Herschel Walker Is Doubtfully Natural and Push-ups Are Not His Secret?

| June 21, 2014 by Truth Seeker |

Herschel Walker Is Not Natural And Push-ups Are Not His Secret

All naturaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaallllllllllllllllllllllll

According to Herschel Walker, his super powerful and aesthetic physique is the result of push-ups, sit-ups and other bodyweight exercises.

Of course, this is pure nonsense. You need a lot more than just push-ups to build a similar body. I am almost sorry to inform you that no amount of push-ups, pull-ups and sit-ups will produce those traps, at least not naturally.

Why do people believe Herschel Walker’s nonsense?

People, for the most part, are very stupid.

Humans a.k.a. humanoids are programmable creatures that can be conditioned to believe almost anything. This allows the leaders to get away with their plan. The architects simply exploit the fact that humans can be conditioned to accept almost anything because we are deeply separated from our original nature. We’ve forgotten who we are.

If you keep that in mind, it becomes apparent why some people believe Herschel Walker’s disinformation suggesting that he has built his massive body simply by doing push-ups and running.

Herschel Walker was a professional athlete. He was a pro football player for many years. Unfortunately, most if not all pros in that sport have used anabolic steroids.

The documentary Bigger, Faster, Stronger, which examines the usage of anabolic steroids in America, revealed that even some teenage high school football players are on steroids.

Do you really think that a game that is so competitive will somehow remain steroid free? Come on. There are millions to be made. Besides, even Lance Armstrong had to admit that he was not a drug-free athlete. What do you think the other pro players are using? Ferry dust?

What about genetics?

Herschel Walker has great genetics. Nobody denies that fact. However, even with the great genetics that he has, there is no way to outplay nature. According to the information available online, Herschel Walker’s diet consists of one meal a day based on bread and veggies.

To summarize: Mr.Herschel Walker was 6’1″/225lbs with muscles on top of muscles. He built his massive physique by eating one meal a day and performing a routine made of push-ups, sit-ups and running.

Do you even realize how ridiculous the statement above is? It’s like saying that you can get as rich as Donald Trump by saving your lunch money.

Herschel Walker’s diet alone reveals that he is trolling everybody. Even if you have the greatest genetics on the planet and take anabolic steroids, you cannot get as big as him on a diet that lacks both – calories and protein.

As sucker is born every minute…

Under this article presenting Herschel Walker’s way of training and eating, someone posted the following comment via Facebook:


As you can see, people are naive enough to justify one illusion with another one. We’ve already exposed the myth about jacked prisoners. Most people should know that it’s just an illusion created by superficial Hollywood movies. In the real world, you can’t get as humongous as Herschel Walker by doing push-ups and eating like a bird.

What’s next? Getting to the size of Ronnie Coleman through visualization?

Yeah, right! Grow up, kiddo!

http://theathleticbuild.com/herschel-walker-bio-workout-and-diet-plan/ Retrieved on June 21, 2014/

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  1. Lee delo

    Who are you to judge Herschel Walker? How do you what he does?

    Cavemen had muscles but they didn’t get to eat a ton because they had to kill there prey. He is basically forcing his muscles to grow with all the push-ups, sit-ups and running.

    1. Yourdad

      This guy doesn’t know shit. Do 3000 push-ups, pull ups, upside down pushups (which do build bigger traps) then tell me this nonsense. Most people do 100 push-ups then act like push-ups don’t work. You don’t work hard enough. Now they don’t have buff guys in prison too. That’s a myth. Wow the only followers you probably have are people that stumble upon your moronic articles to have a laugh. You don’t need all these supplements either most people have more then enough protein in their body. Have you ever heard of someone going into the doctor and them saying they have a protein deficiency? It’s ok to to believe the marketing hype but don’t spit this bs to anyone else.

    2. mister

      Translation for those who don’t understand the author’s point: Don’t believe Herschel Walker’s propaganda, believe mine instead.

      Yeah, I’ll get back to you on that Mr. [cough-cough] Truth Seeker.

    3. BRealMofos

      I can’t believe you idiots are so gullible. This author is right on. Come on girls, bring your evidence. /Crickets/ …Yeah, thought so. Anyone with half a brain can see what he’s saying is truth. There’s nothing to gain by exposing frauds like these fake natty mofos…if anything, it’s always a risk of being trolled and insulted. For the fakers, though, everything is at stake. Money, fame, ego, and in the case of prisoners, your life. Plenty of motivation to juice and I’m not judging one bit, but let’s just be honest. Quit being such little girls and feeling all kinds of ways about shit. It’s just life, pure and simple.

      1. Do your research

        Can you prove to me that he’s taking drugs? Oh that’s right anyone with half a mind should know that a guy who eats one meal a day and does a fuck ton of calisthenics resulting in a super shredded body has to be taking gear right? Lol Its always funny to hear people self project their failures, GG.

        1. BRealMofos

          Read back your comment and tell the world you don’t see how naive and ignorant that sounds. Can you prove to me he is NOT taking drugs? No, neither of us can prove shit, obviously, so take that out of the equation, and observe the evidence in front of you. Ask any health care professional, people who know way more than we do about the science, and they will tell you its bullshit. Some people just want to believe anything. What do you gain by licking his ass? It makes you look sad and obsequious. Go back to church kneeler

          1. Do Your research

            So you can’t prove that he’s taking drugs.. What are you going on about now? He probably does eat only one meal a day “Usually”, I wouldn’t doubt that he changes it up tho, Eating 2 maybe even 3 meals a day some days, And i’d bet my bottom dollar that he also changes up how much quantity of food he eats, He used a very vague statement “Once a day, Usually soup” because he probably does do that or has done that in training but doesn’t do it all the damn time, Look at the photos of him when he was doing mma, He looked pretty skinny compared to other photos.

            I personally eat either 1-3 meals a day and i have a ton of muscle, Huge fucking traps, Its just genetics, My test level is pretty high maybe you need to get on hormone replacement?

        2. 3U665

          If you’re asking for joint problems and torn muscles then follow Herschel Walker’s routine and diet. You are so naive to think that doing hundreds of reps paired with tons of running and other stuff accompanied with a diet of bread, soup and salad, eating once a day can make you ripped and strong as him. You are also victim like I once was and I know the feeling of denial when presented with the truth. One day you will see.

  2. Do your research

    He didn’t build his physique eating one meal a day you quack, He only in recent years started eating like this, Do some research before you start spouting nonsense.

  3. Do your research

    Apologies, I mean to type he was a chubby kid who worked out all the time since it was really young, He only started eating like this when he was in highschool, I would say genetics are the cause but if you body adapts to a routine then its really not to hard to keep it going, And for his size? I would have to say he probably increased his capillary density over time due to all the specific training he did. And you have to realize it wasn’t like he was running nonstop marathon, He chopped his workouts into sets so it would kind of be like high set sprints for the upper and lower body.

    1. Do your research

      The only problem i have with this entire routine is if he is eating this way sure his muscles might be able to adapt, Get stronger etc, But happens to all the other body parts such as organs and bones, With this type of routine your body burns off a so many calories that it makes you wonder if these other body parts are getting the proper nutrients, I mean at the least he is definitely lacking in the vitamin department.

  4. Nick Leon

    You are dumb as fuck for writing this article. It is easy to say someone cant get built on pushups alone because no one does 5000. do even 2000 pushups a day and see if you dont get ripped. All of those pushups will give you a better workout than 30 minutes of weightlifting. Who is to say you can’t put chicken and eggs in your salad to get more protein. rather than say it cant be done, why don’t you try to do 2000 pushups and situps everyday for a month. I’m sure you will be jacked and wont be saying this bs.

      1. Nick Leon

        you’re the one who is poppin shit. lazy ass mother fucker. trying to say what is and what isn’t possible, just because you don’t have the drive to do anything but type shit.

        1. Truth Seeker Post author

          The only “benefits” that you will get from 1000s of push-ups are shoulder pain and imabalances. Also, please explain in what universe push-ups and sit-ups build traps bigger than those of professional Olympic weightlifters?

      2. Steve R

        Why are you so butthurt that not everybody agrees with this POS article that makes claims but backs it with ZERO proof . Pure speculation not backed by a single source. Hope you didn’t think this would pass as real journalism. Did you?

        Oh wait…

      3. Your dad

        Your the moron making claims. You do it dickhead. People don’t have protein defficiencies. Have you ever heard a doctor say that? You don’t need all these things they market, haven’t you realized people market products to make money. Some moron who hasn’t done probably more then 100 push-ups ever in a day will tell you the impact of doing 3000. You just sound like a jealous hater. Keep hatin ho.

  5. Lee delo

    Thank you Nick, someone with some sense. If he did his research he would see that Herschel had been doing the diet since the 80s. Honestly, you should be happy that you don’t have to take in all that protein to build size.

  6. conway samples

    who every wrote this article is a idiot. I am 48 years old and I do 600 pull ups a week with all kinds angles. And 1200 push up and 300 dips a week. I look better now then when I was in the gym wasting time. if your going to write a article this stupid. please have been a decent athlete

  7. Wade Race

    Walker has built up to this workout everyday since he was a teenager. The human body is amazingly adaptive and that hard work and consistency paid off for him. How about you try that instead of worrying about who’s on what or going right to “steroids” whenever someone has a fit body?

  8. Fuck you

    You must not know herschel.. his mental focus is on superhuman level. he is a freak show, i believe everything about his lifting routine.

    1. BRealMofos

      Oh but you know him, right? Best buddies? I’m sure you see what he does 24/7. You’re as ignorant as a Christian

  9. Trainer_

    OMG. Do some of you seriously believe Walker looks the way he does from Pushups, Sit-ups, and Running? And eating salad and soup? IS this a joke? How stupid are you.

    It should be obvious how he got that body (hint: not just good genetics, pushups, situps, running, soup, and salad) LOL.

    I rarely comment on discussions, but when I see some of you defending Walker’s statements, actually believing what he is saying…you are the epitome of stupid.

    To the author: Great article exposing the B.S. of Walker’s comments.

  10. Steve R

    You morons doubting Walker’s methods. He doesn’t just do push ups and sit ups but those are daily staples. He also trains on the track, explosive running , box jumps, etc. He talks of bodyweight exercises. This also includes gymnastic exercises. Full bodyweight, rings, horse etc. And yeah gymnasts get ripped and pretty jacked not touching a damn weight. So do your fucking homework before writing this ill informed POS article.

  11. ManCal

    Herschel Walker is a freak of nature, a la No Jackson. Rate specimens. Somebody should save their DNA.

    Absolutely, he can get that big naturally. Have you ever seen a guy on roids? Herschel is actually lean, he doesn’t have the oversized roid muscles. By the way, he has looked like that since high school, and still looks that way. Shoe me one single roider or body builder that has looked the same for 35 years.

    You have your opinion, that’s great, but it’s not an educated one.

  12. Jtown

    I totally agree with the author. I am 38 years old and spent 5 years in prison, working out every single day, sometimes twice, and vigorously. There is no way possible that Walker would look like that from pushups, situps, etc. No fucking way!…Author is right…period

  13. Jake

    Just give this workout/diet information to a licensed nutritionist and see what they say. I did and she said it is total BS. His energy demands far outstrip what he claims to eat.

  14. Johnny be good

    Jtown and whoever does. It understand what body and training. PLEASE GO AND LOOK AT HERSHEL WHEN HE WAS UGA AS A FRESHMAN. HE HAS THE SAME TRAPS AND FRAME IN 1980….. it genetic period. ANOTHER EXAMPLE LOOK AT MIKE Tyson AT AGE 13. He build like a man. And I am pretty sure mike Tyson did not take steroid at 12 or 13. If someone does not have the muscle structure or genetics. You can work out all day and change your body very little.

  15. steve

    HerscheI is truly genetically gifted. He is not off the chart for a natty, but absolutely at the high end. Look at the genetics in his family. Were he to get serious w/ weights he’d easily hit 250-260. He also did a lot more then just sit-ups and push-ups in his formative years. I suggest the writer checkout all the great bar athletes of today, and the long history of calisthenics in athletics, and what it has done for so many.

  16. 3U665

    Can’t believe there are still people who believe in Herschel Walker’s crap. Do his routine and diet plan and all you will get is a fucked up body filled with injuries. Well who am I to tell you this? If you think doing more of something makes you stronger, then feel free to do it, but don’t tell me I didn’t warn you.

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