Is Frank Yang Natural Or On Anabolic Steroids? Can you build similar physique without using drugs?

Frank Yang is one of most eccentric people part of YouTube’s bodybuilding world. His videos contain a ton of activities that would freak most people out, and yet he is there doing the unthinkable in front of everyone.


Over the last few years Frank Yang has shown tremendous improvement when it comes to his body composition. He has become an aesthetic beast and many compare him to people such as Zyzz. Yang is now shredded, muscular thick and would do very well in physique competitions.

Question is, how did he achieve his mind blowing transformation?

Did he use anabolic steroids?

How big is Frank Yang?

Finding accurate information regarding Frank Yang’s height and weight was not exactly easy.

In one of his videos he says that he is closer to 5’10” but used to list himself as 5’8″ and 3/4 because he wanted to be a short guy that can dunk. Therefore, he also did a lot of calf raises in order to stunt his growth. For the sake of simplicity we will use the medium measurement – 5′ 9″.

The weight of Frank Yang is also hard to track, especially in lean condition. That’s why during our analyze we’re going to rely on the information he gave us in his bulking videos on YouTube.

In one of his videos Frank Yang presented his transformation from 143 lbs to 175 lbs all done in three weeks.

The end result is quite amazing to say the least, albeit Yang is not 5% BF in the end of his bulk. He is still pretty lean and the muscular gains are incredible as you can see in the video below:

The before and after look like two completely different persons.

Yang explained his transformation as follows:

“I can bulk this fast because I trained for strength and explosiveness for years. Which means my CNS is more efficient than the average person.

With that, I can activate and recruit MORE muscle fibers than someone who doesn’t train neural efficiency…hence I get bigger a lot faster because the amount of muscles that are called into work every time I lift. That and I eat around 4000-6000 calories a day.”

Similar explanation is quite frankly complete bro-science. The fact that you have developed “neural efficiency” does not in any way mean that your hypertrophy capabilities have increased.

On top of everything Frank Yang was eating a ton of calories to achieve his transformation, but he didn’t gain much fat.

In the photo below you can see Zack Evetts who trained under the wing of Mark Rippetoe and was eating about about 5000 calories or even more every day.

He went up from 160 lbs to 240 lbs in about 6 months while also relying primarily on heavy barbell exercises. {more}


The logical question is, how come Zack Evetts failed to reach the transformation of Frank Yang who actually gained more visual muscle in 3 weeks than Evetts did in 6 months of similar bulking style?

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Reality is that if most people attempt similar bulk naturally, they will end up looking like Zack Evetts or worse. You cannot force feed your muscles into growth.

It’s impossible.

Is Frank Yang Crazy Enough To Use Anabolic Steroids?

By the looks of it taking steroids is one of the most normal things Frank Yang could be doing besides playing the violin. His videos are full of craziness, nudity, vomit, sex, vaginas, cockyness, insolence, self-humiliation, creativity, schizophrenia, Napoleon complex, stupidity, courage…etc.

Doing steroids and even recreational drugs seems quite possible for people who create similar clips.

So, yes, Frank Yang is more than “crazy” enough to do all kinds of steroids and even lie about his usage. Seriously, just a minute of his videos requires about 1 hour of professional rehab.

Is is possible to achieve the physique of Frank Yang Naturally?

It depends about which physique you’re talking about. His initial 142 lbs at 5’9″ or so look is quite possible to achieve naturally. You can even go up to about 160 lbs completely shredded at 5’9″.

However, anything above seems quite unlikely. It’s also worth nothing that in many photos and videos Frank Yang looks composed in a digital editing software such as Photoshop. That’s why he could definitely be considered a suspect in using muscle elixirs.

While a gifted and dedicated natural bodybuilder may be able to achieve a similar physique to a certain point, the transformation will never be as fast. The progression will usually be slow and take about 3-5 years to finally achieve similar end product.

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