The HodgeTwins – Kings Of BroScience

The HodgeTwins are the owners of the super popular YouTube Fitness channel Twin Muscle Workout. They upload videos every day and share their opinion on training and bodybuilding with millions of people every day. There’s nothing bad about this except that most of the videos are full of inarticulate speech and broscience.


The videos of HodgeTwins have lost whatever informative content there was a long time ago.

The clips have long intros and are full of low conscious fights between the twin brothers who like to call each other names. It takes about 2-3 minutes to start talking about the actual topic and the ‘advice’ can usually be said in one sentence.

Many of their ‘advice’ is based on broscience and irrelevant factors that in the end of the day do not make a difference. The truth is that most people watch the show of the HodgeTwins for the fun factor and not for the info which is usually something people already know.

On top of everything the HodgeTwins are afraid to take responsibility for anything and usually end their broscience loaded clip with the good old one: “Do whatever the fuck you wanna do!”.

Similar attitude promotes immature behavior. It may be fun in the beginning but unless it evolves into something more it has no value.

The worst thing about the HodgeTwins is that they give false hopes to ignorant natural bodybuilders. They’ve said in recorded videos that the body development of Lazar Angelov and Zyzz can be achieved without the usage of illegal substances.

This is a blatant lie and nothing could be further from the truth. However, keeping the pipe dream alive attracts more viewers and supporters. People want to be lied to because knowing the truth equals responsibility – nobody has time for it, there’s money to be made.

Conclusion: The HodgeTwins have solid physiques and entertaining talent but their ‘hood’ behavior and broscience advice is doing more harm than people want to admit.

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