A reader sent me a message regarding a 90-day transformation of a YouTube superstar known as fouseyTUBE. I did some research on this guy, since he was unknown to me, and found out that he is one of the individuals on top of YouTube’s food chain. The man is currently sitting at about 6.7 million subscribers. While I have never been a YouTuber, I realize how huge that is because even the famous guys part of the fitness community such as Rich Piana, Kali Muscle and CT Fletcher have many times less subscribers, and yet they are loaded with paper.

What are the stats of the transformation?

I have taken the stats of the transformation directly from fouseyTUBE’s video description:

Before: 224 lbs / 101 kg;
After: 224 – 49 lbs (the amount of weight he lost) = 175 lbs;

Duration of the transformation: 90 days/ 12.8 weeks;

Height: According to he is about 5’11” /180 cm (source);

Note: In the description of the transformation video fouseyTUBE or his PR expert has written that 36% of body fat were lost, but this looks like a mistake to me. I doubt he was over 40% body fat in his before state.


In about 13 weeks fouseyTUBE lost 49 lbs / 22.2 kg. This equals an average of about 3.7 lbs / 1.7 kilos of weekly weight loss, which is actually a lot for a guy who is not clinically obese to begin with.

In my opinion losing fat at this rate is definitely pushing it beyond the limits. Personally, I’ve been in a situation where losing 2.2 lbs /1 kg a week required me to starve and eat very, very little. However, I guess with extreme dieting it is possible to be shredding 3.7 lbs / 1.7 kg a week, although it’s definitely not the norm for most people who are not REALLY fat to begin with.

It’s also worth noting that apparently fouseyTUBE did not lose any visible muscle mass during his cut, which makes the transformation even more appealing to the general public.

source: Instagram;

source: Instagram;

Does fouseyTUBE fit NattyOrNot’s guide for naturals?

If he truly is 175 lbs / 79 kg at 5’11” / 180 cm, he does fit the guide, which puts a man of his height at 177 lbs / 80 kg maximum weight in competition lean condition (5% body fat). However, I will remind you once again that the guide is for people with really good genetics who have trained for a long time.

So, did that transformation happen naturally?

I can see it happening naturally, since it is possible to weigh that much as a lean natty, but I don’t I have enough data to conclude with certainty that no PEDs were used.

I’ve searched for some background information on that guy and according to people on who have been following him, he has a history of hard training behind his back. Therefore, what we have here is a form of dirty bulk followed by a cut. He definitely didn’t build that much muscle in 90 days, which fits well into the beach body deception I wrote about in this post.

At the end, I don’t see clear signs that he is unnatural either, but I don’t think the transformation deserves my “100% full natty brah” stamp. In some videos he definitely looks natty to me, while in others he is suspiciously big. These days I don’t trust anybody. In fact, I trust people and their claims even less than I did at the beginning of NattyOrNot.

Who trained with fouseyTUBE?

Some arm training under the guidance of an obvious pinner.

This prankster is training with a big man known as Bradley Martyn who has the following stats: 6’3” @ 230 lbs #shreddded. It goes without saying, that people with similar body stats are about as natural as being a 15 year-old kid eating itself for being a semi-virgin. It’s natural, but only because of the world we live in.

This reveals that fouseTUBE has regular contact with people who are hardly natural (about 30 lbs / 14 kg over NattyOrNot’s guide for naturals).

What’s the drama all about?

Honestly, reading the description and watching the transformation video was a little painful for a person like me that has grown to hate all motivational drama.

Here’s the deal: I don’t know what’s behind the scenes and what’s really going on with people’s private lives, but I definitely think body transformations and weight loss journeys at this level are highly overrated. Having a little discipline for 90 days and losing some weight is not a heroic act. I know it’s difficult, especially if you have spent the previous part of your life bio recycling modern garbage foods, but there is no need to dramatize the whole experience. There are harder things in life than putting the cake away, at least for me. Ironically, the most weight I have lost is also 22 kg / 48 lbs, and I don’t think I deserve a medal for that.

It’s time to get serious and stop falling for the fake drama of the rich people on YouTube. Seriously. Today, everybody is suffering and transforming.

“Poor, you! Cutting the junk food must be torturing you inside.”

Don’t let yourself be deceived. Those guys are just fine – making handsome money doing what they love while the “followers” continue to fall for all the tricks.


  1. Kane

    Fousey joined the beach body program in La. They provide every meal and workout classes. It’s all natural but he was babied through it

  2. Dom

    But his form is crap – no full range of movement so I do not believe he is natural. You can get a natural body like that but not from nothing in 90 days with such bad form, in my humble opinion. I have trained all my life. I always have a six -pack. 177 cm, 70 kg. Age 50. I practice circus acrobatics and lots of body weight stuff. I have seen too many people in gyms that have very similar transformations and they were all using. Now, if he were lean to start with and had great form then maybe he would look like that after 90 days…

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