HodgeTwins – Natty Or Not?

The HodgeTwins is a popular YouTube fitness channel. The twin brothers behind it were able to gain the trust of many. The videos are poorly made, but most viewers still find the HodgeTwins fun to watch. Many follow the channel mostly for its entertainment qualities, and less for the bodybuilding information.

The majority of the viewers are confused teenagers who aspire to get big and muscular – just like the HodgeTwins. This is not a surprise. In this day and age people put tremendous emphasis on aesthetics. Consequently, the body awareness of the young population has gone through the roof.

The youth is being flooded with muscle magazines and fitness clips. It’s hard not to be affected. Mainstream trends, however, are often just marketing techniques relying on people’s ignorance. The proof lies in the fact that often IFBB pro bodybuilders on anabolic steroids advertise poor supplement products to the unaware. Therefore, more and more people are starting to question: “What physique can be achieved without steroids?”. That’s why the logical question, often asked by the subscribers to the HodgeTwins channel, is:

Are the HodgeTwins Natty or Not*?

The MAIN FACTORS to consider, when making a decision whether the HodgeTwins are natural, are:

1.The HodgeTwins are big and ripped.

According to the current online information the HodgeTwins are 6’2” (188cm) and their bodyweight is about 210lbs (95kg). The body fat of the twin brothers is very low and in most picture it is between: 7% and 10%.

It’s obvious that the HodgeTwins are not as big as an IFBB pro. What many don’t understand is that you don’t have to be as big as Ronnie Coleman to be a steroid user. Coleman used to take grams and grams of steroids. It would be foolish to believe that the only doses are: no doses and 5 grams with nothing in between. Bodybuilding are divided in weight classes. There are 135 lbs competitors who are not only taking steroids but also GH (growth hormone).

In brief, the fact that someone is small does not always mean he is clean. What reveals the use of anabolic steroids is fullness at lower bodyfat levels. The HodgeTwins cover that criteria and in many pictures they have that “Photoshop look”.

Note: The HodgeTwins exceed the general guidelines for natural bodybuilders outlined here by 13lbs (5,8kg).

2.The HodgeTwins live in America and make money as “YouTubers”

Similar to CT Fletcher The HodgeTwins fear legal issues and financial losses if they were to admit steroid use. Why would they reveal themselves when bodybuilding has been built on a lie since the beginning?

3.The HodgeTwins Transformation is suspicious

In just a few years the HodgeTwins were able to achieve very aesthetic look. Most people never get to that level in a lifetime of natural bodybuilding.

4.The HodgeTwins have signs of gynecomastia (bitch tits)

In some pictures the HodgeTwins show signs of gynecomastia – formation of female breast due to hormonal imbalances caused by steroid usage.

HodgeTwins Natty or Not?

5. The HodgeTwins are 40 years old.

The HodgeTwins are not 20 anymore. They are about 40 and this is not good when it comes to preserving muscle mass and size. The male hormone testosterone is responsible for strength and muscular development. Unfortunately, the level decreases with age and for that reason many older men are advised to start TRT (testosterone replacement therapy) meant to negate the negative side effects of low testosterone. The age-related testosterone decline in males is explained in details here.

So, in the end of the day the decision is up to you.

{you decide}


*natty – slang for “natural”

Disclaimer: NattyOrNot.com does NOT support the usage of illegal substances. The content above is solely for informational purposes and is NOT written by a medical professional. The website is not responsible for any kind damages that may be caused by the uploaded articles – the very same way a knife seller is not responsible for the actions of his clients. Be wise – love yourself and your body.

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