Gym Membership Scams: How The Greedy Gym Owners Steal From You

90% of the posts on this site contain a sentence with the following meaning: ”The media is brainwashing people.” While this is a crucial wheel of the mechanism, it’s not the only part of the equation. There is another silent member of the muscle mafia – the greedy gym owners.

Those individuals are taking a large piece of the pie. It’s a billion dollar industry sponsored by fatsos and skinny dudes from all over the world. The primary goal of gyms, especially the large commercial chains, is to attract more and more customers and lure them into signing a membership contract that generates the highest possible revenue. Very few training facilities care about educating people and showing them how to accomplish meaningful goals. Most gym owners just want to make the gym look as fancy as possible, so that bald rich guys with beer bellies punching numbers in front of several monitors all day can come later in the evening and pay extra cash to run on the newest version of the treadmill while wearing a T-shirt saying: ”Pain is just a weakness leaving the body.

Consequently, modern gyms are also a crucial element of the matrix. It’s not a coincidence that the walls are decorated with posters of muscular men in bikini. There are also trucks of free to read bodybuilding magazines on the floor – all of them are full of poisonous info. Just like the media, the greedy gym owners want people to believe the unbelievable and that the sky is the limit if you are willing to work hard in THEIR gym.

I’ve been on the receiving end of this scam many times. One my first gyms was an underground basement. The place was almost as dirty as a canal full of rats. The toilet was not working either. This disgusting dungeon smelled terrible and there were only male bears there. The ”locker room” consisted of a storeroom and a broken chair. On a few occasions I found steroid needles there. This was not a surprise since the gym had a decent concentration of high level pinners.

One time I was at the protein bar getting ready pay for the next month. I had calculated that I was going to need 12 workouts. I was just about to give the cash when the gym owner, who was a stupid looking village king, tried to convince me to pay for 16 workouts instead. I think he even asked me about my routine. I guess he wanted to school me and explain why I actually need 16 workouts instead of 12. I looked at this sucker’s moronic face and the only thing I saw was greed, misplaced yellow teeth and stupidity, of course. I thought: ”This sucker is making so much money from all the steroid monkeys here and yet – he can’t fix the toilet. What am I paying for? Urine smell?” Later on, that very same dude opened a couple of new gyms located at crucial points of the city. In other words, money was not a problem for him. He just had a different business model for that specific underground steel storage. Why make it pretty if the the pigs are happy to live in the dirt? Just use the money to open new shiny gyms, sit back and enjoy the yoga pants traffic and the cash flow from the mainstream crowd.

Gyms can actually tell us a lot about economy in general. Why do we go to the barbell house? Some go there to meet friends and socialize while others simply collect masturbation material in their heads for later usage. Whatever the case is, the primary reason most people truly visit gyms is to use equipment that is otherwise unavailable. Everything else is a result of this. That’s why the gym owners benefit a lot from convincing people that they need incredible amount of machines and iron to get strong and/or in shape. The truth is that you don’t need much at all. Depending on what you do, you can get away with a pull-up bar, dip station, a power rack and maybe a leg press. You definitely don’t need machines from the future to get the job done.

However, the dream continues because people want to be like the guys in the action movies – running on the treadmill with spaceship properties.

hahaha. This machine will make me a lot of money,” says the greedy gym owner while giving his card to the cashier to pay for the next revolutionary cardio machine that supposedly shows your sperm count while you are burning fat.

That gym drama actually reminds me of a bigger problem – home ownership. What’s the most expensive thing ordinary people buy? A roof over their heads. Whether you are paying rent, a mortgage or a full payment on a real estate property, chances are this will be your most expensive purchase ever. There is a very specific reason why this is happening.

Why are homes so expensive? The materials? The land, which technically does not belong to anyone? What is the justification? I will tell you what – the greed of the home owners. And who are the home owners? It’s a cartel consisting of investors, construction companies, governments and banks. They all want to keep the price of real estate property high because everybody needs it. You can live without an expensive watch, car or a computer, but you need a place to crash when Sub Zero is swinging his insecure cock outside.

If real estate prices were fair, most people would be a lot richer, because once you have that covered, and you don’t have to pay ridiculous amount of money every month, you will have a lot more financial resources. The whole system wants us be insects that don’t own anything meaningful. The rich dudes would be very happy if we remain stupid consumers who buy stupid things that depreciate as soon as you purchase them. I actually see gyms as a form of real estate that takes advantage of many similar factors.

Many will argue that the modern gym industry is actually a victim of global brainwashing and not part of the scheme. Some gym owners will tell you that they just want to please their customers and that’s why they do things this way. The truth, however, is that the gym industry has accepted the plug and play concept a long time ago. They just want you to do as you have seen in the commercials. If you have questions, just hire one of those shaved personal trainers with bitch tits who supposedly knows how to get even Winnie-the-Pooh ripped and ready for a contest. Those bozos are a whole different story, however, and deserve a separate post.

So, what is the solution to all of this? Build a home gym and live at home? That’s fine, but not beneficial in all cases. You can just limit your gym visits to a bare minimum instead of using barbell plates as a pillow. A common way to accomplish this is to train legs in the gym and all else in the park or your home.

Besides, if people were to eliminate gym visits completely, what would ambassadors of synthol such as Rich Piano do? Who will look at their muscles? More importantly, who will look at your muscles or strength accomplishments? Come on, most people from the outside do not really care. At the end of the day, a completely isolated life does not lead to good things either. Go to the gym, but be aware of the dangers.


  1. Glen

    I think you could get away with nothing but a power rack and barbell. Although some machines can be helpful.

    As I understand it, Arthur Jones’s intentions was to create machines that would stimulate stress of the muscles better while eliminating unnecessary stress on the skeleton. Leg press vs squat is a good example. Also machine curls which offer resistance through the entire range of motion compared to the barbel curl.

    However, what’s required to make $$$ will usually result in lies, twisted truths, and a change of intentions.

    The result? The usefulness or possible superiority of machines are exaggerated for marketing purposes. Gym owners fill their gyms with more equipment to make it look better to please/lure members. And brainless dumb asses who got their results from steroids and happen to be proponents of barbells offer dogmatic pseudoscience to argue machines vs free weights.

    The “this vs that” or “us vs them” argument always creates controversy and boosts exposure. Ford vs Chevy, Bush vs Obama, apple vs samsung, HIT vs volume, it’s all a bunch of bullshit. And most people are dumb enough to believe it.

    Perhaps the people involved chasing the $$$ eventually say “fuck it, if they want to get ripped off, why not take advantage and be one one to do the ripping and make some money?”

    Is it any different than lying on your resume to get a job? We’ve all got to eat. Some people just need to eat more and/or they’re willing to sacrifice more integrity and morals in order to get it.

  2. joesantus

    Heh…reminds me of a casual conversation at a poolside with someone near my age whom I (a 60-year-old lifelong-PED-free who’s trained since age16) recognized as an obvious fellow muscle-head.

    Turned out he owned a couple gyms. As any obsessive/addicted muscle-morons do, we discussed iron and ended up discussing genetics and PEDs.
    Somewhere along the way, I mentioned how simple bodybuilding truly is — that, to reach one’s genetic mass-and-proportion potential and then to stay lean, only a barbell, squat racks, maybe a chinning bar, the patience and perseverance to progressively bodybuild for at least two consistent, consecutive years, and the knowledge enough to reduce average daily calories by 500 per day below maintenance in order to lose bodyfat, are all that the average-gened natural needs.

    He chuckled in agreement, and replied, “But, if we tell people that, all us gym owners will be out of business!”

  3. Abdou

    Here where I live the gym is $2.5 per entry. And recently the government giving free $100 to spend at any section of the stadium including the Gym

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