Gaining Muscle As An Ectomorph?

Ectomorphs are considered to be skinny guys who can’t build muscle no matter what. They switch from one routine to another and nothing happens except for losing money on gym memberships and supplements. Welcome to the club!

Gaining Muscle As An Ectomorph?

What is it so hard for ectomorphs to gain muscle?

1.Gaining muscle is hard for everybody.

Gaining real contractible muscle tissue is harder for anybody. The body does not want to gain muscle just for the fun of it. It’s a problem every bodybuilder faces and it’s not reserved solely to ectomorphs.

2.Short muscles, long tendons.

Individuals who have short muscles and long tendons have less potential to grow. That’s because there is not that much muscle mass in the first place. A good example would be the calves – a muscle group ectomorphs usually struggle with because of that ‘problem’.

3.Having small and thin bones.

Most ectomorphs are tall and thin people. Their bone structure is light compared to the ‘gifted’ bodybuilders. When you have smaller bones – you also tend to have naturally smaller muscles. Of course, this issue is more apparent in natural bodybuilding. However, ectomorphs usually have better lines and their small bones structure can create an illusion of size.

4.Training like a professional bodybuilder.

Training 5 times a week, moving from one machine to another, drinking whey protein…does that sound familiar? If you are training like an IFBB pro, you are doomed to fail as a natural bodybuilder.

How should ectomorphs train?

There are no special ways to train, if you are an ectomorph. Obviously, if you are skinny you should focus on gaining weight and getting stronger but the process is the same for all types. In general, stay away from long routines and compress your training while putting all on the essentials. Don’t do stupid exercises and don’t blame your genetics for where you are. Be grateful for what you have. Also, avoid these bodybuilding mistakes.

How many calories?

Many ectomorphs actually overestimate their calorie intake. They think they are eating a lot when all they consume during the day is a snack and some strawberries. For most skinny people about 2500-3000 kcal will be more than enough to gain weight.

Even if you are an ectomorph avoid the ultra high calorie diets such as GOMAD to avoid transforming yourself into a skinny fat person. You can’t build more muscle by overeating. The excess energy is always stored as body fat.

Are ectomorphs fucked?

Not really. Ectomorph just have smaller frames. You can still build an aesthetic physique – just look at Denis Minin.

Should ectomorphs squat?

Of course, but not because of being an ectomorph. Like we’ve already said there are no secret training methods for ectomorphs and if somebody is selling you specialized ecto programs – you are being scammed.

The squat is a compound exercise that builds your legs and back. It also has a great carryover to other exercises such as the deadlift. If you are in condition to do it without pain, it’s advisable to squat.

The most important thing to remember: Being an ectomorph does mean you should train like a sick person. There are no secret magic boxes designed specifically for ectomoprhs. Focus on the basic, be patient, follow a semi-clean diet and be proud of your accomplishments.

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