Getting Ripped: What Boxers Can Teach Us about Getting Shredded

How much do you weigh?” is a popular question in commercial gyms, which have become the Coliseum of the modern Western world. People always try to increase that number, so that random strangers can be impressed.

image source: Skitterphoto;

image source: Skitterphoto;

You will notice that during the winter season nobody sees a problem in boosting his official weight adopted from a tough guy starring in a moderately stupid action movie. However, as soon as the hot season kicks in, and people start wearing T-shirts, wife beaters and other flesh exposing clothing, that firmness in the ton disappears.

Why? Because the fat gut is popping under the XXL shirt. It is out there. People can see it, which immediately devalues your weight number. It can be 220 lbs. or even 240 lbs. Who cares when you look pregnant with an alien?

On the other hand, the summer is kinder to people who are ripped and/or naturally skinny ectomorphs. (Try eating 4,500 kcal a day and tell me how much of an ectomorph you are).

This is when the skinny guys finally have a chance to showcase their leanness and the fat fucks usually keep quiet, although comments such as: “Abs on a skinny guy are like a fat girl with big tits, it doesn’t count…” are still relatively frequent. Envy has no off-season.

I used to be one of those people. I remember when one time this very annoying “brah” was checking out his abs in the mirror, and I said in my mind: “This moron is abs possessed. He doesn’t know that you can’t build big muscles and keep your abs at the same time.” I did not know any better at the time, but I still believe this person in particular was a massive douchebag.

The first thing that helped me during my recovery from self-induced fatness, in a pathetic attempt to gain massive amount of muscle, were athletes who are incredibly light for their heights, according to Rippetoresque and gym standards, and yet look much better than most natural bulkers. Good examples have always been boxers from the lightweight divisions and soccer players.

People like Manny Pacquiao, Antonio Margarito, Shane Mosley, Christiano Ronaldo and many others are relatively light for their heights, but due to having superior conditioning they look more aesthetic, and there is no doubt in my mind that most people want to look like them instead of the skinny fat productions that comes out of the bulking factories.

Boxers don’t train for maximum strength. Many of them rarely test their 1-repetition maxes (1RM), if at all. The sport is a combination of a marathon and a sprint. There are times when the tempo is very high, but you also need exceptional endurance to remain on your feet for 12 rounds (it used to be 15).

As a result, boxers put tremendous effort in improving their conditioning and the results are low body fat levels and shredded physiques. Are they strong? No, especially by powerlifting standards. Some of the massive guys like Mike Tyson and Evander Holyfield may have been able to put some decent numbers, but it’s nothing spectacular compared to strength athletes. The sport relies on endurance, speed, skill, strong neck and jaw…etc. Strength helps but is not the main goal.

Ironically, according to the fake unnatural bodybuilding standards many of the boxers I listed could be considered small and anorexic, but reality is most people would be happier with the body of people like Antonio Margarito (5’11” @ 155 lbs. @ 7% BF) than the one of the wannabe natty powerlifters who are (5’11 @ 200 lbs. @ 25% BF). In the end of the day, both physiques have the same amount of lean body mass.

Why does this matter?

I believe too many naturals have been caught in playing a losing game. You are killing yourself trying to get massive while sacrificing conditioning and looking like you do not even lift, just to put a few plates on a barbell. Yes, you will bench more when you are fatter, but what is the point of feeling less mobile the other 23 hours and 57 minutes of the day. I have hard time accepting that people really feel better when they have fat slabs clash every time they bend over to tie their shoes. Yet, permabulkers are still making fun of those trying to remain lean.

It is always amusing when people on forums say things like: “You can look like a soccer player or a boxer, if you want to be a skinny faggot, but I want to be muscular like an American football player.

Nothing wrong with that, but what’s achievable naturally is much closer to a soccer player or a boxer from the light divisions.  You want to look like Laron Landry naturally? Me too, but it is close to impossible unless you come from extremely rare genetic source known as an alien.

Before accusing me of spreading manorexia or something like that, calm down. I don’t want anybody to look like a 125 lbs. transvestite from a fashion commercial. I just don’t see the point of being fat and kidding yourself that it is all muscle mass when in fact you probably have to lose over 40 pounds to be under 10 body fat. We all think we are just 5 lbs. away from getting veins on our lower abs, but we are not.

With that being said, you can do whatever you want as long as it keeps you in peace with yourself and nature. Just make sure it is your voice talking and not the one of someone else. Don’t let anybody steal the right of self-determination away from you.

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