How Do I Get Arms Like Phil Heath Naturally?

Phil Heath is known for his exceptional arm development. His biceps and triceps are his most admired bodypart. The muscle bellies are round and pop out. Everything just looks composed in Photoshop. Since arms have become the symbol of strength and muscle, many beginners are wondering how to get arms like Phil Heath. They think it’s possible to do so by just training and eating right. After all this is exactly what IFBB bodybuilders say, isn’t it? Is true, however? Can you have the arms of Phil Heath while remaining drug free. To the advanced bodybuilder the answer may be obvious, but when you know nothing about the sport you may get lost.

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Everyone starts somewhere.

The arm size of Phil Heath cannot be achieved naturally. It’s impossible. You can get close to that circumference naturally, but you will be really fat.

You will just have McDonald’s flabby arms. The result will be grotesque.

Phil Heath is a professional bodybuilder with above average genetics. He uses grams of steroids, GH (growth hormone), insulin…everything.

That’s why he is so big. His secret is not training or cutting edge supplements.

He trains like a pussy anyway. You can take all the creatine and whey protein in the world and you will still not look like Phil Heath.


Q: Will I get arms like Phil Heath if I curl everyday as advised by CT Fletcher?

A: No. The only thin you will get is elbow tendonitis.

Q: What is the best arm exercise for natural bodybuilders?

A: Pull-ups, biceps curls, dips, bench press…etc. The classics.

Q: Will I get arms like Phil Heath if I buy the supplements of T-Nation?

A: Hell no.

Q: If Phil Heath is using steroids, why is he denying?

A: The reason why IFBB bodybuilders and fitness models deny steroid usage has been explained in details in this post: Why Do IFFB Pro Bodybuilders Deny Steroid Usage

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