Gaining Muscle Mass – 10 Myths You Need To Know

Myth 1: You have to get fatter to gain muscle mass.

You don’t need to get fatter to gain muscle mass. There’s no need to gain body fat in order to gain muscle mass regardless of what diets like GOMAD require you to do. You need to eat just as much to gain muscle mass, but not so much that you get fatter.

Myth 2: You need a lot of protein to gain muscle mass.

You don’t need a lot of protein to build muscle mass. The supplements companies are purposely trying to brainwash you into believing that you need a lot of protein in order to build muscle mass. That’s not the case and they are just pushing their whey protein.

Steroid users like Rich Piana are paid to advertise protein powders. Everybody except the buyers is aware of what’s going on. You are advised to take as much of the golden stuff as you can, but rarely there are appreciable results.

Myth 3: You can gain a lot of mass as a natural bodybuilder.

Unlike other web-sites like T-Nation, gives you the truth. As a natural bodybuilder don’t expect to get huge. It’s just not physically possible to do so. The really big guys you see in the gym are on steroids. There’s no other way to support large muscle mass development.

Myth 4: You need protein shakes to gain muscle mass.

Protein shakes are nothing special and it’s still unknown how much of the protein powder is absorbed since it’s fat free. In nature everything that contains protein comes with fat too. Consequently the absorption levels of pure protein are subject of controversy.

Myth 5: You need to consume most of your food post workout.

Everybody has seen the obsessed bodybuilders in the gym who attack their post workout meal like it’s their savior in this world of sin. Many believe that if you miss your “anabolic window” you will never get big. It’s not true and this misconception is based mainly on bro science. What’s important is your daily food regimen as a whole.

Myth 6: Barbell exercises build more muscle mass.

Barbells exercises such as squats and deadlifts may be very effective but you can build the same amount of muscle mass without ever touching a barbell. You can challenge your body with bodyweight, machines and dumbbells. It’s still an effective way to train and you will build just as much muscle mass as if you were to do barbell movements. Barbells are a solid tool, but not the only sword.

Myth 7: You need mass gainers.

You don’t need mass gainers in order to build muscle. It’s better to increase your food intake through real food instead. On top of that most of the mass gainers are nothing more than pig food (whey) loaded with sugar. However, mass gainers could be beneficial if you have troubles with your jaw and you can’t chew solid food. That’s a different story.

Myth 8: Gaining muscle mass is a linear process.

Gaining muscle mass is not a linear process. You can’t keep on gaining muscle forever. Eventually the gains slow down. That’s true even if you are on steroids. The body has its limits. Most people build up to a certain muscular development and after that the muscle mass gaining process slows down.

Myth 9: You need creatine in order to build muscle mass.

Regardless of what teenage bodybuilders think, you don’t need creatine to build muscle mass. Creatine is just another scam supplement that has close to no positive effect on your physique and performance.

Myth 10: Rep ranges are very important.

While there is some importance to rep ranges, the idea that a set of five builds only “strength” and a set of ten builds “mainly muscle mass” reveals ignorance and poor understanding of basic lifting principles. Don’t obsess over rep ranges. If you want to get stronger at doing maximal effort attempts, incorporate heavy lifting in your routine but don’t start arguments such as: high repetitions training makes you weak…etc. It’s not the case and there is a significant crossover between low and high reps. Numbers are an illusion.

Myth 11: You can get big no matter what.

Some people have small bone structure and less muscle mass by default. Not everybody can easily build muscle mass. There are those who are not quite blessed in that regard. However, we are all hardgainers, even the “gifted ones” are.

Myth 12: IFBB Professionals are giving you the secret to getting big.

IFBB professionals know the “secret” to getting big. However, they won’t give it to you. It’s considered politically incorrect and they risk losing sponsorships. IFBB pros will sell you protein powders and pipe dreams instead. This is a perfect example of authority speculation. They abuse their position of power by hiding the truth and misleading you into paying for nothing. However, IFBB pros are just puppets, not the real power behind the evil scam.

Myth 13: You need to sleep 10 hours a day to build muscle mass.

Coaches like Mark Rippetoe are known to advise the lifters to sleep 10 hours a day in order to recover and grow. That’s way too much. You can grow with less sleep.

Myth 14: Eating raw eggs will help you build muscle mass faster.

Due to the movie Rocky and the Hollywood propaganda in general, many people believe that eating raw eggs is the key to building muscle mass. There is no evidence to that. Eating dirty raw eggs is no good. Cook your food in order to avoid illness and poisoning.

Myth 15: Bodyweight exercises are not as effective as lifting weights.

This is absolutely not the case. Bodyweight exercises are highly effective and can help you gain muscle mass. Here are a few recommended articles on that particular subject:

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