The Gadgets That Changed The Gym Experience Forever

Believe it or not the only difference between today’s generation and yesterday’s generation are the iPhones. It’s the same old game just without the smart-phones and the rest of the gimmicks.

The IT gadgets have largely affected our lifestyles and the gym experience was not left untouched. Here are a few essential gadgets that have changed the way people act in the gym forever.

1. The iPods and other mp3 players

Back in the day portable media players were highly unportable compared to the modern personal mp3 stations. It was never really practical to exercise with a Walkman on your belt due to fear of self induced stab during some exercises. Thankfully, modern mp3 players are small enough and allow you to do all kinds of crazy exercises without such inconvenience.

Doing squats, deadlifts, crunches....with this thing on your belt seems dangerous.

Doing squats, deadlifts, crunches….with this thing on your belt seems dangerous.

Today, it’s hard to go to a gym without seeing large amount of people lifting with their iPods and mp3 players pumped to the max. Most people no longer talk to each other in the gym and the usual conversation is something like: ‘How many sets do you have left on this machine?’

Everybody has shut down all sorts of connection and just juggles the songs on his mp3 player, most of which are ripped and downloaded from motivational bodybuilding videos uploaded on YouTube. People rely on the power of sound vibrations to elevate their spirits and ‘kill it‘ in the gym. Truth be told, a powerful song can really improve your workout and help you get those extra reps. Music is a drug after all, isn’t it?

While the use of mp3 players in the gym may sort of separate people, that’s not always a negative. The portable players allow you to mute some of the annoying conversations in the weight room. Every gym has a small #talking crew that never shuts the fuck up. The members are always talking about politics and other stuff they never understood. Most of the time the discussions are boring, value deprived and never reach working solutions. For saving us from that nonsense we all thank the creator of the digital media player Kane Kramer. Too much information can be a bad thing and can make your head spin.

Vince Gironda was known for his 'if you don't like me, fuck you.' attitude.

Vince Gironda was known for his ‘if you don’t like me, fuck you’ attitude. He hated music while lifting.

It’s interesting to note that in his days the popular bodybuilding trainer Vince Gironda used to forbid music in his gym. His belief was that listening to music was distracting the lifters from the main goal, which was to have a good and productive workout. oriented towards the creation of a beautiful physique. Gironda believed that listening to music was more of a distraction and only good when doing cardio.

To summarize: Mp3 players are a very useful tool when training. They can help you hide from the unpleasant environment around and while adding some energy to your workouts. However, there are times when you need to turn that thing off and get out of the shell.

2. The Smartphone – smart helper or soulless fucker?

It may be hard for some people to imagine, but 15 years ago children were not born with an integrated smartphone. Today, wherever you go there are teenagers who literally walk while chatting on the their smarphones. The gym experience has also been largely affected by this piece of equipment.

It’s currently quite common for bodybuilders to chat in between sets. After all, it’s important to always be in contact with people while building huge muscles. However, the biggest power of the smartphone comes under the form of selfie creation, and the ability to instantly upload images on sites like Instagram. Who would’ve though that people will be able to instantly share their body pics with large amount of strangers on the Internet? Believe it or not, today that’s a real thing and part of the lifting rituals of most bodybuilders. Unless you’ve posted an image of yourself training in the gym, you didn’t even train as far as other people are concerned.


The goal of the whole otherwise vain experience is to make yourself feel like God for sharing photos with your followers who are supposed to always ‘like’ your stuff. After all, there is no dislike button on Facebook and anybody who has different opinion is considered a hater. Achieving ‘success’ on social websites has become super important and even professionals such as Phil Heath spent significant amount of time interacting with fans in order to satisfy their ego hunger.

Smarphones can be very useful, if used correctly to time your workouts, keep a workout and nutrition log, film yourself in order to examine your exercise form later on…etc. However, are there many people doing that at all? Most don’t.

It seems that the smarter the phones get, the dumber the people using them become.

3. Turn on the treadmill TV – let the brainwash begin



It’s getting harder and harder to escape from the TV. It’s everywhere: in stores, Malls, buses, cars, hospitals…etc. You can try to run away from the BIG BROTHER, but in the end you will get caught, and even if you don’t watch TV, you will be affected on subconscious level.

Modern gyms have a TV in front of every cardio machine. It’s like people came to watch television instead of working out. Something tells me that if you can watch TV while exercising, there’s something wrong with your exercising. Unfortunately, most people never seem to notice and fall for the distraction.

4. Heart rate monitors

It turns out people need devices to tell when they are training hard. There are many brainwashed fitness instructors who are afraid to lift their butts without a heart rate monitor, monitoring the effects of this action on their cardiovascular systems. What did people do prior to the creation of this electronic device? Did they not exercise because there were no machines to tell them when to start and stop?

Most people don’t need heart rate monitors to measure the intensity of their workouts. It may look cool, but your progress is not one bit dependent on your heart rate monitor. Unless you need it for medical reasons you will do just fine without an expensive watch.

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