Flexible Dieting – The Ultimate Way To Get Ripped Abs Or Steroids Users’ Antics

The concept behind flexible dieting is simple: your body does not treat a gram of carbohydrate coming from a doughnut any differently than a gram of carbohydrate from mega-organic brown rice produced by happy workers with paid health and social insurance. The same applies to protein – whether it comes from genetically modified beef found in the mouths of fatsos sponsoring fast food restaurants every day or eggs produced by free chickens running in the wild, it’s still protein at the end of the day. The idea is that when a food enters your system, the built-in processing mechanisms don’t read labels and instead just breakdown what’s available and then spread the nutrients appropriately. I am not saying this is entirely the case since it’s not always that simple, but this principle is the driving force behind flexible dieting, which is also known as IIFYM (If It Fits Your Macros).

Who made flexible dieting famous?

All natty brahs..hahaha

All natty brahs…hahaha

I can’t tell you who the originator is, but most people learn about it from members of the so-called aesthetic crew, which consists of “shredded” fitness models and lightweight bodybuilders fighting the ugliness of modern professional bodybuilders who have become grotesque creatures due to playing the size game.

That’s why you often see guys like Matt Ogus, Jeff Seid, Chris Jones and their fellow aesthetic brothers in fast food restaurants reloading on junk food while flexing their biceps and admiring one another.

“Flex your biceps for me, Jeffrey.”
“Sure, brother!”

This is a commonly practiced behavior among the members of the aesthetic crew. Rumor has it they also like knocking on door after door in order to show their abs, arms and chest muscles to strangers. It makes the world a more aesthetic place, they say. Don’t believe me? Here’s the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dcooJcAns7o

Note: The video is not safe for work at all. In fact, it’s better to get caught watching regular porn than this garbage. Why? Try it and you will see.

Since fitness models and bodybuilders are extremely lean, people begin to wonder: Is flexible dieting the key to achieving ripped abs without driving yourself crazy or is it part of the tactics used by steroids abusers to explain how they remain lean during the entire year despite eating junk food in large quantities? The truth is that it’s a little bit of both.

Does flexible dieting work?

Yes, it does work because the basic requirement for losing fat (caloric restriction) is met. You will lose weight even if you replace your 200 grams of brown rice or oat meal with chocolate, candy bars or ice cream as long as the number of calories you take is still low enough to allow weight reduction. When you think about it, flexible dieting is truly a way to hack the system as much as nature allows it. It’s almost like this nutritional plan has been invented by a lawyer who had found a loop hole in the losing weight law, and people are now able to bend the rules without breaking them.

One of the hardest parts of dieting is keeping the bad simple carbohydrates under control. Carbs are the playboys of the food industry. They are everywhere and constantly in your face. The result is a carb based oversexualization that has taken over the entire world. The main reason is that carbs are cheaper to make and usually taste great. They also give you a drug like high which coupled with provocative names and shiny packaging lures many people into excessive sugar eating. The downside is that processed carbohydrates can fuck your system really well too and are the reason why your dentist has a house by the beach, drives an Aston Martin and wears jeans more expensive than your phone. Oh, brother let me tell you. I used to go to an expensive dentist that was constantly wearing DC pants bought from a skateshop. I couldn’t afford them, and I hated this mouth intruder with a passion. This was one of the first times I decided to limit my carb consumption and stop sponsoring this greedy teeth driller. It did work.

Out of the three main macronutrients, carbs are the least important and yet the most seductive. Simple processed carbohydrates behave like a bad girl that comes with all the trouble in the world, and yet you want her the most anyway. When the dream is over and you wake up, regret and emotional pain settle in. “I should have known better.”

Back in the day I knew a fanatic follower of the low carb keto diet who was often advising people to only eat the dirtiest possible carbs such as pancakes, chocolate bars, candies and even just sugar if you are into it. His idea was that those taste much better than the so-called saint like carbohydrates such as brown rice and oat meal. According to him the so-called slow releasing carbs are more harmful than the dirty cheap version because they elevate your blood sugar for a longer period of time compared to the short spike you get from pure sugar. However, his diet was limiting all carbohydrates to about 15% of your total consumption for the day while the rest of the food was protein and fat. Those 15% were considered just a small portion of the big picture that does not make or break your diet. Therefore, it made sense to use simple carbs to satisfy your cravings for garbage food instead of driving yourself crazy with oat meal slavery. This method does work and it is a form of flexible dieting that keeps the candy boy in you happy. Is it the healthiest way? No, but it does work.

Will flexible dieting give me shredded abs while allowing me to eat cupcakes and occasionally test the evolution of technological food in fast food restaurants?

It can give you abs as along as you maintain the required caloric deficit. If that condition is not met, even clean eating will not give you the desired “shredded abs”. There are a lot of permabulkers who don’t eat bad foods, they just eat a lot. At the same time, there are a lot of skinny ripped dudes who live on ice cream and have more definition than the clean fatsos. However, flexible dieting is not going to make you as ripped as the fitness models promoting this way of eating.

As you know the majority of the people who make money from their bodies are on steroids that facilitate the maintenance of low body fat while staying full and big. You can follow their exact diet to the last gram as a natural, but you will never look as those guys. This is what most of the delusional followers of those glute pinners have been doing for years by the way. Those poor dudes rarely catch up with their muscle idols.

It’s true that the drugs make it easier to diet down, although they come with side effects that can make you regret your existence. Every single physique professional knows this very well deep down inside his soul.

It’s also worth noting that there are also many steroid free guys who only use illegal substance to get lean. A very popular example is ephedrine which is an amphetamine speeding your heart rate. Many of those extreme “cutters” are also fans of flexible dieting and often reach condition that would otherwise be impossible by just counting your macros.

There is a big difference between a natural guy getting lean and an enhanced lifter doing so. The natural one is first informed about the progress of his diet by people close to him. “Are you doing well, honey? You look like you are about to die. Is there something you are not telling me. Are you going to die? Are you sick, honey?” are often the first words natties hear when they attempt to reach high levels of leanness. On the other hand, unnatty brahs, who may even be following the same flexible diets, get compliments from their followers and loved ones. “You are shredded as cunt now.” is among the popular superlatives.

In brief, even if the diet is the same, the natty guy will not have as much mass as the steroid needle master and will remain fragile and watery. Meanwhile the enhanced aesthetic guy will have striations on his lower back and look full even without a pump.

What are the downsides of flexible dieting?

It depends on how much junk food you eat. If all your macros come from bad sources such as chocolate and GMOs, you are at a much higher risk of getting sick, although there are not 100% guarantees that you will. What will happen depends mainly on your genetics.

My grandmother died from liver cancer, even though she was not drinking alcohol at all. At the same time I know a guy in the neighborhood who used to work in construction and was drunk 24/7. Most of the time he was looking half dead. He is still alive today and doing better now despite having drunk Al Copone’s alcohol warehouse. That’s why I can’t say for sure what will happen if you overdose on junk food. However, one thing is undeniable – in the short term, you will feel terrible when you are eating garbage all the time even if it fits your macros and your body composition is not affected. Commons issues are stomach and blood sugar problems, but the possibilities for damage are virtually unlimited and include deadly conditions.

I had a friend who at one point started eating exclusively at McDonald’s and KFC and while he remained almost the same visually, he developed a nasty stomach problem. It’s not only about how you look, but also about how you feel.

With that said, if you keep the junk at moderate level, I don’t think you will experience serious problems. There is a point above which you will get hurt, but as long as you stay below it, you will be fine.

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