Is Gerardo Gabriel Natural Or On Anabolic Steroids? Can you get this big and shredded naturally?

Gerardo Gabriel is one of the many bodybuilders/fitness models that have been attracting the attention of the bodybuilding fans across the planet. Since, obviously, nobody wants to look like a 300 lbs  professional bodybuilder, the focus is shifting towards the lighter muscle Gods.

However, can you get this big naturally by just taking enough protein, working out and saying your prayers?

How big is Gerardo Gabriel?

image via:;

image via:;

According to the information available online Gerardo Gabriel has the following body stats:

Height: 5’7″ – 170 cm;
Weight: 178 lbs – 81 kg;

In our guide for natural bodybuilders we have listed 149 lbs as the maximum bodyweight for a bodybuilder that is 5’7″ tall. This literally means that Gerardo Gabriel is 29 lbs above the limit of

Looking 50 Pounds Heavier Than You Actually Are

One of the things that helps steroid users build an out of this world physique is the quality mass and leanness that those drugs along with other muscle elixirs can provide for you. That’s why there are people who look like they are 220 lbs while the scale only shows 180 lbs. Similar illusion rarely happens for a true natural.

When was the last time you saw a true natural bodybuilder look 220 lbs while actually being 180 lbs? It can happen but it’s highly unlikely. Yet, there are users of anabolic steroids in every gym that look 40 lbs heavier that they actually are. In this particular case our question to you is: doesn’t Gerardo Gabriel look super impressive for somebody who ‘only’ weights 178 lbs?

How can you be so full, lean and shredded naturally?

Photoshop Look Without Photoshop

As you can see Gerardo Gabriel looks composed in Photoshop. The size, the leanness, the 3D pop and of course the massive shoulders and traps makes us wonder? What kind of protein powder do you need in order to look so massive, thick and lean naturally? There is no doubt that similar product will sell quite well on the market where the hunger for muscular growth has never been bigger.

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How big is Gerardo Gabriel compared to former bodybuilding champions?

It turns out that Gerardo Gabriel has really competitive body stats compared to former bodybuilding professional who were on anabolic steroids.

Lee Labrada next to Flex Wheeler and Shawn Ray image via:;

Lee Labrada (left) next to Flex Wheeler (middle) and Shawn Ray (right) image via:;

One example would be former IFBB pro Lee Labrado who was 5’6″ tall and about 185 – 192 lbs. This means that Gerardo Gabriel is between 7 – 14 lbs lighter than one of the best short bodybuilders ever. Of course, 14 lbs is a lot of mass but it’s still close enough to cause suspicion.


Frank Zane

Another classic example that we use every time is Frank Zane. He competed shoulder to shoulder with Arnold and was 5’9″ at about 185 lbs. In other words, in his prime he was 7 lbs heavier than Gerardo Gabriel but also 2 inches taller.

How can a natural bodybuilder obtain body stats so similar to those of a legendary professional bodybuilder who competed in times when steroids were widely available?


  1. Orlando Gonzalez

    The BIGGEST diff is the waistline. Look the old IFBB pros, the mens physique and ALL IFBB pro’s now of course are ALL on Gear. End of story. The problem is that with the IFBB boys they all do too much insulin (which is another level type of gear) and it blows their stomach up and no more small waistline.

    The Physique boys Lazar and company they dont TOUCH insulin, they also dose in MUCH smaller quantities which yield nice and small results. Enough to go undetected as “ALL ROIDED OUT”

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