The Gym Membership Scam

While the biggest scam in bodybuilding is the false believe that you can achieve a body like Lazar Angelov completely naturally, there’s more to it. A good way to make money in the industry is to sell gym memberships. Of course, people will say that there’s nothing wrong with that and while that’s true to a certain extend, there’s more to every story and when money is involved scams are all around you.

Gym Membership Scams

The Problem With Commercial Gyms

The goal of every gym owner is to have more clients. Don’t let them tell you otherwise. That’s why every commercial gym is oriented towards satisfying the needs of the mass consumer rather than providing valuable training tools. Exercises like squats and deadlifts are often banned and in many places the lifter can actually be kicked out of the facility for making too much noise.

The owners prefer their gyms to be like a spa where people are coming to talk and just move a little bit, maybe do a bicep curl or a triceps kickback. On top of everything some gyms make you sign one year plus contracts in order to keep you in the loop. All of this is not a surprise since this is how money is made – by taking a little bit from as many people as you can.

They want you to be there all the time…

Gym owners want their customers to be in the gym 7 days a week. Actually, it would be even better to train two times a day for a total of 14 workouts a week. Believe it or not many people fall in the trap, especially after being convinced that they must squat everyday in order to see progress. This is not needed and in fact could be quite counter productive.

Why go to the gym at all?

The main benefit that the gym offers is equipment and space. Most people are poor and live in small apartments. Even if you can afford to buy the needed equipment, deadlifts and squats in an apartment just doesn’t feel right. Without a doubt your neighbor knows what we are talking about. Meeting with real people and observing them training in order to learn from their mistakes/successes is also a valuable training tool.

Limit Your Gym Days To a Minimum In Order To Save Money

If you want to save some money from gym memberships, it makes sense to limit the days you workout there to a minimum. A popular way to do this is to train your legs in the gym and do upper body work at home or go to the local monkey bar station. Pull-ups and dips with added weight are word class upper body workout and you don’t need much equipment to do them.

You can also do cardio outside or at home. There’s no need to be chained to a treadmill and there are multiple ways to burn those extra calories without spending a dime. In fact, trying to lose fat should actually help you save money instead of make you spend more. Below are a few popular cardio choice you can do at home or outside:

– Kettlebell/T-handle swings;
– Bodyweight squats;
– Walking up and down the stairs;
– Bodyweight complexes;
– Running/Sprinting (be aware of the dogs)

But bodybuilders train in the gym every day…

First, not all bodybuilders train in the gym everyday. Some train just a few times a week. Of course, due to the constantly increasing popularity of online bodybuilding worship many people get the impression that all bodybuilders train in the gym everyday. That’s true only for some professionals whose occupation is just that – to pump muscles in the gym. Very few bodybuilders actually have the luxury to waste so much time.

But I am a powerlifter and Boris Sheiko says I should train every day…

Well, if Borsi Sheiko is your coach you should follow his advice but most people who are not really professional powerlifters will probably not benefit from spending so much time in the gym. On top of everything it’s not even needed to progress.

The powerlifter from the U.S. Dave Jacoby had a very successful career in the sport of powerlifting and also a very weird schedule. He trained 1-2 times a week because that’s was all the time he could afford to sacrifice since he was a truck driver. He did all the lifts in one day and sometimes dedicated another day to supplementary exercises. That just goes to show you that there are many different ways to do things and profit.

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