GOMAD – as good as anabolic STEROIDS?

GOMAD is an old-school diet consisting in drinking a gallon of milk a day. The idea that milk builds muscle mass and strength is not a new one. Many famous authors of strength literature such as Randall J. Strossen and Mark Rippetoe are known to promote milk diets to beginner lifters who want to get big and strong. Rippetoe, the author of Starting Strength, is famous for the following statement: “Milk is quite literally better than steroids for a novice lifter to grow on, and no supplement produces the same effect.

Is this really true? Is GOMAD as good as anabolic steroids?

A gallon of whole milk a day provides: 135 grams of protein, 188 grams of carbohydrates and 132 grams of fats. The total amount of calories contained in 4 liters of milk is: 2500kcal. Since beginner lifters have hard time eating as much as advertised by the so-called “experts”, they are advised to embrace those 2500 calories in the form of liquid as an easier source than solid food. Experts like Rippetoe believe that “not eating enough” is what stops beginners from climbing the hierarchy of strength and muscle size. Many were fascinated by the idea that by just ingesting a gallon of milk a day big biceps and chests were just inches away from their grasp. And this is how Rippism was born.

In 2010, when the Starting Strength & Strong Lifts epidemic was at its highest, Rippetoe posted the so-called Zack Evetts update which revealed for the first time what was the actual end result of squats and milk programs. According to Rippetoe’s claims Zack Evetts had 191 lbs of lean mass on him at the height of 6’1”. A quick check shows that during most of his career the popular bodybuilder Reg Park, who was also 6’1” tall, had almost the same amount of lean body mass. While the numbers presented by Rippetoe were good, Zack Evetts looked terrible and to many it became evident that GOMAD is only producing out of shape, self-delusional and blinded by Rippism sociopaths as seen in the before and after results. But why did GOMAD failed so terribly despite the research and the hype?

The reason for the miserable failure of GOMAD was that basic natural principles of the human organism were ignored because of superficial beliefs and lack of wisdom. Many wanted to believe that milk was more than just food – they wanted it to be side effects free muscle elixir.

What truly determines how muscular one can get is the male hormone testosterone. In general, men produce 20 times more testosterone than women. The differences in strength and muscle size between the human genders are obvious. The strongest woman on Earth will never be bigger and stronger than the strongest man. It can not happen because there are physiological limitations which cannot be altered through food, even if the was GOMAD. The so-called natural limits in bodybuilding exist, because the body naturally produces a LIMITED amount of testosterone, which in return limits the development of strength and muscle tissue. This is why all the extra calories an individual receives from a GOMAD diet are stored as adipose tissue (fat cells).

In brief, due to natural laws the GOMAD diet fails to produce the desired results despite the claims of self-proclaimed experts. The people in the industry are essentially selling you another fake system which is no different than what the supplement companies have been doing for years with their whey protein scam. They want you to believe that GOMAD can produce steroid like results, but it’s not true. It’s a blatant lie and there are many pictures that prove it. They are getting richer while you are getting father and deeper into the rabbit hole from which nobody will let you escape, until you last penny is milked. GOMAD is nothing more than the fastest way to permanent diarrhea and bankruptcy caused by enormous expenses for toilet paper and diapers. Do you want to be part of this?

{you decide}


  1. Devin Conn

    Not true. I have been doing GOMAD for a year with 2 percent milk and i gained 70 pounds and my body fat went down. I went from a 150 pound bench to a 300 pound bench. This stuff works great if you work hard enough and go to the gym to work and not sociallize.

  2. homeboy

    I don’t get it do you mean it doesn’t work in gaining weight ? Or just not getting you muscle weight.

  3. Joakim Olsson

    You write that GOMAD fails to produce “the desired results”. If the desired results are a higher macronutrient intake (which may be what helps skinny guys get stronger), then GOMAD does work.

    Rippetoe never said that GOMAD will produce steroid like results! Why are you writing things that are completely wrong?

      1. Truth Answerer

        And he’s right. Doing a linear progression on the big basic barbell movements with bulking dietary intake produces faster strength increases than drugs. Steroids aren’t useful for beginners. They aren’t even terribly useful for intermediate lifters. Once you’re at the point where it’s taking you months of consistant lifting just to add 5 lbs to your squat or deadlift, and are a competitive athlete where being stronger could net you more income and be worth the investment, then steroids can become tool worth considering. 99.99999% of people won’t fall into that category.

  4. Eric

    For strength gains, milk is better than steroids for beginners bcs steroids will only make you lazy, be aesthetic, but remain weak.

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