How To Get Rid Of Face Fat?

The body is built to survive. Whatever you do to your organism it always reacts with a survival mechanism meant to preserve its integrity.

how-to-get-rid-of-fat-faceWhen a person intakes more energy than needed, the excess is being stored as fat cells for later use.

You never know when you will have to play hunger games.

While storing the extra energy may be useful, it’s not enough. The fat has to be distributed in such a way that the normal function of every organ, muscle and joint is not disturbed.

What’s point of having all that extra energy when you can’t move?

So, where is the best place to store fat? Around the midsection and the hips of course. The face is the last place where fat is stored and also the first place where fat is lost. You see, the body would do everything to postpone the experience of having a fat face. However, there’s only so much that can be done.

How to get rid of face fat?

The best and ONLY way to get rid of face fat is to just lose weight. There are no special exercises nor miracle drugs that will target specifically your fat face. There’s no such thing as spot reduction, especially when it comes to facial fat.

The best way to lose body fat is through diet and exercise. By diet we don’t mean starvation – just reduction of calories and improvement of food choices.

That’s the most important part. Cardio is not needed. People don’t get a fat face because they don’t do cardio. It’s because of McDonald’s.

Are you loving it?

What about water retention?

Of course, an additional factor that contributes to having a fat face could be water retention. Unless there’s a specific problem water retention is usually due to high consumption of foods rich in carbohydrates.

If you start a low carb high fat diet, you will lose some water weight.

Dangerous pills such as diuretics are not recommended and can be potentially dangerous to your health. Dehydration is not your friend.

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