Guide: How To Spot A Woman On Steroids

On this site we’ve focused greatly on male bodybuilders, but we frequently receive e-mails from people wanting to know how to spot a fake female bodybuilder. Luckily, spotting a fake female bodybuilder or simply a muscled girl on steroids is not hard at all.

1.If a woman looks like a man, she is not natural.

This is the most obvious clue of the them all. If a woman looks like a man, there’s no doubt that she is on steroids and has been on for a long, long time. Just like the males all professional female bodybuilders are on heavy dosages of anabolic steroids.

Women like that are obviously on steroids

Women like that are obviously on steroids

All of this just goes to prove once more that bodybuilding has become a soulless activity and very few are willing to admit that the emperor has no clothes. Whatever the case all people involved in bodybuilding have let it downgrade to the point where the female competitors no longer look like women. We don’t like it one bit.

2.If a woman’s voice sounds like a male voice, she is not natural

One of the side effects of using anabolic steroids as a female is that your voice mutates due to the ingested male hormones. This could happen even if you aren’t on a lot of drugs.

Unfortunately, you can acquire a male voice even if you don’t look like a hybrid combination of a woman and a man.

In the video below you can hear Larissa Reis’s male voice. Anabolic steroids can cause similar side effects in women.

In the next video you can hear Gal Ferreira Yates {the wife of 6 times Mr. Olympia Dorian Yates} comment over her training. Obviously, she has a mutated voice that hits you immediately.

While she has preserved her feminine look to some point, it would be very naive to think that she is a lifetime natural bodybuilder with that voice. Women don’t sound like that. They have higher pitch.

3.If a woman has thick 3D delts while being shredded beyond belief, she is not natural.

It’s obvious that females in general have less developed upper bodies compared to their legs, hips and calves. We can speculate why that it is, but most likely it’s due to the fact that women are supposed to bear a child while men were never meant to. This is where the term ‘child bearing hips’ comes from and is meant to describe wide hip structure.

It’s unusual for a female to have huge 3D shoulders and shredded 15 inches biceps. Women can certainly develop strong upper bodies, but acquiring the looks of professional bodybuilders and physique competitors naturally is a pipe dream for most.

In addition, it’s about 10 times harder for a woman to achieve absolutely shredded abdominal region. It’s ridiculously uncommon for a female representative to have met that condition.

In the photo below you can see Keira Knightley. She is obviously a natural  woman and has six pack abs, but lacks the muscle mass of the female physique competitors and bodybuilders. She is also not as lean as them and does not have popping canonball delts.


This is how most women would look, if they were to acquire six pack abs. Skinny.

In the photo below you see Dana Linn Bailey. She is an obvious user of anabolic steroids.

Homework: Spot the differences.

Dana Linn Bailey - Natty or NOT?

This is how women on steroids look – shredded, full and muscular.

When a woman is as hard as a man, she ain’t natural.

Women on steroids look hard thanks to their low body fat levels. Similar look is not at all natural for a woman. Females tend have higher body fat and to get that shredded you need a lot of drugs, if you want to keep any appreciable muscle mass.

5.When a woman has well developed upper chest, she ain’t natural.

Men have really hard time filling the upper chest area. There are even professionals who lack muscle mass in that region. It’s just very hard to build it, at least for most people. When it comes to females it’s 20 times or more harder to do so. In general, women don’t have a lot of chest muscle mass to begin with for obvious reasons. For a female to have full and square upper chest covering her collar bones is extremely rare. Most that have it are on steroids. In the image of Dana Linn Bailey below you can see that she has it – her upper chest is very well developed.

Notice the shoulders, the abs and the upper chest.

Notice the shoulders, the abs and the upper chest.

6. If a woman is as hairy as a man, she ain’t natural. {well, some are}

In general, anabolic steroids make women grow hair at odd places. Obviously, most take care of it and you can only notice, if you are close with the person in question.

7.If a woman has silicone breast implants, she ain’t natural

Many physique competitors have fake silicone tits. The main reason is that when your body fat is so low, you breasts evaporate too. {look at Keira Knightley’s photo above}

That’s a big problem for the physique girls because having no balcony seems to be an issue in the quest for satisfying the expectations.

In conclusion

Spotting a fake female bodybuilder is quite easily. Just look for the signs. In general, it’s safe to say that all IFBB pro bodybuilders are on steroids and many other drugs. The physique competitors are also using plenty of drugs such as Anavar and what not to gain lean muscle mass.

We don’t recommend anabolic drugs to females for the sake of recreational purposes. Don’t destroy your femininity for some fake muscles. Get out of the cube.


    1. Truth

      It comes back naturally after they get off the shit they are on. It’s hard to spot steroid users that go low dose. A lot of low dose fakers that claim natural out there.

  1. lecia wright

    I’d like to strongly state that it is possible for a woman to have 16 inch biceps and well defined musculature in general by sheer God given genetics… it’s not common but it can happen without facial hair, breast implants or steroid use. Don’t be so all inclusive… a little open mindedness is appreciated. .. plus. ..even on steroids, those women work their behinds off top look the way they do. .. Its not as simple as just taking a pill or a shot! !!!!

    1. azukaya

      Even if you train hard, just like in sports, taking steroids is cheating and generate unfair expectatives and comparations with people that decide dont harm their body and be natural, or at least taking steroids put you in other category, a category that personaly I dont care. Anyway for me is important know if someone is or not natural before I can admire him/her.

      1. Bill P

        I know I’m not crazy but it seems all the women in the sport has a deepened voice Back in the day the ’81 champion My favorite Carla Donlap’s voice was deep but I didn’t think much of it at the time.Today Iris Kyle the same.I met a person that was a well rounded pro builder he actually said that most of the women are on the juice.

      2. Selrisitai

        Even for a MAN to have 16” biceps requires years of dedication. It’s even rarer for a woman to have it. Rare enough that, if I were a woman, I would not be focusing on that as an end goal.

    2. Chris

      Not at sub 10% bodyfat no sheila will have 16 inchers lmfao. When people say 16-20″ arms they arent talking about people above 10% bodyfat.

    3. noah charles

      sorry that is not true
      men have 2x the muscle mass of women because we were created to hunt fight & protect its in the books look it up
      if a woman has a body of a man 2 things are going on 1st she is putting allot of stress on her body that she isn’t meant to have & 2 having kids could kill her because oh how tight her body is & the drugs in your system is not help
      & almost every body building protein mix you buy from stores has steroids in it

    4. Martine

      Sheila, no one is saying wether or not they are working hard besides that. What we are saying here is that women who look like that take steroids, regardless. And I agree. They do not look natural in any way. Unless they by birth have an unnatural amount of Testosterone.

    5. Nina

      Well said! They talk about steroids like they are magic!! They just work if you bust your ass off!!! And what ridiculous example when they mention Kiera, she has skinny people abs, are like boobs for fat girls! There are women that can grow muscle naturally and that can develop their upper body more than their lower, it’s all about genetics. Also if you loose fat naturally, your boobs get lost, a lot of women that are not using steroids or even on the fit lifestyle have implants!

  2. Lou

    It’s truly sad… it’s not whether they work hard or not, I know that they do. But these things are truly dangerous.

  3. Philip

    I think you have a Very Narrow perception of women… I’ve met lots of non fbb women with deeper voices. They are not all higher pitch. Its also genetics. I happen to like fbbs with deep voices. I find it a turn-on. Like steroids its their choice. We are not the ‘Normality Police’ here or all women would look and sound like… Doris Day…? Even non- Americans… Men tend to think of female desirability as just ‘on a date’ or ‘in bed’ or ‘wife and kids’. So out dated. Many women also only think like this. Women have bodies to develop as they wish, not just as men dictate they should. As it is fbbs make up a tiny percentage of the female pop. There are far far more bbws and SSBBS than fbbs. About 2/3 adult American women are bbw/SSBBW. Yet are we critical of them?… yes but in a different way. With overweight its ‘health’… Suddenly we’re all ‘doctors’. Yet I don’t see the US Health care system collapsing due to burden of overweight/obese patients, men (who are hardly ever criticised) or women (who are constantly criticised). With fbbs its the steroid health issue… Well no actually its that they challenge female/male physique norms… some fbbs are stronger than men… Can’t have that can we? Even if they are maybe 1% of the female pop? Both are away from ‘The Norm’. What is ‘the Norm’? Size 0? Doris Day? Barbie? The Hijab (1.8 billion Muslims vs 300 million Americans). Or Saris (1.5 billion Hindus). Or almomd eyes (1.6 billion Chinese). Does a Norm exist any more outside of Western fantasy…?

  4. Beaux

    One of my best friends was a dedicated person in the gym. She was just naturally toned. Some people just have the genetics for it. She was on steroids and had bigger arms than my head.

    1. Martine

      THE HEALTHCARE SYSTEM IS NOT BREAKING DOWN????? I have seen Middle Class people weeping upon finding out what Obamacare will cost them in 2017. Yeah. it is breaking down big time. Seeing how healthy people now have to pay for unhealthy ones, we have every reason to call out women who want to look manly at a great expense to the rest of us. Sadly we all have to pay for their decisions. Sure women have lower voices, and some women are bigger…but when you have ticked every box of maculinity except for adams apple, chances are it is enhanced.

  5. John rope

    Doctors will prescribe steroids to any woman that is not comfortable being a woman and wants to be a man.

  6. GUEST

    You got it wrong. Keira Knightley is like most of the rest of Hollywood. She is a T-Girl….SHE’S A MAN, BABY!

  7. Joanne

    If a woman wants to take steroids to enhance her musculature it’s her choice. The health consequences are nothing compared to obesity and sedintary lifestyles, why not write an article critiquing that. Maybe some women don’t mind being slightly masculinised ( deep voice etc), maybe some men find these sort of women attractive , and I know for a fact they do. Good on these women for going against the stereotype that skinny and weak is the only way for a female to be attractive.

    1. Hattori Ghanzo

      It’s not a stereotype, it’s biology. Women are supposed to be weak. And using steroids cuts your life expectancy of about 10%. Muscled women are like men with fully developed breasts, they are an abomination and if you were not so full of politically correct propaganda you would probably realize it too.

      1. Joe Smith

        You’re whining about “political correctness” while spouting off your own narrow minded BS about how women should look. This, too, is a form of “political correctness.” I recommend a good logic class or two.

      2. Martine

        Taking Steroids is for a fact less healthy then obesity. Also, there is no problem fighting obesity simply by not stuffing your mouth with food. Perhaps there are some men who like masculine women who are no longer capable of giving birth to children or living along life. There are men who are attracted to forcefeeding obese women too. I agree, they should be allowed to do as they wish. I actually believe all drugs should be legal. Pot, Heroin, Caffeine, Tobacco. I completely agree with it. People should be allowed to make decisions about their health alone. But let us not pretend it is healthy.

  8. M

    You are comparing a anorexic skinny fat model with a six pack to someone who lifts out full time as a career? You are comparing society (instagram and Facebook) standards for women (skinny and sickly) to real people. And yes , obviously most bodybuilding females (who compete) are on some type of steroids as are their male counterparts, that’s the fact of that sport, their muscles are on display. If you go to the gym, which probably doesn’t happen much, and sit down on a bench with a pair of 30lb bumbells and try to curl them. A female comes over who , obviously is there more than you and picks up a pair of 40s, bangs out a bunch of sets no problems, are you going to automatically assume she is on steroids just because she can lift more than you, she has done the work day in and day out while you show up one day after feeling shitty from drinking the night before? People only see the results , they don’t see the work and effort put in.and unfortunately because of society standards set for women , everyone jumps to the most extreme conclusion so their mind can fathom what they see. And again, I’m not disagreeing with you I’m just saying that not all women who have muscle mass are one steroids..( I’m not talking about the get off the olyptical after 2 hours skinny as a rail, female, pick up a 5 pound weight snap a selfie and call yourself a physique instagram model female) .

  9. jack ortez

    This is such bullshit , Let people be whatever they want to be. This
    is such a shitty way to think . This is so boo boo . People need to mind there own business and let people live there own lives.

  10. jack ortez

    I think people should live and let live . Maybe people should concentrate on themselves mind your own business Just because you feel your opinion your thoughts are correct maybe they are not for someone else. People need to do what they want to do and if you do not agree so what shut the fuck up . If they are happy doing steroids then so be it if you like skinny women cool maybe some people like big fat. overweight women that’s fine . I can say this they are horny as hell and wow lots of fun people are afraid of what they know nothing about.They sure do have the nicest bootys round big thick . I love a strong thick sexy shapely beautiful horny woman and to me its the greatest on the planet . If you don’t believe me try it . You just might fall in love and be turned into a muscle loving person . Honestly A fat or frail skinny woman without strength and power aint got nothing on any female bodybuilder. So before you judge and talk down on a woman with muscle go try it out . If your scared buy a dog or go to church be a sissy or have fun enjoy your life quit trippin on what other people are .Don’t we all have enough of our own business to try and worry about everyone elses business

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