The Hardgainer Myth – They’ve Lied To You

Everybody is a hardgainer. Everybody. The supplement companies have created the false illusion that the so-called hardgainers are a minority which needs special treatment. Nothing could be further from the truth. They want you to believe that those who can’t gain muscle mass, fail to do so because they don’t follow a cookie cutting routine, or because they don’t take enough protein and creatine. They’ve brainwashed you into considering yourself inferior just because you fail to look like the “natural” bodybuilders you see in the magazines: Lazar Angelov, Connor LaVallie, Jim Cordova, Dave Goodin, Matt Ogus, Kali Muscle, CT Fletcher, Layne Norton, Skip La Cour, Simeon Panda, Polska Genetics

They’ve lied to you. They want you to hate yourself, if you happen to not consume enough protein. They want you to be dreaming of their magic supplements, workouts and all the merchandise they throw in your face. They are loving it and laughing all the way to the bank.

However, this is where comes: {it’s time to end bodybuilding disinformation}

Supplements do not bring the results they claim to and the secret of the so-called “easy gainers” is called anabolic steroids. All of the muscle Gods you see DON’T do anything more than you – the ordinary guy busting his ass in the gym and in the kitchen. The natural bodybuilders and the fitness models you look up to could in fact be training less than you. They can afford it because the drugs they take allow them to. At the same time they have the guts to come to your face and tell you:

“Eat X amount of protein and do this exercise with wider grip to get big.”

Nonsense. It’s all “whore” marketing. That’s there biggest secret.

Don’t look for hardgainer routines. There are no magic schemes what will transform you into the Hulk. Exercises, while important and effective, cannot beat hormonal disadvantages. Thinking that by busting your ass day and night you can look like Kali Muscle naturally is the equivalent to believing that you can transform yourself from a girl into a man by lifting weights.

Not gonna happen.

Please, stop labeling yourself as a hardgainer. We are all hardgainers. The guys you see flexing their big and shredded muscles in your face are also hardgainers. They’ve just happened to find anabolic steroids. There is not a single popular IFBB bodybuilder that is natural. None. No one in the history of the sport who competed and was in magazines was ever natural. Not even Steve Reeves. Testosterone was widely used since the 1930s. Even Adolf Hitler* used it.

Bodybuilders back in the day were steroid addicts just like the modern competitors. They can’t live without their muscles. They’ve convinced themselves into believing that they are nothing without big biceps. They are trying to do the same to you. Guys like Mike Chang use marketing tricks to exploit your inner narcissism and egoistical inner self. They are the devil – they know what you want and manipulate you all the time.

There are hundreds of sites claiming to offer a solution to the hardgainer problem. They say deadlifts and squats are the key. However, there are plenty of skinny-fat kids who do all the squats and deadlifts in the world and still don’t get even close to the muscular development of their idols. How, so? Where are they falling? Nowhere! Even hard exercises like squats and deadlifts won’t transform you into Mike Mentzer. It just can’t happen.

The whole industry is based on a big fat lie and there are thousands of money loving “entrepreneurs” who are trying to make a killing on your back. You have to be smarter than that. You have to learn from the mistakes of others who’ve been in your shoes and have proven that the path you are on leads nowhere.

Some say that hardgainers should train quite differently than easy gainers. This makes no sense at all. There are no easy gainers. It’s all hardgainers. Of course, some people are naturally smaller because they have small bones and shorter muscles but even all the training in the world won’t fix it. It’s impossible. The guys with the big bones have no secrets. They were born this way. Training like them will not make you look thick. It’s just the way the body functions, and books, training programs, supplements, visualization and other questionable ideas won’t change reality.

All of those websites that consist of one 10 meters long page are used as a sale pitch for bogus training programs and/or supplements. It’s a scam and it’s about time you get smarter and realize it. It’s not real. You read through 200 fake testimonials only to see that the program costs USD 199, but “luckily” there is a special offer – USD 189. Yeah, right! Don’t fall for that trap. All you need to know about bodybuilding is available online for FREE.

The goal of is to help you read between the lines. When you are desperate to see results, you are vulnerable. When you are in such state they can get to you and take advantage. You have to take responsibility, realize and protect your hard earned money. Nobody is going to do that for you.

To summarize: Everybody is a hardgainer. Some people may be naturally bigger than others but in the end of the day they still have hard time gaining muscle mass. Hardgainers should not train differently than others.

*Adolf Hitler was one of the first recorded users of testosterone. After experimenting the delightful effects of more muscle mass he decided to start using it on Nazi troops, that way he would be able to make his soldiers more sexually aggressive, muscular and most important; mean and great fighters.

Anabolic Steroids and the Athlete, 2nd ed.  By William N. Taylor, M.D.

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