Is Hannibal For King On Steroids?

Hannibal For King  is the nickname of the legendary calisthenics master who inspired millions of people all over the world with his YouTube videos. He possesses immense upper body and core strength which he exhibits through training in street parks.

What makes Hannibal For King even more interesting to the fitness and bodybuilding community is his eye catching physique which was created solely through bodyweight exercises.

However, is this really the case or maybe there’s more to the story? Is Hannibal for King on steroids?


1.Hannibal For King has/had obvious gynecomastia.

In the video below Hannibal For King obviously has gynecomastia. Both of his nipples display that condition. To see it go to: 3:27.


In case the video is deleted from YouTube or you can’t play it due to technical reasons here’s a snapshot.

Is Hannibal For King On Steroids?

In general, gynecomastia is not supposed to occur among natural bodybuilders with really low body fat levels – especially not at 35-40 years of age.

2.Hannibal For King has the Photoshop look.

In many of his photos Hannibal For King has the synthetic Photoshop look which is uncharacteristic for true natural bodybuilders.

3.Hannibal For King’s diet is based on junk food.

On many occasion Hannibal For King has said that his diet consists of mostly junk food products. However, that fact does not seem to affect him one bit. He is still super shredded and displays unrivaled definition in his clips.

Some people say it’s because of his superior genetics but it seems that people play the genetic card way too often to explain everything. We are all people and as such we all share common characteristics. It does not matter who you are, eating junk food especially after 35+ will have negative effect on your body composition and overall well being.

4.Street workouts do not make you a natural bodybuilder.

The fact that Hannibal For King is doing mostly street workouts does not mean that he is natural. People usually try to attribute some kind of pureness to working out only with your bodyweight but it’s a man made concept.  The big Kali Muscle is also frequently seen on the pull-up bars and yet he is as big as the current Mr.Olympia Phil Heath.

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