Is TRT The Good Side Of Steroids?

On this site we have exposed tons of fake natural bodybuilders as well as their addiction to anabolic steroids. We also don’t advice people to mess with anabolic steroids for recreational purposes. It’s not needed and will probably just complicate your life. However, we don’t hate steroids. Steroids are perfectly fine in our book.

Just a tool – nothing more nothing less…

Steroids are nothing more than a tool – you can use them to build a house or to kill yourself. By itself its not bad nor good. Everything can be harmful to the body – even good food. If you eat a lot of it, you will experience some side effects which you would probably classify as not particularly pleasant.

So, what are steroids good for?

In general, steroids are used in medicine to treat a variety of different diseases. In this section we will focus primarily on anabolic steroids due to the nature of site. The most used form of anabolic steroids is the synthetic version of the male hormone testosterone. This type of drug has been part of the doctor’s arsenal for a long time – since the 30s of the last century. According to some sources even Adolf Hitler experimented with testosterone injections.

Today, it’s quite common for doctors to prescribe TRT (Testosterone Replacement Therapy) to men over 40 years of age. The idea is that as you age your testosterone decreases and as result you become more vulnerable to diseases, lethargic and life starts to look worse and worse.

In the video below you may see a short reportage by a mainstream media which reveals the increased reliance on anabolic steroid to stay young and fix the mentioned problems. The man in the video has bigger muscle than what he had in his 20s and is probably also much stronger as well. Pay special attention to his arm at: 1:38. The cool thing is that he does not even exercise that much, if at all. That’s evidence that anabolic steroids are highly effective at what they are supposed to do.

In this next video you can see a man who swears by TRT and basically believes that anabolic drugs made his life so much better – more muscle, more strength, better focus…

Note: His whole channel is dedicated to TRT in a way and is a good resource you can use to educate yourself on the topic.

Anabolic steroids can be quite helpful when the person has suffered severe weight loss a.k.a body wasting due to all kinds of diseases. Back in the day it was not uncommon for doctors to prescribe Dbol (Arnold’s favorite steroids) to teenagers after severe pneumonia. To be quite frank at that time it was also not uncommon to prescribe Dbol to teenagers who just wanted to get bigger for football.

In general, when taken as prescription from a doctor steroids can really better your life and are not as harmful as we make them appear. However, even at low doses you will still experience some side effects and your natural testosterone production will be shut down, although that should not be a problem because your levels are supposed to be pretty low in the first place.

Please, don’t be delusional…

There is a misconception that if you are on TRT doses, you are natural. Well, we have news for you – you ain’t natural. You are still an enhanced lifter. Even if your TRT program is just meant to take your levels to what’s considered optimum, you are still way above the norm. Sorry, but we are not sorry and you have to know that virtually nobody has optimal natural testosterone levels. There are people in their 20s or less who will never ever reach the levels ‘old guys’ get to thanks to TRT.

In addition, many people and professional athletes use TRT as a free ticket to massive ‘juicing’. It’s a well known fact that once you allow an athlete to take drugs under the form of TRT, you are basically allowing them to use as much steroids as they want. Remember: most drug tests can only detect that your testosterone levels are elevated and it’s hard to tell what doses you are actually using.

That’s why we recommend to people to get out of their heads the idea that TRT makes you natural. It doesn’t – it just means you have (sometimes you don’t) a good reason to take anabolic steroids, but you are still heavily enhanced and despite the fact that the doses are small, they are still much higher than what a natural person has to work with.

In the video below you can see people in the fighting industry complain about the same problem and the advantage you get from TRT.

Note: We don’t support the UFC or other forms of mindless fighting. We consider those sports too violent and for individuals with low level of consciousness. However, the people in the videos raise some good points regarding TRT.


TRT is definitely one of the main benefits steroids have to offer and if you need to boost your testosterone levels for the better, that’s the way to do it. However, you must rely on medical advice instead of mindlessly pinning yourself. Also, no matter how you look at it, TRT is still juicing and you are not natural in the true sense of the word.


  1. Bruno

    Mate, this site is awesome.

    I’m almost done reading your whole post archive, and I can’t remember finding such clear and intelligent information about the fitness industry scam anywhere else.

    Before reading this blog, I had no idea that virtually every athlete, bodybuilder, fighter, fitness model, etc used steroids. I was still believing in the fairspey tale that I just needed to TRAIN HARD and EAT A ALOT, and eventually I would become massive like those guys out there.

    I’m a 26-year ectomorph, 5’9, 135 pounds. I’ve been working out for a few years now, eating very very well, resting, taking protein shakes, etc…

    And I’m NOWHERE near being a fitness model. Of course I’m healthy, lean, and pretty strong… But I still have the “bro, do you even lift” look.

    Now I’m figuring out that maybe that’s just me. I will keep working out, eating well, etc etc. But I won’t expect miracles anymore. I’m always gonna be skinny, like my dad, my grandpa, and almost every man in my family.

    Thanks for showing me the truth behind all those ugly lies. You’ve kinda showed me the Matrix. Now I look those instagram fit babes, those ripped guys at the beach, those “natural” bodybuilders on youtube… And all I see is liars trying to fool us.

    Well, not me. Not anymore.

    1. Truth Speaker

      They’re not liars trying to fool you, they are just people living a higher quality life thanks to hormones, they get the benefits you dream of having.

      The only reason they lie is because they are forced to, if they are not making money off you do not be mad if they claim natural.

    2. Victor

      Nice comment! I’m reading all the post archive too. I knew that the majority athletes and bodybuiders are taking steroids, but I didn’t know certainly what’s the border between a natural bodybuilder and a PED. Now I know. I thought that physiques like Lazar Novocic were achievable naturally. Now I know much better what’s my limit and don’t create false expectations. Thanks, True Seeker! By the way, can you make a post about if the Vadym Oleynik’s body? Is his physique achievable naturally? I think that he’s at the limit of a natural bodybuilder, but i’m stay with the doubt. He’s not so big and is fucking shredded!!!

  2. Paul

    @Truth Speaker

    Of course they’re liars. The motives doesn’t matter. Does any of them explain his motives ? No ! They blatantly lie. If it’s not a problem why they don’t admit they’re using PED ? Simply because it is THE problem. The source of the illusion. Forced by who ? Are they in a camp, in a cage, in prison ? No, they freely chose that kind of “sport” life. It’s lying for money.

  3. pandu

    What would be your advise if a hypogonadal man with ED that has testosterone level around 200-300 ng/dl in your 30’s is given a choice of taking TRT (to cure the ED) or stay “natural” (and live with ED)?

    Just wondering…

    1. joe santus

      Here’s a parallel situation that might help each person to decide for himself what to do:

      If you’re a man in your 30’s and develop a vision problem — say, near-sightedness or astigmatism — would you choose corrective medical measures such as eyeglasses or contact lenses, or, would you choose to remain “natural” and live with reduced vision?

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