Forget About Bodybuilding Motivation, It’s time for Demotivation – My Specialty

It’s hot. I have to open the window. A smell of urine mixed with beer and steak comes from the neighbor below. What is he doing? I don’t want to know. I can hear his TV. It’s blasting some popcorn morning show for individuals who are into the “Secret” – a world where you wish something and it happens, or in other words Idiotland.

I can distinguish a motivational speaker talking. Wait a second! I know this guy from before. He is an accomplished brainless chimpanzee trying to “motivate” people. Motivate them to do what? Join his camp of over-hyped clowns who just don’t get it?

I’ll tell you how simple it is: motivation is the spark that starts or restarts a fire. It’s important but by itself it means nothing.

I have to close the window. Hot is better than this.

I launch YouTube. On the front page there’s another motivational guy telling me the usual story – a large number of successful CEOs have started their multi-billion companies in their parent’s basements or garages. Cool story, bro! Are those motivational speakers really that naive or maybe they underestimate their audience? I used to believe the mythology of the rich when I was a just-out-of high-school robot ready to be polished by the system, but it’s over now. I don’t buy it anymore. I am out of candy money.

The stories are nothing but well calculated PR for the masses. In reality, the guys presented as self-made billionaires are hiding many facts from the fable in order to appeal to the general public. Those guys are smart enough to know that we all love hearing heart touching legends about “the heroes” of our times.

If they were to tell you about the importance of having just the right lineage, massive trust funds as support, dirty connections when you need them, back stabs mastery, evil mindset allowing cold-blooded exploitation and many other factors that actually make the dream possible, the current fans will see those individuals as crooks, which is what most of them are. I guess if you are into that, you will be motivated.

Biographies of famous people and “idols”? You have to be kidding me. I would rather read the contents of dog food than those narcissistic fairy tales praising dark magicians. The Hollywood celebrities love their bio books. They always say the same thing: “I used to live in trash cans and work construction 20 hours a day before my big break.” Sure, brother. I want to believe.

At this moment, YouTube started talking to me again. I got out of my thinking zone.

“I sleep about two hours a day because I want to be successful,” continues the guy from the YouTube video I told you about. He calls himself the Hip-Hop preacher. He is serious business. When he says something, he means it. Are you ready?

Why are motivational speakers talking such nonsense all the time? Only two hours of sleep? One could only wonder how many brainwashed teenagers will live on sorcerous energy drinks and coffee for the next few weeks only to wake up 10 hours late for their actual exams. To become immune to this, you need to be realistic. How many people do you know who can sleep only 2 hours a day? Meth heads do not count as a valid answer.

The crowd in motivational videos seems really into it. People’s souls are easily hypnotized by so much motivation. We love being lied to, sorry, motivated. Passionate speeches make humans feel like dogs before a fight, but that motivation does not last very long. Pay attention when there’s a national sport event in your country. If it’s a fight, people will want to be fighters for a few weeks. If it’s darts, people will want to be darts masters. If it’s snooker, people will want to play pool. If it’s drinking and getting high, people will want that too. Once the event is over, motivation drops. Time for something new. The magic is no longer here and you learn that almost nothing is like on TV. It actually hurts when you fall or get hit.

This is what I call motivational whoring. You can switch your motivational focus everyday. That’s because motivation is temporary and changes its form fast – just like sexual attraction and getting turned on. Seduction is dangerous. Many people have been robbed, directly or indirectly this way. Outside there’s always a new motivation ready to take your money and run with it. I guess one could say that there are two types of motivation – the bitch motivation and long lasting version. The former sells better, while the latter is healthier.

I understand that sometimes we need a slap to get moving, but the problems come when motivational speakers start selling pipe dreams, speculate and manipulate you. That happens all the time. Think of all the soldiers and what they do. How can that possibly happen? The reasons are complex and include many factors such as character, education, personal choice, brainwashing….and somewhere along those sits a phenomenon called “motivation”.

Without the proper motivation installed in a soldier’s brain, it would be really hard for him to hold a bazooka. Many generals are great motivational speakers who can talk to the inner patriot in people and make them do unthinkable atrocities while feeling good about it. There’s a peculiar connection among people from the same nation that could be exploited by bending of the facts and tweaking the right buttons in a brain system.

Banks are big on motivation too. They love spreading images of happy families, nice cars, lovely homes, expensive phones, successful businesses and other elements part of the modern idyll. The goal is obviously to force you into taking a loan and ultimately steal everything of value you may have. Of course, they say they are your friends. They call it a partnership.

“Do you want more? We can make it happen, together. Come to our camp. Buy a car you cannot afford! You deserve it!”

The result of this never-ending motivation is a bunch of people who are motivated to do politically correct things and continue to spin the wheel one way or another. They say you have to be positive if you want good things to happen to you. My favorite are the Facebook posts meant to serve as a life compass.

“Surround yourself with positive people, only.” Oh, brother!

“Never point the finger at others!”

“The sky is the limit.”

“How bad do you want it?”

“You are the only master of your destiny!”

“Impossible is only a word!”

“Don’t let others steal your magic!”

“Don’t be a hater!”.


The minute somebody starts talking trash, he is sent to the hate prison with H-A-T-E-R written on his forehead. An era of fake positivism is what this is. There is only a like button and very rarely a dislike one, which ironically is way cooler.

“Only think about good and positive things.” “Kittens, kittens, everywhere.”


The members of the positive cult and their fake smiley heads are hard to deal with. Their judgment is clouded by constant overdosing on wishful thinking. Those people don’t allow criticism in their lives.

Naturally, all of this made me thing about bodybuilding where the same thoughts are king. We are taught that with the right training, enough chicken breast, rice and broccoli, we can all be muscular and big.

Guess, what? I am motivated to demotivate people, crush their false hopes and dry their pipe dreams. It’s over. No, it’s not going to happen regardless of how many push-ups you do. The buckets of rice and protein powder won’t change a thing either. You say you squat. Cool, but it’s still not going to happen. Will you get strong? Yes. Will you get bigger? Yes. However, you are not going to be like the guys from the motivational posters because they are investing into other things – synthetic hormones and g4p. That’s their secret. I don’t care how motivated you are, you cannot overcome the natural limitations. That’s a fact that many motivational clowns will omit from their “I can teach you how to be a muscle demon.” speeches.

There is no doubt that a well made video with a large string orchestra playing massive hits with echo in the background can motivate almost anybody. The heart rate goes up go and we start daydreaming about things that are never going to happen. During that short moment we are all champions of the world. Sooner or later, however, the video ends and real life resumes. At the end of the day, the only motivation that truly makes a difference is the one that starts when the music stops playing.


  1. Fix

    This post made me realize how many people like this I actually know.And godforbid you call them out on their bullshit. I’ve been called a downer,hater,pussy,bitch and “a piece of shit nihilist” for telling people around me to leave me out of their fake positivism bullshit and try to think for themselves/accept reality.

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