cocaine and other recreational drugs that could be much more deadly than steroids. In other words, Hollywood’s employees are no stranger to drugs and paying them millions to get ready for an action role only amplifies the issue.

Steroid usage is obvious during many of the Hollywood transformations presented to the public. Actors like Dwayne Johnson, Mark Wahlberg, Chris Hemsworth, Sylvester Stallone, Chriatian Bale…have all had highly successful muscle building phases that raise the eyebrows of the fans. Most of the time the transformations happen in just a few months which adds even more suspicion to the mix.

Another factor that encourages steroid usage in Hollywood besides hunger for glory and fame is that the rich actors are able to afford quality steroids and the supervision of experienced doctors. This makes the steroid use in Hollywood even less dangerous and ‘acceptable’.

Conclusion: Hollywood actors do takes steroids when the role requires the character to have massive physical development.

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